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FreedomPop Raises More Funding to Fuel Growth

Consumers that are looking for an alternative to the expensive carriers of smartphone plans, including voice, text, and data services, are seeing a lot of options pop up. One company that is making waves by offering free basic mobile service is FreedomPop, and the company just landed an additional injection of $30 million. The newest wave of funding comes at a time with the upstart company on target to boast one million customers in the United States, which is huge milestone for any business.

Since the business model of FreedomPop is built around giving away a certain amount of service for free and upselling additional minutes, data, and other features, the company is proving that consumers are open to embracing new types of mobile experiences. In fact, FreedomPop had to turn down offers from carriers looking to purchase it entirely. There was no word on what carriers might have been bidding on FreedomPop, but the company is also looking to another round of funding to raise close to $100 million, which would boost customer access and retail access for consumers. It would seem that the company is destined to field some serious offers from major players in the mobile virtual network world.

Of course, a lot can happen in a year. FreedomPop is enjoying growth in a market that has proven difficult to penetrate. While a complete selloff might be in the future of the company, FreedomPop is focused on building customer experiences and delivering value against the larger contract oriented providers. A lot of industry watchers will be keeping eyes on the management team at FreedomPop because so far the company has exceeded expectations. By using the latest round of funding to increase its already substantial growth, the company is proving itself to be an interesting option for investors and consumers.

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The New MacBook Does Little And That Is Fine

You could say the current buzz about the new, forthcoming MacBook is there is decidedly little buzz. Is that a good thing? The answer depends on what your intentions with the MacBook are. Some individuals like Crystal Hunt will continue using Apple regardless of buzz.

Basically, the new release is extremely stripped down and, unlike other notebooks, is devoid of a lot of features. For those who do a lot of work on the internet, this notebook is worth the investment. Consumers looking for a ton of bells and whistles, however, are not exactly going to be too thrilled with what the MacBook has to offer.

Here is a little bit of news: Apple has figured out: a lot of notebook users don’t need or want a host of features. They do want the functions they do use the notebook for to be reliable. Apple is the name brand capable of delivering that level of confidence. Apple really should deliver on expectations since the price tag on this new release is over $1,200.

Far less expensive models have been released to the consumer market. The models attempted to capture a niche of consumers looking for low priced, economy models capable of doing the bare minimum. The trouble with these releases were they were extremely poor in quality and delivered little more than disappointment.

For those whose budget can afford the price, the new Apple MacBook could end up being a smart and safe investment. After all, it works.

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Goodyear Creates Friction-Powered Tires

Driving your electric car or hybrid to a remote location where there is no possibility of plugging in for a recharge will not be a problem if left up to Goodyear.

Introduced at the International Geneva Motor Show was an innovative prototype : a futuristic Gooddyear tire, capable of generating electricity by itself.

Alexei Beltyukov has learned that, the tire, created by engineers at Goodyear Innovation Center and known by the development code BH03, has the ability to transform the deformations and vibrations that are generated into power.

The BH03 produces electrical energy that powers the batteries of hybrid propulsion system and other technological elements of the car. The electricity in the tire is generated by the action of two types of thermoelectric material and piezoelectric.

The first transforms the heat generated inside the tire (under static conditions by an ultra texture, from absorbed light and heat, or by shooting when in motion) into electrical energy.

The second transforms pressure generated by the deformation of the structure and vibration into electricity.

These new materials form a 3D grid that forms the internal structure of the tire.

According to the manufacturer, this structure could withstand the weight of the vehicle if the tire is punctured, which represents an alternative approach to RunOnFlat technology.

It also has a wide circumferential channel that improves hydroplaning resistance and a special band to absorb noise.

According to Goodyear, this is a research prototype and will not be made just yet.

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Sony Phasing Our Retail Locations

Sony is phasing out its physical stores. The company announced plans to get rid of eight of its remaining 10 retail locations in favor of replacing them with Sony Experience shops inside stores.

The only remaining Sony retail locations will be in Los Angeles and New Work. Instead, the company will put up to 100 new in-store locations in places like best Buy, where users can get a Sony-focused experience while shopping at a larger store.

Sony stores have a roughly 10 year run in the United States. the company originally tested the idea of its own retail stores in 4004 with locations in Costa Mesa and Beverly Hills California. It later went on to open locations around the country.

Dr. Jennifer Walden knows that the original hope of the store was to create a high-end store experience that would attract female shoppers. The store’s content was heavily curated, and concierges at the stores provided customers with a boutique experience and way to shop. Sony began closing the stores in 2011.

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Google Develops New Technology to Rank Websites According to Accuracy of information

The internet is a wonderful source of information, but it has also been the source of some of the most virulent pranks, rumors and hoaxes. However, Google has aims to fix this. Google has developed a new tool to rank websites.

Marcio Alaor BMG knows that current website rankings are based on the number of links they have. Google has developed new technology to rank websites according to their truthfulness. This new technology is relatively simple and will make the internet a much more viable source of information.

In order for a computer to determine whether or not a claim is true or not, all it needs is a statement and something to compare it to. Google began work on the reference work some time ago in the for of its Knowledge Graph. So, in order for Google to weed out wildly inaccurate information, it will simply need to cross reference the claim against its database and determine how accurate the statement is.

