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Visual Start Up Companies Are Becoming A Necessity In E Commerce Markets

Visual start up companies have hit the ground running and the e-commerce market is behind them one hundred percent. While visual search has been thought about, created, and worked on for the past couple of years the use of current visual search technology has cornered a new market. Young tech savvy shoppers have begun using the upcoming tech as a way to avoid going to crowded shops and malls with an added bonus of being able to compare prices within seconds as well as check any sales or coupons. However there are some downsides to shopping online. An article recently published in Live Mint has opened up the problems some online retailers are facing.

Since tech savvy millennials are the e-commerce demographic their wants and needs are what marketing experts focus on in order to make sales. One such millennial who often enjoys shopping online says that she may find a blouse or dress she likes but if her size is out of stock online she goes to a physical store instead of browsing the web for an exact match or similar product. This is where new tech start up companies swoop down and save the day. Take Stylumia Intelligence Technology Pvt Ltd for example, this company offers a visual search engine that allows their users to snap a picture of a desired item and run it through a database where similar or exact matches pop up.

Companies like Stylumia have been popping up everywhere but Slyce is one visual search company that has been around for years and has a few products that use visual search already out for public usage. Slyce was co-founded by serial entrepreneur Cameron Chell who has over twenty-five years of experience in technology and the growth of tech focused companies Slyce’s first product made available to the public has been dubbed their universal scanner and its holds true to its name.

The scanner is available on any smartphone and can scan bar codes, 2D images, and 3D images then run the picture through its database to find matches. From pictures in magazines to bags on display Slyce’s futuristic technology can find matches based on color, brand, and style then whip up results in less than two minutes. Last year Slyce purchased Canadian app “Snip Snap” which allows users to snap a picture of a coupon and store it in the app for later use.