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Skout Shows Diversity in Features and Executive Leadership

Skout is a cool app. It is one that has becomes the centralized online location for all of those that want to flirt. That is the magic behind this app. It has become the best go-to app for all of those people that are interested in finding something that they would like to spend some time with. The reality is that many dating apps are pushing users in the dating stage far too soon. The cool thing about Skout is that this site gives you the ability build things up at your own speed. The dating game can be a lot of fun when you take things slow, and Skout allows people to meet others on their own terms and establish some conversation before things get deep.

Skout had also surfaced as the most convenient app for networking for jobs. Meeting people in new cities can be easy. Finding a job on a new city can be a nightmare. Sometimes the flirting leads to a friendship that turns into a relationship. Someone may have the desire to move close to where the other person is. The Skout app will help with this as well. That is why people that flirt and date with Skout will also network and acquire job leads as well. This can lead to a better career sometimes. It may seem hard to believe that people can boost their career standing with a job, but it is a possibility.

Laura Dunn certainly knows about the job possibilities that are linked to Skout. She has become someone that rallies among the workers that are tweaking this app. She approves budgets and gives the green light for projects that are taking place behind the scenes at Skout. Dunn is the SKout CFO and she believes in networking through social media.

There are people that are also elated to see how the Skout app has continued to educate people on things like the cultures of new cities with the intriguing virtual travel feature. More than 10 million people have signed up for virtual trips within the last year. This is a sign of the grow that comes by way of new features. Many people have decided to sign up for this Skout app just to see how the Skout virtual travel feature works. This is type of innovation that attracts new users. It also keeps the older registered users loyal.

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Purchase Gifts On Skout For Charity


Being A Superhero In Real Life Means Helping Others

It would be great to have actual super powers. You could fly over the clouds and over your city instead of sitting in traffic. You could have the strength of a thousand men, or maybe you could have the power of immortality. All of the superpowers are interesting to imagine because your life would be entirely different. You can still help other people stay safe and lift their spirits if you do not have the superhero powers that you see in movies or in comic books. Superheroes are people that help people in need. According to a survey that Skout set up on their social media application, around 75 percent of people who were surveyed agree with the notion that superheroes are people that help people in need. Another statistic from this survey indicates that around 80 percent of people in the survey group would actually like to be a superhero in real life.

The survey that Skout set up was just one part of their celebration fro National Superhero Day. The celebration also included a charity to benefit a special, lucky person from the Make A Wish Foundation in the Greater Bay Area. The charity was set up through Skout’s application. Users in Skout’s community had a lot to celebrate with on National Superhero Day this year. They could actually purchase a special superhero themed gift from Skout’s application. People on Skout love to purchase gifts because they are one of the best ways to show other users that you care about them.

The superhero gift idea on Skout was Skout’s latest way of collecting money to help other people. Skout has done other charitable events in the past in order to help people in need. There is always a good cause over the horizon. You can help people in need even if you do not have a real super power. The thing that makes you super in this world just might be your level of compassion and understanding that you have for other people in the world. What have you done today for the rest of the world? Join Skout’s community for a chance to help others today. Skout is a great place to meet people, and make friends, and Skout has recently developed a fun travel app. Here’s PR Newswire’s original article about Skout’s charitable efforts.

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His Brand is Crisis

Reputation is everything. Businesses and individuals work hard to create a favorable reputation through their deeds and words. But no one is perfect and, in the age of the Google search, one false move can change a good reputation to a bad one in an instant. When that happens, Darius Fisher is the person that can help.

Fisher was recognized by PR Week in their Innovation 50 for 2015, a yearly list that highlights the top talent in digital marketing and public relations. He co-founded and is president of Status Labs, an online reputation management firm that specializes in digital marketing and online image management. Status Labs opened in Austin, Texas four years ago and since then has added offices in New York and São Paulo. Fisher and his team at Status Labs specialize in managing online image crises for their clients, which include executives, politicians and Fortune 500 companies. In addition, Fisher works with them to proactively manage their online presence.

Fisher’s ability to turn image problems into strengths is best illustrated by his own ability to overcome negative public relation issues. His previous company came under fire for offering Wikipedia edits that favored his clients, which violates their editing policy. More recently Fisher’s partner in Status Labs, Jordan French, resigned after controversy surrounding the demolition of an East Austin business. His ability to maintain a positive online presence despite such recent controversies is a testament to his skill and illustrates exactly the level of service he is able to offer clients.

Darius Fisher graduated with honors from Vanderbilt University and worked as a copywriter and political analyst before founding Status Labs. Fisher built partnerships with public figures and Fortune 500 companies, which enabled Status Labs to rise to prominence so quickly and become THE premier online reputation management firm. His expertise in digital presence and online reputation makes him one of the most sought after individuals in the field.