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DQN: A Glimpse at the Future of AI

Google subsidiary Deep Mind has developed an algorithm which learns from experience in order to determine its next best action, so as to secure the highest possible reward. Deep Q-Network, or DQN for short, as the algorithm is called, is currently limited to the domain of Atari video games. The algorithm is housed in a computer with slightly more power than an average desktop, and works at processing the incoming information from any of the Atari games that it is playing. DQN begins its learning process from scratch, not knowing anything about the particular game it is engaged in. After spending considerable time practicing and learning, the algorithm is able to map out the best possible button pressing procedure to secure a high score in the game.

Bernardo Chua is aware that this kind of technology seems applicable to countless domains outside the realm of just video games. Yet, DQN does have its limitations, seeing as it struggles with long term planning, since it does not yet have a means to remember older actions that it has undertaken. For this reason, it struggles more with games that require greater foresight. That being said, Deep Mind employees are optimistic of the potential of this kind of computing ability, extrapolating that it could serve the scientific community well in the future by analyzing data and drawing conclusions. However it develops, DQN provides a window into the near future of artificial intelligence.

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Sell Your Way to a Better Life with Qnet

Qnet is a direct selling firm that was founded in Hong Kong in 1998 by Vijay Eswaran. What makes Qnet unique is the large amount of goods that Qnet sells, and it operates in a multi-level marketing model, something that they mention on Instagram. While many companies claim to allow people to make money by selling their products, Qnet allows almost anyone to make money by selling goods and recruiting others to sell these great products.

Just like any business, being an Independent Representative (or IR) for Qnet requires work. And if you work hard to sell the products, you will be rewarded. Multi-level marketing is not for everyone, but if you can put forth an honest effort and believe in yourself, you can make money. While many of the products that Qnet sells are not going to change the world, you can change your world by selling and expanding your network of people who are also selling. Don’t think you can just sit back, sign up people and watch the cash roll in; rather, most of the money is made by the actual sales person and on the sales of the products. Instead of working in a factory, and getting paid only what the factory owner wants to pay you, and watching the owners get rich from your hard work, Qnet allows everyday people to learn sales skills and put those skills to use selling products, and offers an Android app that can help almost any user.

Qnet sells products that can help everyone. Rather than just focus on collectables, Qnet sells health and beauty products that everyone can use to better their own life. And what could be better than selling products to people who truly believe that these products are helping them feel better?

The sky is the limit when it comes to selling Qnet products. Members of the senior staff at Qnet are a testament to how far one can go if a person works hard enough. Donna Imson was an unemployed single mother of three when she started selling for GoldQuest, Qnet’s line of collectable gold coins. She is now practically a celebrity in direct sales, and the number two person in the company. All because she was willing to work hard and was able to hone her sales craft with Qnet. Don’t let fear hold back your entrepreneurial spirit. Go out and make your better life with Qnet sales.

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The Antique Wine Company Fine and Rare Wine

The Antique Wine Company, based in London has been dealing in fine and rare wines and courtesy their brilliance in the taste and quality of their produced wine they enjoy to vendor to more than 20000 customers who are situated in more than 70 countries. The company produces exceptionally fine wine and has currently more than 10000 wine bottles as inventory in their cellar. Not to mention, the company finds itself as record holder for containing the most number of wine bottles as collection.

The company was found back in the year 1982, as mentioned earlier in the city of London. The region is Marylebon in the central London where the ground breaking of the company took place. The company holds the record of having sold the most expensive white wine ever, the wine bottle under discussion is the 1811 Chateau d’Yquem and the price that it was sold on is a steep 75000 pounds. The buyer of the wine intends not to sell it forwards nor does he intend to make an investment out of it, rather he intends to drink it saying that “wine is for drinking” and that he has worked hard to earn this money, rather than having taken the money right out of his packed wallet.

In the year 2013, AWC Global PLC which is a Public Limited Company based in London became the parent company of the Antique Wine Company’s regional trading corporations. Currently, it is engaged in a program expanding years to cater traditional and antique wine markets. Another shining part of their portfolio is that they provided fine antique vintage wines to the former president of the United States, H. W. Bush who turned 70 years. To make things up to the event, the vintage wines were also 70 years old.

The company made a purchase worth 110000 pounds at the auction of Hospices de Beaune in which the purchased lot contained 460 liters of the rare Corton red wine. Apart from simply selling off rare and fine wines, the company also specializes in the provision of classes for mastering wine sciences and in planning the constructions of cellars for the purpose of wine production. Company CEO Stephan Williams said that what he aimed for was to make a wine that people would like to buy time and again after having tasted it once. The staff of the company comprises of just 15 people and the turn out that he expects from the company courtesy his efforts is more than 20 million pounds.

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5 Tech Trends of 2015

5 Tech Trends of 2015 according to John Textor

1. Cheaper Television Sets

The longer a technology is out, the cheaper it is. While many of us couch potatoes are happy with our 1080 pixel television sets, the new 4K TV sets will be dropping a lot more in price this year. These 4K televisions broadcast 4000 pixels, giving you unbelievable resolution and clarity.

2. Connected Cars

These days, everything connects with everything else. More and more, your car will become as connected as the rest of your digital life. Google already has a prototype car that can drive itself. 

3. Home Connection

Not only your car, but your home is going to be even more connected. Things like garage doors, HVAC and more will all be connected soon. 

4. Energy Management

More appliances like dryers, washers and fridges will be more connected in the future. They will be able to sense how to save more energy by themselves. 

5. Wearable Technology

Some of these nifty products have already hit the shelves. Gadgets like smart watches and Google Glass are already available, but in the coming year there will be even more wearable tech out there. Watch for the high tech diapers, complete with QR code.