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Through His Passion for Technology, Eric Pulier has Managed to Cut a Niche for Himself as well as Improve the Lives of Others

Eric Pulier is a man known to wear several hats successfully. He is a renowned businessman, author, philanthropist, public speaker, technologist, and a columnist. Having a brilliant mind, Eric Pulier graduated with a distinction from the Harvard University where he studied English and American literature in the year 1988. Eric had begun programming computers since his early school years. His brilliance continued to high school where he started a database firm. He also wrote and edited for Harvard Crimson in his university years.

His Innovations

As a technologist, Eric Pulier started a company that married technology with how everyday things were carried out. His aim was to make an improvement in areas, such as healthcare and education. The venture dubbed People Doing Things came into effect in 1994 and later merged with US Interactive after four years. The companies that he later formed and financed concentrated in the areas of technology, media, and capital funds. Such companies include among others Media Platform, Akana, Digital Evolution, ServiceMesh, Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council, and Desktone. Eric Pulier has not relented in creating new technologies aimed at improving lives. He founded his latest venture, vAtomic Systems in 2015. The company is a technology firm that created the virtual atoms technology. The main purpose of this new technology is to safeguard sensitive data kept in the cloud.

Other Projects

Eric Pulier, the author, wrote The Enterprise Industrial Complex. He also authored a book together with Hugh Taylor titled Understanding Enterprise SOA. His philanthropic projects ran far and wide. Eric has continued to use technology to invest in the communities. He identified a group of the youth who worked hard to achieve their dreams, and they were never rewarded. XPrize is one of his inventions that he used to award such individuals. Eric Pulier has always a soft spot for kids with special needs. This trait has led him to use his technological know-how and money to support these children. The Painted Turtle, a top camp for chronically ill kids, is a good example of his creations. He also helped to create an interactive media platform for kids with chronic illnesses in partnership with Starbright World.

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CEO Rick Smith Securus

Rick Smith Continues To Build His Tech Legacy With secures Technologies Inc.

Rick Smith is a leading technology executive, highly regarded for his winning strategies within the industry. He is current the President, Chairman and CEO of Securus Technologies, the leading prison technology provider in North America. He joined the company in the year 2008, then as the president and CEO of the company. A year later he was o to Chairman of the company. He has since overseen the formulation and execution of strategies that has seen the company rise to be an industrial leader.

Since he joined Securus, the company has continuously been ranked as a global leader in the prison technology industry. The company has been recognized for investing over $650 million in the advancement of their technology products and ensuring that a new product is released after every two weeks. He has also seen the company build one of the largest call centers in the world, increasing the reliability of their customer service. As a result, it has won a big share of the market, pushing outside companies like GTL, which is one of its biggest competitors.

Rick Smith has been modeled to be such a great leader, courtesy of years of experience and a good education. He is an alumnus of various reputable institutions. Rick Smith boasts of an Associate Degree of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering, from Rochester Institute of Technology. Later on, he attended the Buffalo based State University of New York where he obtained his undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering. But, he did not stop at that. His hunger for education got him seeking for admission at Brockport’s State University of New York, where he obtained his postgraduate degree in Mathematics, before proceeding to University of Rochester’s Simon School of Business to study a master’s degree in Business Administration.

When Rick Smith first completed his studies, he was employed at Frontier Corp, which is today known as Global Crossing. He began working for the company in the year 1972 and stayed to the year 1998. In the year 1997, he received a promotion to work as the Vice President of Financial Management. However, in the past 25 years, he had gone through a series of promotions, holding a number of positions including Director of Business Development, VP of Plant Operations, Director of Midwest Telephone Operations and Chief Information Officer, Controller and President of IT.In the year 1999, Rick Smith joined Eschelon Telecom Inc and was with the company to the year 2007. At Eschelon Inc, he was the President and CEO before retiring. This was following a promotion from Chief Operations of Officer in the year 2003.

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How IAP Worldwide is Helping the World

Recently, the company that states that it serves with ingenuity and purpose, IAP Worldwide, has recently purchased DRS Technologies Inc. This is great news as DRS Technologies on Bloomberg exists to aid in the areas of aviation and logistics. This is a welcome and big addition for IAP Worldwide as they serve in the areas of helping during natural disasters and assisting military installations around the world.

There are multiple key areas in which the addition of DRS Technologies will be a big help to IAP Worldwide. Aircraft repair management, mission support and logistics services as well will all be a big part of how DRS can be helpful for them. IAP is able to help in ways that many other organizations cannot. Helping in the area of military installations is just one of many ways, especially during natural disasters. These military installations on are often the size of a small city.

There are numerous technologies that can be of great benefit for IAP, but the purchase of DRS Technologies is making that possible. There is plenty of opportunity for IAP Worldwide, as this has increased their areas of opportunity on As they integrate all of the aspects of their business that are a part of this new acquisition this helps them to achieve the long-term goals and long-term growth. The ability to double the size of the area in which customers can be acquired is huge.

The need for National Security Programs is increasing, and it’s no surprise that aviation and communications tools are making a bigger presence in the marketplace. Many government agencies and organizations are vying for their opportunity to get IAP Worldwide to assist them with their missions and support now and in the future. The CEO of IAP Worldwide, Doug Kitani, believes that this is there opportunity to serve the government in a big way.

Kitani has mentioned in recent press releases that he believes this will not only make the government feel safer, but they can play a more integral role in how the government strategically plans in advance for bigger safety measures.

IAP Worldwide Services has been serving our country for more than 60 years, and is focused on improving the scope by which they can continue to serve for the main purpose of security and program management.