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ORM Company Surpasses Expectations

Status Labs is an international firm. They manage their clients’ reputations online. Also a digital marketing and public relations service, they help companies clean up their search parameters and increase their Google ratings. Since its beginnings in 2012, revenue has increased nearly 1000 percent. This significant profit is attributed to the company’s ability to solve all digital communications difficulties, according to founder Darius Fisher. He is not bragging, just stating the facts. The client base has increased accordingly, and the company has clients in 35 countries. Their workforce grew by 12 percent in 2015, and Status Labs will continue to hire in the first quarter of 2016.
Status Labs clients are varied and include politicians, athletes, and many other public figures. These clients come from industries as far reaching as philanthropy, real estate, beauty, politics, and healthcare. Reputation management is serious business and customers have flocked to take advantage of their services.
Fisher is president of Status Labs. Fisher attributes his company’s success to individualizing each client’s unique needs. Sally Kohn of The Daily Beast calls it “digital hygiene” that needs to be addressed like any other hygiene concern. Status Labs handles online crises and repairs digital reputations for their clients. However, they try to shore up each client’s online presence before it enters into crisis mode and requires extensive repair. A checklist is used to ascertain online entities and guard against incursion.
The Internet has changed the way public relations firms operate. Since a web page is likely to be the first glimpse into a company and their motives, emotion and storytelling are key components of what Status Labs sells. This is the same whether introducing a new product, managing a politician’s reputation, or increasing media awareness. According to Status Labs, Google is the new first impression and no one can deny that; reputations do matter; and you must look your best in search results. Scandal is no longer perceived to be a good thing; yes, you want to keep people talking, but you don’t want to bring down your own business simply to be in the headlines.

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Philanthropist Urbana Reveals The Different Sides To His Personality

The figures we see and hear about in the media are often seen as one dimensional figures known for only a specific aspect of their life and personality. Occasionally, one of the people we know about for a specific aspect of their life will reveal to us a range of other interests that reveals them to be a far more rounded individual than we first suspected. One person who fits this bill is Jon Urbana, who is best known for his work as a lacrosse coach for his own range of camps. Recently, the successful entrepreneur has been showing the world his creative side in a series of blogs and Twitter posts.

Jon Urbana is perhaps best known as a successful businessperson who has developed the Next Level Lacrosse Camps business that takes place in Colorado each year. This business in operated in conjunction with Urbana’s role as the Head of Business for the Laser and pulsed light equipment supplier Ellipse USA.

Despite being best known for driving both of these business opportunities to a high level of success, Jon Urbana has also looked to develop different creative outlets for his life since his days as a lacrosse player with the Wildcats. One of these is the music that has recently been uploaded to Soundcloud and social media platforms for the general public to enjoy. The former Villanova lacrosse standout has always looked to develop his skills as a guitar player, but has recently looked to develop his musical skills as an electronic musician working on original music and remixes.

Alongside the development of his skills as a musician, Jon Urbana has also revealed himself to be a successful and respected philanthropist, gaining grassroots support for organizations like Earth Force through some creative charity promotions, like the videos seen after the jump.

Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force, A New Fundraiser from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

The photography skills he has been working on for a number of years have been revealed on his personal blogs, which also feature work by the photographers and artists who have influenced his work. One of his pics, called Earth Temple, just went viral.

Earth Temple – credit: Jon Urbana

Get in touch with Jon at and follow him on Instagram at @jonurbana.

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Product Recognition Software And Its Implications For Commerce

Commerce is about to get a big boost in the form of image recognition software. This of course is the type of software that one uses when they want more information about a particular product they see while out and about in the real world. In many cases, they may see something that captures their attention, but that they do not know what it is.

It is now simple to point a phone camera at a product and use product recognition programs to gain new information on the product that one is looking at. Even if they do not know what the product is, they can always find out what they need to know so long as they have a smartphone in hand.

With this technology, one can search through the Internet for information about what it is that they are looking at. They can find out what kind of prices are available for that product, and they can also see all available designs and quantities available at various stores. This information is very important to a lot of people because they may want to comparison shop between the various options that they have.

Product recognition software is the answer to the long standing question of how to inform customers about the products available in a store. Stores have always wanted to know how they can convey the most information to their customers about the products. When customers know more about what they are looking at, they can make more educated choices about those products and become more likely to make the purchase. With that in mind, it is pretty obvious why stores want to get that information out to their customers.

