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Securus Technologies Making a Positive Difference in Prison

Every time I drive up to the prison that I work, I am reminded that I am taking a huge risk when in close contact with some of the countries most dangerous felons. These inmates are not happy about the overcrowded conditions, so they are lashing out at the only authority they are in contact with. The instances of violence towards corrections officers was reaching a tipping point, so my superiors decided to make some changes that would help to secure the facility and keep us all in a safer position.


Securus Technologies was called to help us with the violence outbreaks in our facility, and things have taken a turn for the better soon after. The company and all thousand employees is based in Texas, and to date already has their unique call monitoring system installed in thousands of the most violent and dangerous jails in the country. CEO Richard Smith of Securus Technologies says the success of the company is based on the fact his employees are all committed to making the world safer for us all to live.


The LBS software is the key to the functionality of the monitoring system, it takes the officers out of a small call center and instead listens to every single word the inmates say on the prison phones. If the software detects inmates are talking about things from fighting, contraband, weapons, to drugs, my team will get an instant alert which puts us in the unique position of getting ahead of the issues. Once we get the alerts, we jump to action and in a sense are removing the threat before it even has the chance to occur. This has helped our facility to serious decrease the amount of violent episodes between inmates and officers over the last few weeks already.


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Enhancing Community Security with the Securus Technologies Video Visitation Solution

Securus Technologies is dedicated to developing and implementing civil and criminal justice technologies that make the world a safer place. One of the technological solutions provided by Securus Technologies that is being more widely utilized in the criminal justice system is Video Visitation.


The Securus Technologies Video Visitation solution permits people with incarcerated loved ones to maintain meaningful contact with those family members and friends in correctional institutions.


There are a number of important benefits associated with Securus Technologies Video Visitation, including enhancement of community safety. The Video Visitation solution from Securus Technologies increases safety and security in a number of different ways.


A key reason who Video Visitation enhances community safety is in regard to offender recidivism. Research demonstrates that those incarcerated offenders that are able to maintain meaningful relationships with loved ones while in prison or jail are far less likely to reoffend when they return to society.


Thanks to the Securus Technologies Video Visitation solution, offenders from across North America are now in a better position to maintain their relationships with family members during their prison or jail terms. Presently, about 2 million inmate visitations occur annually using this technology. The Securus Technologies Video Visitation system is being used by over 130 correctional agencies at this juncture in time.


Another way in which the Video Visitation system is contributing to an enhancement of community safety is found in the fact that it saves correctional agencies. The reality is that traditional methods of inmate visitation are expensive. Video Visitation costs a slim fraction of traditional visitation. Securus Technologies estimates the cost per visit is about $2.65.


Money saved on visitation can be utilized to buttress security protocols. It can also be expended on inmate education, training, and life skills programming, all of which are demonstrated to lower recidivism rates among released offenders.


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Series Of Videos To Highlight Securus Technologies Video Services

Securus Technologies recently released a series of advertising videos highlighting the latest way for loved ones and incarcerated inmates to communicate.


Securus’ Video Visitation is rising in popularity of use due to the fact that family and friends can connect with incarcerated inmates easier. Visits can be scheduled anytime, and can take place anywhere on the caller’s end as long as the caller has a smart phone, tablet, or computer with internet access and a camera feature.


The app for this program is a free download. So far Video Visitation has been downloaded over 232,000 times and used on average over 116,000 times monthly. CEO of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith stated that a Video Visitation is slated to be completed over 2 million times among family this year and Mr.Smith expects these numbers to double for the next year.


Video Visitation is changing the way that families visit. It saves drive time, gas money, and the loved one’s wait at a facility for their visitation time. Incarcerated inmates are able to participate in their family’s daily lives, celebrations, and holidays, thereby staying connected to life outside their facility and reducing recidivism rates among inmates.


To read more about this technology, please click here. Securus Technologies is based in Dallas, Texas, and serves over 1,200,000 inmates a year. Securus specializes in incident management, emergency response, investigation, public safety, inmate self service, biometric analysis, information management in 3,400 public safety buildings across the United States.


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Sky is the Limit; 11 Securus Field Service Specialists to get BICSI installer 1 Certificates

Securus has announced that 11 of their field specialists will be receiving the internationally recognized BICSI installer 1 certification. This announcement was made on 28th September, 2016. The company is a market leader in the provision of technology solutions for civil and criminal systems. They aim to provide monitoring, corrections, investigations and other programs that enhance the safety of the general population.

BICSI, short for Building industry and consulting service international, is a professional association that supports the world of ICT. The services that are covered under ICT include data, voice, and electronic safety, visual and also audio technology. When one is a member of the BICSI, they are supposed to take care of designing, installing and managing projects in information and communications technology. These projects include optical fiber distribution systems, and also their pathways and spaces. The projects could also include wireless systems infrastructure. There are more than 20,000 people in the world who get service from the BICSI. The services include getting training, conferencing, credentials and publications. These services span over 00 countries around the world.

About Securus

This company is based in Dallas, Texas. It serves close to 3500 public safety, correctional and law enforcement agencies in the country. They serve over 1.2 million inmates by providing them with management of incidences, monitoring of products, biometric system analysis, communication and dissemination of information to the public. The main goal of the company is to make the country a safer place to live in.

The company got recognition earlier this year when BBB stated that they had achieved the accreditation standards that they recommend. These standards include genuine efforts to resolve customer complaints. This normally indicates that the administration of the company is not blind at all to the needs of the public and that the company wants to get better at service delivery. Securus is definitely a trend setter within the ICT community.