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Bob Reina: Living Life The Right Way

It is hard not to be impressed by the kind of work that Bob Reina puts into his job, but more importantly his life. There are a lot of great businessmen and businesswomen out there, but very few have committed themselves to it as much as Bob Reina. He has made it a habit and when something becomes a good habit, good things tend to happen. It all started back in 2007 with the start of Talk Fusion. He wanted to create something that would be a life saver and a life changer for many people out that there were unhappy with their jobs and unhappy with their lives. He wanted to do something about it as soon as possible.


He saw a vision for Talk Video, a service that would provide people with video emails, video chats, and video newsletters. These would all be helpful and useful tools for people that were wishing to work from home and have a life that was more suited to their lifestyle. Nothing was going to stand in the way of their happiness and and their joy. He also saw a chance with this product to give back to people in need and put a smile on people’s faces, which is just about the best thing that someone could do. It started by giving back to The Tampa Bay Humane Society with a record-breaking donation, which was able to save the lives of countless animals.


In addition to this, he has encouraged his employees to give back by donating Talk Fusion to one charity of their choosing. This opens up avenues for other people as well. Bob feels that if he is in this position and has this success, the logical and reasonable thing to do is to give back. That is in his mental makeup and it is how he lives his life.


Talk Fusion is also offering 30-day free trials in case someone wants to get a taste of it for themselves and see what it is all about and see why so many people are so excited about it and so into it.


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Bob Reina: An Example Of A Man With Passion

One thing that could be said about Bob Reina is that he is a man with passion. It is passion that gets people to go the extra mile. This is why he is so successful. This is especially true when it comes to starting up a business. One has to have the passion that will keep him going. One thing that is not going to make a man successful is if he does the bare minimum. The bare minimum of work needed is rarely enough for a man to succeed. He has to have motivation, purpose and a good work ethic so that he goes above and beyond.


Bob Reina has all of that and more. He has a passion which is bringing forth marketing solutions. Among the things he has wanted to do for people is bring forth something that could make it easier to connect with and market to people. Talk Fusion is that company and product that makes it easier for people to do so. When people sign up for Bob Reina’s products, they will experience the difference. As a result, they will now want to go back to the older way of doing so. The whole point is to use tools that are effective.


 Bob Reina is also passionate about helping people that have become a victim of misfortune. He often provides donations to people who have found themselves in the aftermath of a natural disaster. Bob makes sure that people have a chance to get their lives back on track. He is also very patient when it comes to the plight of certain people. He does have the empathy needed to continue to provide donations to people that need it so that they can continue to get back on their feet from whatever tragic occurrence caused them to fall down

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Amazon Buttons Spread Inside the House

Logging in on amazon to order products is becoming old-fashioned. At least that is what the all-shipping site plans to do of their most used products. Namely, a range of several shopping buttons that you can stick around the house will be enough to place an order.

Brad Reifler has learned that the sleek oval devices with a logo and a button are connected via Wi-Fi and each button-press equals a pre-programmed amount of the desired product. You can stick them in the places where you usually find yourself having forgotten to buy more of the product. For example, you’ll most likely notice that you are almost out of detergent in the bathroom, in front of the washing machine. It’s enough to press the button that you had previously placed there, and there will be more.

The device has a security system that will stop thousands of pounds of detergent being delivered because of kids playing with it. After the order is placed, there is an amount of time when it is pending and there is a possibility to make adjustments in it. This service will include diapers, cleaning products, self-care products and food fast-order.

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Tennessee Sues the FCC Over City Internet

Tennessee has decided to sue the FCC over the internet. According to the lawsuit, since the FCC defined the internet as a utility that every American should have access to, it’s actually dismantling some laws that states have on the books to provide their own internet and fight the likes of Comcast and AT&T.

According to Dr Jennifer Walden, it may seem like Tennessee has the best in mind for its citizens, but it turns out the state-run internet isn’t exactly what you might think. It’s not designed in such a way that everyone has equal access, so much in fact that some citizens i rural towns are getting internet speeds that are laughable by today’s standards. The hope is that by making the law, the FCC will force providers to make the internet good for those people as well rather than making them second-class citizens as far as the internet is concerned.

