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Making Squaw Valley A Top Flight Destination With Andy Wirth

Skiing is one of the oldest sports ever. People have been skiing for many centuries. Today, people continue to go skiing. Skiing is a great way to stay in shape and be outside in the fresh air at the same time. The United States is home to many great skiing areas.

One such resort is Squaw Valley. Squaw Valley is a destination that is located in the heart of the United States ski country. Here is where people in the region have been skiing for decades. Squaw Valley was where the 1960 Olympics were held. Today, one of the region’s most respected businessmen knows that he must be there for his clients and offer world class skiing they will love.

CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings

Andy Wirth is the Chief Operating Officer of Squaw Valley SKi Holdings, making him someone who is devoted to the region and knows how much it has to offer as a destination.

He loves this area where he has spent considerable time in life. Wirth is someone who is very much in love in the world of the outdoors. As someone who loves sports of all kinds, he knows how much fun it can be to be outdoors doing all kinds of activities.  Learn more about Andy Wirth:

Creating A World Class Resort

Winter sports of all kinds are sports that Wirth truly loves. He loves being on the downhill ski slopes where he can ski fast. He also loves other kinds of winter sports including snowboarding. This is the experience that he hopes to bring to those who are vacationing at his resort.

He knows that the resort is a place where people can find great trails of all kinds to explore. He also knows that a world class resort is one in which it is easy for those visiting there to have fun and be with friends and family at the same time.

Squaw Valley Supervision

At Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, CEO Wirth spends a great deal of his time helping make sure that all is flowing very smoothly all the time. He knows that hands-on management techniques are vital when it comes to offering all those who visit here an experience they will remember for the rest of their lives. This is why he is a manager who knows that he must be mindful of details and make sure the resort functions well at every turn.