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For Skin Whitening, Turn To Makari

Women around the world, since time immemorial, have sought to unleash the glow of their true beauty by brightening their skin tone. Harmful products and treatments are only two of the methods women have resorted to on their quest for supple, youthful skin. Today, however, there are options available to women everywhere that will not damage or detract from the quality of their skin–at the forefront of these new, harmless and effective options is Makari.

Makari is a brand that responds with flexibility to not only the requests of their demographic, but to cutting edge research in dermatology. For instance, it is now well known that acne and pimples can cause hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation darkens areas where blemishes have occurred, even if they have been popped or are no longer open sores; For this, Makari offers an assortment of toners that serve to not only reduce hyperpigmentation but to close pores that can be damaged from blemishes. Makari also offers a lotion that is made from Argan oil and carrot: Argan oil is a beautifying, skin-friendly oil long renowned for endowing skin with suppleness and youth; Carrot is an effective ingredient that increases the rate of what dermatologists call “cell turnover”, which means that if the skin has been darkened or damaged by the sun, the cells will replenish and repair themselves faster. That means not only will the skin be softer, but it will be lighter, brighter and more taut.

Makari’s products are a joy to use, and the beautiful packaging of their tonics and lotions is a direct reflection of the quality of the ingredients within. Makari beautifies both the skin and the bathroom shelf or cabinet with a focus on aesthetic, as well as science.