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Posted by Tommy LeDeux on

Facebook Review App causes New Year Unhappiness

For the majority of people like Bruce Levenson, the chance to review their year with their friends and family is being enjoyed with the ease and simplicity of the Facebook review of the year app. However, for others the app is causing major problems as this simple review option is causing unexpected memories and reminders to appear as the year draws to a close, NPR reports.

Amongst those who are less than impressed with the chance to allow Facebook to cobble together pictures taken and posted throughout 2014 are those who have split up with a partner or lost a loved one. Amongst those who have had their grief intensified over the Holiday period is Eric Meyer, who posted a blog entitled Inadvertent Algorithmic Cruelty over the smiling face of his six year old daughter appearing on an invite to review his year. Meyer lost his six year old daughter Rebbecca in June and found his Facebook experience a major problem.

Posted by Tommy LeDeux on

Uber is Over in France

A new French law that will go into effect on January 1st, 2015, bans UberPop from offering services within France. Uber has also been banned of late in Spain, Thailand, and New Delhi, India.

Uber uses a smart phone app to communicate with customers. It allows them to reserve cabs and to track the progress of their reserved vehicle as it makes its way to them. The idea is innovative and has ruffled many feathers of the more traditional taxi cab companies.

Claims have been made that Uber is too dangerous, that it uses unfair business practices, and that it does not properly insure passengers. The real motivation for banning this company, however, seems to be that other taxi companies don’t like the competition.

Uber has been enormously successful, expanding its services into 45 nations and over 200 cities scattered around the globe. Its new way of “hailing a taxi cab” was inevitable given the prevalence of smart phones.

People use web-connected cell phones for a multitude of purposes these days. When I first told Sam Tabar about this, he also thought it was hard to understand why such an uproar should result over their use in the taxi business. There may be dangers involved, but it is often dangerous to hail a cab in big cities the traditional way as well. I guess that’s France for you!