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Eric Pulier Shares his Experience with SOA

Best-selling author and leading entrepreneur, Eric Pulier is on a mission to
share his experience concerning service-oriented architecture (SOA)
with both business professionals and technologists worldwide.
Throughout the years, he perfected his business skills by financing
many renowned venture capital groups such as MediaPlatform,
ServiceMesh, Desktone, Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council, and Akana.
Currently, Pulier serves as the Executive Chairman at SOA Software
Incorporation (Akana) where he helps businesses fine-tune their
application programming interface (API) in order to target more loyal
customers. Essentially, he believes that companies should thoroughly
understand enterprise SOA and become familiar with the corresponding
challenges. Most importantly, Pulier supports the evolution between
technology and business practices.

Pulier was raised in New Jersey and was introduced to computer
programming at the young age of 9. As the years progressed, he
continued to excel in technological pursuits and by the time he
entered high school, he was the CEO and founder of his computer
database company. Soon afterwards, he decided to study at Harvard
University and in 1988 he graduated with the highest honors with a
degree in English and American Literature. Upon graduation, he decided
to relocate to Los Angeles, California where he founded People Doing
Things (PDT) which is an interactive company that specializes in
healthcare, education, and social issues by employing technological
methods. During his younger professional years, he also founded
Interactive Agency Digital Evolution where he most acknowledged for
creating Starbright World, a social network for kids who have
long-term illness. In this media platform, children have the
opportunity to share their real life experiences with their peers who
have endured a similar situation. In 1998, the company partnered with
US Interactive LLC.

In his later years, Pulier partnered with Hugh Taylor and together
they published “Understanding Enterprise SOA” in 2005. This prominent
book provides tangible insight from many diverse industries who
recognize the essential human factors involved in deploying SOA
technologies. Moreover, during this read, entrepreneurs and
technologists will learn about critical SOA deployment situations,
streamlining portal development and EA1, essential BPM and time
management, and quick assimilation with partners. In addition, readers
will learn the challenges related to designing, developing, and
securing an effective SOA and the fatal steps to avoid. Remarkably,
this mentoring style book successfully demonstrates the key components
in activating an effective SOA.

Today, Eric Pulier is the most recognized businessman, author, public
speaker, and philanthropist in the United States. Notably, because of
his participation in many charity events and premier technology
conferences, he was name one of 30-e-visionaries by VAR Business.
Pulier was also involved with many presidential committees including
prospective Vice President Al Gore’s healthcare and technology forum
and is a member of the Clinton Global Initiative.