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Keith Mann’s Dynamics Search Partners Launches Partnership with Uncommon Schools in NYC


Keith Mann co-founded Dynamic Search Partners and is presently serving as its Chief Executive Officer. Dynamic Search Partners is a recruiting firm that operates from New York.


Dynamic Search Partners is enthralled to publicly announce its mutual undertaking with Uncommon Schools located in New York. On 13th September, an affiliation of executive recruiting officers from Dynamic Search Partners, together with their CEO, Keith Mann, had a get-together with the senior students for a whole day purposely meant for resume development in Crown Heights Charter high school. The group of 5 associates from Dynamic Search Partners held two workshops that mainly talked about resume development. They had a one-on-one conversation with the students where they personally taught and advised them about reviewing and editing resumes, which would help them so much in securing university admissions at the start of this fall.


Keith Mann confirmed that they were amused to be undertaking something valuable in Uncommon School. He proceeded to state that they had experienced a great day walking around the school premises, participating in classes plus having meetings with senior students. It was enthusing to realize the manner those students were encouraged to join college. They asked significant questions and were also prepared to discover how best to set themselves for tertiary education, internships and future occupations.


Mann stated that they viewed tMhat as a beginning of an amazing association with Uncommon Schools and its students. They highly praised the innovation and determination to academic supremacy in the institution and anticipated to have close effective relationship with the students this year and positively for many years to come.


In rejoinder for the kind and innovative initiative of DSP, the counselor and also collegiate prep tutor of Uncommon High School, Carolyn Laurenza stated that the entire school fraternity of the school had cherished having the Dynamic Search Partners with them and would like to have more meetings with them if possible other times in future. She went on saying that DSP gave knowledge and advice to their senior students which made them effervescent with zest during the workshops and afterwards as well. Two seniors actually said that that initiative was the best thing they had experienced in the entire year. Most of them were astonished once they were informed that they could send their resumes to DSP to be assessed in the course of that year so as to receive more feedback. The students had super excitement!

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5 Tech Trends of 2015

5 Tech Trends of 2015 according to John Textor

1. Cheaper Television Sets

The longer a technology is out, the cheaper it is. While many of us couch potatoes are happy with our 1080 pixel television sets, the new 4K TV sets will be dropping a lot more in price this year. These 4K televisions broadcast 4000 pixels, giving you unbelievable resolution and clarity.

2. Connected Cars

These days, everything connects with everything else. More and more, your car will become as connected as the rest of your digital life. Google already has a prototype car that can drive itself. 

3. Home Connection

Not only your car, but your home is going to be even more connected. Things like garage doors, HVAC and more will all be connected soon. 

4. Energy Management

More appliances like dryers, washers and fridges will be more connected in the future. They will be able to sense how to save more energy by themselves. 

5. Wearable Technology

Some of these nifty products have already hit the shelves. Gadgets like smart watches and Google Glass are already available, but in the coming year there will be even more wearable tech out there. Watch for the high tech diapers, complete with QR code.