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Solvy, A Determined Russian Entrepreneur’s Educational Platform

Math is among the compulsory subjects in many school systems. SOLVY is an online platform where students can access mathematical problems that have been picked by their teachers based on their interesting topics. Through SOLVY, instructors can assign homework to their students via notifications. In case a student needs help, SOLVY sends notifications to instructors. SOLVY is an application that saves student’s and teachers’ time by assisting them to use their time efficiently.

SOLVY provides a real world experience for math learners because it is readily available in various devices including cell phones and computers. From graphs to online tutorials, SOLVY offers an interactive session between students and facilitators. Through SOLVY, teachers can see student’s work by pinpointing errors and misunderstandings as well as providing solutions. SOLVY has included Algebra in its contents.

About Alexei Beltyukov

In 2015, the PRNewswire released a statement that Alexei is the newest entrepreneurial endeavor on his SOLVY appointment. Alexei was thrilled to interact with teachers, administrators, facilitators and educators. He answered their questions about SOLVY on how interactive and educative the software is.

Beltyukov is a proponent of education who values the broadening of the school system through continuing education. He is proud of SOLVY as it has drawn the attention of EdTech experts and educators.

A Daily Motion video shows that Alexei Beltyukov is a successful, prominent entrepreneur who graduated from INSEAD School with a Masters in Business Administration. He is the founder of various organizations including Endemic Capital, Solvy, New Gas Technologies, and A-Ventures.

Alexei was appointed the Chief Operating Officer of Solvy, a company specializing in the online educational system. Besides, Beltyukov is a philanthropist. He facilitated the initiation of Russian Alumni Scholarship in his former school INSEAD.

In 2013, Alexei Beltyukov founded Endemic Capital a company specializing in funding Russian startup companies. He is a committed philanthropist in helping Russians live better a life. Beltyukov works in close collaboration with the Russian government to promote economic growth, support, and guidance via Skolkovo Foundation, where he serves as the Vice President.

The Foundation offers funds, grants and opportunities to Russian entrepreneurs, technologists, startups and skilled business persons. Alexei Beltyukov commits to expanding opportunities across Russia.