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The Influence of George Soros in the 2016 American Election

You probably saw, if you watch the U.S. television, the pink march movement that occurred in the public streets of the biggest metropolitan cities of the United States, in a protest against some of Trump’s public speeches, especially the one where he states his opinions on women’s rights, hence the pink clothing.

Definitely, not every American is happy with the current state of their country’s elections. Trump won by very few points, and Hillary still had the popular votes.

Some of his decisions are not pleasing the American population, and many powerful people are rooting and supporting the movement, George Soros, the magnate, and philanthropist, being one of them.

George Soros was one of the biggest supporters of Hillary Clinton in the 2016 elections. He did his supporting by donating huge chunks of money to invest in her candidacy against Donald Trump. Her campaign had many funders who were afraid of some of Trump’s public declarations and what he is capable of doing with that much power in hands. George Soros was one of these businessmen, declaring that “Trump is doing the work of ISIS.”

Why is Soros so afraid of the hate speeches of the newest U.S. President? To understand this, you have to go way back and analyze the childhood of the businessman. The billionaire and philanthropist come from a family of Jews, and he was born in Budapest, Hungary. There, he experienced for himself the advances of the Nazi Army against Jews of that nation when they conquered Hungary and were searching for Jewish families all over the territory.

As a Jew in students’ age, George Soros experienced censure in his own skin, and the fear of returning home and not finding his family was something that he felt every day, and same goes for his parents. The lack of freedom of expression hit everyone in the community. Learn more about his profile at

Because of this reason, the magnate was frightened of Donald Trump assuming the presidency of the United States. Not because of the new U.S. President roots for Neo-Nazism, but because, during some of his speeches, Trump expresses a profound lack of feeling for cultural diversity. The “Build a Wall” campaign is one of the philosophers around the world’s biggest fear, because of how it makes the American people have that feeling of “pure blood,” a sense that is very detrimental for a world so deep in the globalization.

George Soros, however, lost his bet, and despite investing millions of dollars in the campaign of Hillary Clinton, Trump won the elections. However, this is not the only election that the billionaire has influenced positively, as he was also seen in the elections where he tried to beat George Bush. He is an influential figure in political disputes all over the world, not just in the U.S.

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As a philanthropically figure, who is always donating to noble causes and dedicating his time to raising awareness about the importance of freedom of expression, he very deeply wants the world to be diversified and to embrace cultural diversity, be it sexual orientation, race, religion or country of origin. Read his profile at Forbes.

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ORM Company Surpasses Expectations

Status Labs is an international firm. They manage their clients’ reputations online. Also a digital marketing and public relations service, they help companies clean up their search parameters and increase their Google ratings. Since its beginnings in 2012, revenue has increased nearly 1000 percent. This significant profit is attributed to the company’s ability to solve all digital communications difficulties, according to founder Darius Fisher. He is not bragging, just stating the facts. The client base has increased accordingly, and the company has clients in 35 countries. Their workforce grew by 12 percent in 2015, and Status Labs will continue to hire in the first quarter of 2016.
Status Labs clients are varied and include politicians, athletes, and many other public figures. These clients come from industries as far reaching as philanthropy, real estate, beauty, politics, and healthcare. Reputation management is serious business and customers have flocked to take advantage of their services.
Fisher is president of Status Labs. Fisher attributes his company’s success to individualizing each client’s unique needs. Sally Kohn of The Daily Beast calls it “digital hygiene” that needs to be addressed like any other hygiene concern. Status Labs handles online crises and repairs digital reputations for their clients. However, they try to shore up each client’s online presence before it enters into crisis mode and requires extensive repair. A checklist is used to ascertain online entities and guard against incursion.
The Internet has changed the way public relations firms operate. Since a web page is likely to be the first glimpse into a company and their motives, emotion and storytelling are key components of what Status Labs sells. This is the same whether introducing a new product, managing a politician’s reputation, or increasing media awareness. According to Status Labs, Google is the new first impression and no one can deny that; reputations do matter; and you must look your best in search results. Scandal is no longer perceived to be a good thing; yes, you want to keep people talking, but you don’t want to bring down your own business simply to be in the headlines.