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Todd Lubar: Businessman and Entrepreneur

Todd Lubar is a successful businessman and entrepreneur in the Maryland region. He is involved with real estate as well as several other business ventures. Originally from the Washington DC area, Todd attended high school in Highstown, New Jersey. After graduating high school he went on to attend college at Syracuse University where he graduated in 1995 with his Bachelor’s in Arts in speech communication.

After finishing college, Todd Lubar found his passion– working in real estate. His first job after graduating was with Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he spent four years learning the industry. At Crestar he learned the world of conservative mortgage banking and how to build valuable relationships with others involved in the industry. In 1999 he took a position with a Texas-based firm, the Legacy Financial Group, to help open a Maryland office with the company. This position allowed Todd Lubar to expand his lending abilities and deal directly with investors as well as banks.

In 2002, Todd took his real estate knowledge and founded his own residential development company: Legendary Properties, LLC. His company worked to rehab and sell single-family homes as well as multi-family homes which allowed Todd to become known in the local real estate and banking communities. He also formed Legendary Financial LLC, which is a part of the parent company Legendary Properties, LLC, and was used as a source of lending for both commercial and residential clients. As the mortgage industry begin to take a hit in 2007-2008, Todd adapted and gained work in the commercial demolition industry as well as the automotive scrap industry.

Todd Lubar currently lives in Maryland with his two children. His main goal is to add value to those that he meets and to become a better person each day.