It’ll be interesting to see how all that plays out in the courts, and if Tennessee’s citizens ultimately get an improvement in their we surfing abilities as a result of new law.

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The Dorchester Collection, The Best In Luxury Hotels

The Dorchester Collection is a luxury hotel operator owned by the Brunei Investment Agency (BIA). The BIA is an arm of the Ministry of Finance Brunei. In 1987, the Sultan of Brunei, Hassani Bolkiah bought both the Dorchester and Beverly Hills Hotels. He then transferred ownership to the Brunei Investment Agency in 1991.

The Audley Group was formed in 1996 to manage the hotels under one company. The group is owned by BIA. The name was later changed to the Dorchester Group Limited. They in turn own the Dorchester collection which was founded in 2006 to manage several luxury hotels throughout the USA and Europe.
The Hotels are a mix of part owned and completely owned hotels acquired by the Dorchester and managed on behalf of third party owners. The organization is headquartered in London. The CEO is Christopher Cowdray, and the COO is Frances Delahaye. They provide an unrivaled experience in owning and operating some of the world’s unique and luxurious hotels.
Their vision includes creating the ultimate in hotel management. They also have a vision for creating a passion for excellence and innovation while honoring each hotel’s individuality and heritage. The collection owns ten five-star hotels around the world. These are the Dorchester, the Beverly Hills Hotel, the Plaza Athene, Hotel Maurice, Principe di Savoia, the Hotel Bel-Aire, Coworth Park, 45 Park Lane, the Le Richmond and the Hotel Eden.
They make a great effort in order to keep the original feel of the sometimes old hotels while adding modern amenities and innovations. It is their hope to keep the charms and characters of the hotels intact while providing the good life, elegance and service in the top hotels. Many people are delighted by the historical settings of many of them.
The organization seems to be achieving their vision. In July, 2014 the Dorchester Collection received four awards for HR excellence including the prestigious Gold Award. The award ceremony took place at the Park Lane Hilton in London. The company’s VP of people and the OD Eugenio Pirri won out over the HR leaders of L’Oreal and Fujitsu as well as other well-known groups. The Dorchester Collection also won the best HR team and the outstanding employee engagement awards.
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Law Enforcement Can Find You Anywhere with StingRay

Apparently, law enforcement can legally monitor conversations that take place through cell phones, according to an investigation by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) .

Through a device called StingRay, law enforcement can utilize cell phone towers to identify and locate a suspect’s cell phone. This software can also capture information from any surrounding mobile phones near the targeted site.

Ricardo Guimaraes BMG ( knows that this technology is being used by 48 police agencies in 20 states.

At a glance, this spyware probably could be considered a normal task of authorities monitoring potential criminals, but there seems to be a dark aspect to StingRay: there’s a shroud of secrecy that surrounds this software.

Police Departments have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in equipment from the manufacturer, the Harris Corporation, but they also sign a non-disclosure agreement, so very little information has been forthcoming.

Privacy concerns have been raised, and despite this widespread use of this secret surveillance, the ACLU still cannot determine all the legal procedures used.

Law enforcement say they adhere to state laws, yet documents procured under the Freedom of Information Act are usually redacted, and offer little information.

With a bigger spotlight on StingRay, judges are beginning to question the transparency and request more legal supervision.

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HBO Now Is One More Nail in the Coffin of Cable Television

HBO’s new streaming service will be launching in April. HBO Now, as it is called, will only be available on Apple devices initially due to a three month exclusivity agreement between Apple and HBO. After that, it will no doubt be available on nearly all tablets, smartphones and on any laptop or desktop screen. HBO is joining other networks in offering online streaming services in an effort to keep up with services such as that offered by Netflix. As the market share enjoyed by Netflix has been growing, Cable television sign ups have been continually dropping.

