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Posted by Tommy LeDeux on

Time Warner Cable Ups Speeds for Free to Fend Off Google Fiber

Technology has become one of the most competitive markets for companies of all shapes and sizes over the past decade. However, internet connection speed was largely controlled by large companies that often double as cable providers thanks in no small part to the connectivity and wires already in place. The game has been shook recently by the arrival of Google and the project known as Fiber. Because Fiber offers a low price and unparalleled internet connection speeds (one 1000mbps), customers tend to make the switch quickly, and since some television packages are included in the deal, the pot really gets sweetened.

According to ARSTechnica, now that Google Fiber is getting ready to roll out in Charlotte, North Carolina, existing major internet provider, Time Warner Cable, has announced that it will begin increasing connection speeds by six times for free just to keep customers from moving to Fiber. The two industry heavyweights are likely to face off for customers in other cities across the country as well, and the showdown will be interesting as it develops.

Folks at STX Entertainment know that, as Google starts to permeate the comfortable positions of traditional cable companies, thanks to large capital investments in infrastructure, the competitors have to make some sort of improvement to remain relevant. While not every customer will make the switch right away, it seems like a foregone conclusion that a lower price on identical or better services will draw away customers. The next few years should be pretty interesting in the world of telecommunications, and Google will be leading the way.