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A Look Inside the Market America Convention 2017

2017 rang in the 25th Anniversary of the Market America Convention 2017.
The convention took place in Greensboro,North Carolina and more than 20,000 people came to the convention to enjoy the anniversary arrangements and events.
A stage at the center of the arena was built to bring a marvelous view to those in the levels above and an up close view to those on floor level.
There were amazing new products released during the Market America Convention 2017. To name just a few, those products included,

Isotonix Essentials which features the brand new Turn Up and Turn Down, anti-aging, and who could forget Women’s Health products.

DNA Miracles® brings to you the new Vitamin C+D3 chews and the Pre and Post Natal Protein Shake

TLS® Weight-loss Solutions added a new protein shake to their line, The Trim Tea and Plant Based Shake.

And who could forget Essential Oils by Royal Spa!
They feature five aromatherapy oils to set the mood for an occasion. Whether you want to Focus, Balance, or Refresh you’ll be sure to love their oils.

As we Commemorated 25 Years of the Market America Convention there are certain to be many, many more years to come.

The Market America Convention is set to feature more entrepreneurial success and intoxicating new ways to boost your business!

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When Should A Person Start Investing

Investing is something that should be done early in life. So many people are in their 40’s and 50’s and still don’t have a solid investment plan. This can be avoided by teaching children from an early age how to invest. My sister-in-law’s family did something very smart with their children. As a family of 9, they wanted to teach their children the value of a dollar. The family bought a vending machine for a starter business. The children were to run the business with, one responsible for inventory, one for ordering, another for counting the money, one for depositing and so on. The vending machine was put in a very busy location, and they made quite a bit of money. They conducted the vending business for over 10 years. When each of the children turned 16 years of age, they had enough money in their accounts to buy a nice used car.

What this family did was ingenious. They taught them how to work hard, run a business and bank their money. Some of the children gambled with the stock market, others bought CD’s, but mostly they put their money in an interest bearing savings account. These children learned valuable lessons that hopefully allowed them to make wise decisions for their futures. They learned that they had to work hard and save, but if they did that they would reap the rewards. Why can’t the average worker learn that? There are more and more people depending on the Social Security System these days and it’s in threat of ruin.

There are many different ways to invest. There are the financial markets, stock market, commodities, CDs, Investment accounts and the list goes on. The average person should be putting away about 10-20% of their paychecks into investments for their retirement. If you cannot afford to do 10%, put away 5%. Anything that goes into investments will only help in the future. When you do invest a great deal of money into different accounts, it helps to have someone to help out. Igor Cornelsen is an investment banker that is based from Brazil. For those who want to get involved in investments in the foreign markets, they should consider using someone like him.

Cornelsen is an expert at the new Brazilian economy. Many people are looking in this direction for their investments, especially since it has over 200 million inhabitants. It is quickly becoming a key player in the world economics. He is helping people cut through the red tape; connect with the natives and to know foreign-currency restrictions. Wherever you choose to invest, find someone that can help guide you along the way.

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Marc Sparks Explains Why Academic Failure Doesn’t Decide Your Future

A lot of great people in the world were not successful academically. Bill Gates is the most common example who proves that academic success isn’t everything. Also, various people who were brilliant academically didn’t achieve greatness in life as compared to others. Marc Sparks is one of the people who was a C student but is now Timber Creek Capital’s head, venture capitalist, businessman and a successful entrepreneur. He is a success story proving that despite being average academically, people can still achieve greatness and their future doesn’t have to be bleak.

Here are some points that explain why academic failure isn’t the end of everything –

Dreams Achieve Success, Not Grades – Marc Sparks believes that in order to be successful in life, people need to dream big. Dreams lay the groundwork for success and instill confidence. On top of that, ambition and creativity are fueled by dreaming big. The most successful people in the world were big dreamers and Marc Sparks still dreams big. Grades and success should not be compared.

Dedication, Intelligence and Talent Can Be Missed By Academic Performance – Academic performance is dependent on a number of factors – ability to thrive under pressure, some amount of rote learning, state of mind, confidence, and so much more. Most of these factors are honed as people experience new things. Marc Sparks believes that traits like talent, intelligence and dedication can often be missed during exams.He, however, also mentions that people should try to see their grades as building blocks that improve basics and shape confidence for the future.

Development Depends On Perseverance – Perseverance is something that can make any person achieve the unexpected. People who don’t achieve academic success work that much harder for their dreams because they have not had everything easy in their life. It leads to growth in an individual because without academic success, hard work has to compensate for everything. Persevering to achieve something has never gone wrong for Marc Sparks and this is why he tells people not to let academic failure get them down.

However, according to Bloomberg, Marc Sparks also stresses on the fact that doing well academically would make the road easier for most people and reduce some hardships. It provides a great theoretical basis for life and smooths out the roadblocks. However, simply because one doesn’t do well in academics doesn’t mean that dreams and ambitions have to crash down.

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