According to Marcio Alaor BMG, cable television is eventually going the way of the dinosaurs and networks, including NBC, CBS and now HBO, are smelling the blood in the water and opening up other avenues to bring their programming to people. As more people buy internet capable devices, the need to pay increasingly hefty cable bills to receive a wide variety of programming will continue to decline. Cable company’s consumer satisfaction ratings are at all time lows compared to nearly any other type of business. This is why more people every year are “cutting the cord” and going completely to online streaming to receive their programming. This is one industry and service distribution technology model that many people will not be sad to see go as it is superseded by newer, more diversified ways of bringing people the media content they desire.
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Igor Cornelsen believes Brazil’s future looks bright

Investment opportunities tend to come along in similar ways for most people who simply look at what is available in their local area for investing in. The arrival of the Internet and high speed data supply has made it easier than ever to make investments in various areas of the world and monitor them from your home without an issue of lost time or slow data transfers leaving an investor open to losses. Financial expert Igor Conrnelsen has recently been singing the praises of the investment opportunities in Brazil, an area he has been guiding investors using his Bainbridge Investments group towards for a number of years.

The owner and founder of Bainbridge Investments sees the world’s eighth largest economy as a great opportunity that has been ignored by North American and European investors for far too long. Cornelsen describes his position as being the choice of Brazil as an easy one because of the largely stable government and the large areas of production that remain within the economy even after the economic downturn of the first part of the 21st century. Through his work as an international financial advisor, Igor Cornelson, has found himself studying the economies of the world and deciding Brazil makes a large amount of sense for investors who are looking for a way of expanding their horizons.

The appointment of a US educated financial minister at the end of 2014 was also seen by Cornelsen as a good sign that the economy was to remain stable and could see an impressive period of growth ahead. Brazil is also seeing something of an influx of visitors and investors spurred on by the arrival of the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games. Cornelsen also states investors are impressed by strong trade links being by Brazil with a group of leading nations, including China that should see its trading options increase as the years pass.

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Vine Gone Big

Shawn Mendes Films a new Video With Vine Friends

It’s no surprise that Vine is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of social media, and certain Viner’s fame stars are quickly grower brighter just by filming, recording and do crazy stunts for some six second videos. Shawn Mendes is one of those new up and coming singers, and he has even locked himself down as one of Taylor Swift’s (just the Queen of Pop!) close friends. Shawn recently released some music, but wants to let his friends and fans know that it won’t be the last you hear from him.

According to he’s had hot tracks like “Life of the Party” and “Something Big”, and his newest album has already been named “Handwritten“. To pull in even more of a draw than he already has, he’s bringing in names like Nash Grier, Jack Johnson, Aaron Carpenter, and Jack Gilinsky to make an appearance in his newest video.

Getting his start on Vine doesn’t take away from the fact he’s got talent, but that also doesn’t mean he will forget where he got his start and who his true friends are. There’s no greater tribute than getting to star in your friends’ up and coming music career! Due to excitement, the new album is said to be released on the 14th of April, though originally was going to be released on the 28th. We can’t wait to see what’s in store!

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5G 1TBps on the Horizon

The University of Surrey has achieved 5G speeds of 1Tbps in recent tests, putting some considerable distance between themselves and the competition. The university houses the 5G Innovation Center, headed by Dr. Rahim Tafazolli, who oversaw this project among others in the hopes of breaking technological ground. Tafazolli explained that these speeds surpass any other tests previously done, rivaling current fiber optic speeds, all while doing so wirelessly said Marc Sparks. This level of advancement would likely not be available to the public anytime soon, given that commercial companies would need more time and investment to make these networks viable for the general populous’ use.

Tafazolli expressed that new applications which could not be supported by the current 4G networks will emerge in the coming years, though what they might be remains a mystery. The latent possibilities of such a powerful network is astounding, and has the ability to change the world and how we interact with it forever. These changes, though apparently inevitable, ought to be responsibly undertaken. Should only a segment of the population be privy to these advancements, the likelihood of more virulent socioeconomic clashes will rise, presenting a danger to all. The internet and its subsidiaries have always been a right for everyone, provided individuals can access it. Yet to willfully inhibit certain percentages of people from accessing newer and more appealing avenues of the web is a dangerous path to start on.