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Interesting Design At EOS Sells Itself

When EOS lip balm started out as a small business they had a strategic plan, and in this unconventional plan was their decision not to market. Instead of extensively marketing hype about their product, they would invest their resource into making a quality product to provide to their customers. The money that would have gone to marketing went into having custom machinery made so they could churn out their products in house instead of relying on an outside manufacturer.

This decision allowed them to really pour all of their efforts into creating a quality product that would serve it’s purposes in the future. After their first success selling at Walgreens they needed a way to keep up with the demand of their product, and this is where their custom machinery came in especially useful. They were able to produce at the speed they needed while driving costs down, and they were also able to make new and exciting products as they wanted to keep their customers curiosity peaked.

This custom equipment made little spheres of lip balm composed of all natural ingredients and housed in an orb of colorful plastic. The organic formulations were an instant hit with women and the packaging design caught the eye of everyone in the drugstore aisles at Target where it was first introduced. The design not only looks good, but the spherical shape fits the form of the hands and the mouth easily and the orbs are easy to find in the purse and look good on a makeup counter. The natural formulas are constantly updating their flavors to the season like orange and grapefruit for summer and mint for winter. The products basically sold and continue selling themselves as curiosity around the brand makes it even more tempting for people to find out what’s inside. For more info, visit

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