People who do a lot of shopping at the ones most likely to benefit from this product. They can look into the offerings that are available for it on their own phones. They may well find that the benefits of having product recognition make it well worth their time. The software is something that makes shopping a lot more productive and can help them to save a lot of money in certain circumstances.

Product recognition has helped change commerce in a lot of ways, and it will likely continue to do so in the future. More people are bound to get this technology and start using it every day.

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Court Says Facebook Can Be Used for Legal Notification

In an unprecedented move, Facebook has been deemed acceptable to send a divorce subpoena, so its really become impossible to hide from the law.

Ellanora Biadoo sent her divorce petition via a private message on Facebook, and its all legal.

Biadoo’s husband, Victor Sena Blood-Dzraku, avoided being notified by other means. The couple only maintained contact via phone and Facebook. “We had tried everything, including hiring a private detective, without success,” said Biadoo.

Supreme Court Judge Matthew Cooper, in Manhattan New York accepted using Facebook to send the divorce petition, which is the first case of its kind contemplated by the courts.

“The applicant has permission to deliver divorce subpoenas through a private Facebook message,” said the judge, in his opinion.

Biadoo and Blood-Dzraku, both Ghanaians, were married in a civil ceremony in 2009, but then he refused to participate in a Ghanaian wedding ritual, thus the reason for the divorce petition.

In fact, they never lived together.

There’s a new trend using social media for legal notifications.

From what Igor Cornelsen understands, a defendant must be notified of any proceeding against him or her and according to Randy Kessler, an Atlanta-based attorney, notifications could become simplified and more effective using Facebook, even more effective than the newspaper’s classified section.

Facebook could be more effective than a notice in a newspaper’s classified section.

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Online Review Websites Can Mislead as Well as Inform

Websites like Yelp can provide a valuable service to people. By writing up your experiences at a business you’ve visited, you can help others to either enjoy or avoid that same establishment. It may be a restaurant where the food, staff or both were so good that you just can’t help getting online and raving about it. Similarly, you may have had an awful experience and want to warn others away. Brad Reifler agrees that this already uncovers one problem with such reviews; they tend to attract the extremes. People who go out and find a businesses product and service to be ‘good’ won’t be as motivated to get online to write about it as someone who had a terrific or awful experience. There is one more problem with these reviews; they can be flat-out dishonest.

A Chinese restaurant in California was almost the victim of a false bad review on Yelp. A patron claimed that he had some unsatisfactory word with the staff of this restaurant at a particular time and that they would not seat him. The restaurant checked their own dropcam footage at this time and showed the customer had no interaction with any of the staff and simply walked out. This may have just been one disingenuous or peeved person, but it does point to a larger problem. Any competing business could have ‘friends’ put bad reviews for competitors up on review sites like these. I’m afraid that even in our high-tech digital age, there is simply no substitute for a referral from an actual friend for a good place to eat, rent a car, get your dry cleaning done or shop.

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Teen Fired From Job She Just Got Because of Twitter


A teen learned a valuable lesson about what and what not to put on Twitter. The young adult apparently landed a job at a local pizzeria, but wasn’t so thrilled about it.

According to, she took to Twitter to inform her followers she’d be starting her “F*** A***” job tomorrow, with a series of thumbs down emoticons. It took less than 24 hours for her boss to tweet her back, informing he she would not be starting her job as she had been fired.

The Tweet has since gone viral said Marc Sparks. Some have taken to Twitter to defend the teen, who they claim was just exercising her freedom of speech. Other’s have pointed out that Twitter, is a public space and it is best to watch what you type. This seems to be a point often lost on the youth of today.

The teen doesn’t appear all that upset about her quick dismissal, but it has ignited an interesting debate on Twitter, and could serve as a lesson to other young adults who actually want the job they were given.

Researchers have found that nearly 60% of companies check Facebook, Twitter and Instagram before hiring employees, and about 50% say they monitor workers accounts occasionally to ensure everything remains on the up and up.

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When Concern Crosses the Line


A British group called Samaritans has recently made available a web app that attempts to predict emotional distress and possible suicidal tendencies on social media. This attempt to diagnose depressive behaviors via cyberspace is rife with risks.

Firstly, social media is not an equal measure of behavior or attitude, as many people like Sergio Andrade Gutierrez will not post if they are having a bad day. For many users, social media posts are skewed to the positive, so the measure is false.

Secondly, the risk of damage by amateur diagnosticians and concerned but misguided friends could increase the risk of isolation felt by a person who may or may not have been depressed.

Finally, and more sinisterly, these diagnostic tools could be used by web-trolls to further victimize and isolate the sufferer. Additionally, should health insurance providers ever choose to dig into the on-line presence of their consumers, sufferers could be penalized or denied access to needed care due to claims of pre-existing conditions.