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Helane Morrison Making Big Splash in Corporate Compliance

Women have for a long time taken the back seat regarding the management of social and economic enterprises. However, the turn of the 21st century brought with it massive campaigns for the empowerment of women not only in the United States but also throughout the globe.

As a result, the world has recognized the input of women and placed them at the epicenter of every economy. Take the investment banking sector, for instance, for long it’s been dominated by men. Unscrupulous investors made the sector crumble amid the recent global financial downturn. The industry is nevertheless enjoying a new lease of life with the emergence of game-changing investment bankers such as Helane Morrison.

Helane serves as the managing director at Hall Capital, a premier asset management company based in Bay Area, San Francisco. The firm started out 24 years ago and currently controls over $24 billion in assets on behalf of its clients. Morrison doubles up as lead counsel and senior compliance officer.

Hall Capital enjoys the oversight of two other women, Sarah Stein the president and Hall the chief officer-in-charge of investments. Together, these active women steer the organization to greater heights. Indeed, Hall Capital has become a dominant firm having drawn key family empire into its pool of clientele. Furthermore, the organization can satisfy all its clients, retaining their trust in the long run.

Helene started out her career with the Securities and Exchange Commission where she practiced legal affairs. Before she left her position at the SEC, she got drawn to Hall Capital by the inclusive and friendly administrative hierarchy. She craved the chance to make an impact in the business world in the company of other women.

She is an outspoken professional with an impressive academic record as seen in her profile on the company’s official website, see link Initially, she started out in Journalism after graduating with a Bachelor of Science from Northwestern University. Later on, she enrolled at the University of California- Berkeley School of Law. At this institution, her professional skills made her the chief editor of the California Law Review.

Morrison also sits on the board of the Parks Foundation. She mentors other business executives and aspiring career women through lectures and writing. For instance, her speeches touch on compliance in private funds as well as legal hindrances among investment bankers and advisors. Her background in law and journalism make her a confident and knowledgeable person. You can see her full resume and connect with her on her LinkedIn profile. Helane is an asset to Hall Capital and the legal profession.