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Banyan Hill Hired Ian King For This

Cryptocurrencies are difficult to understand. Besides, most of us have never heard of them, outside of news headlines on television, online publishing hubs, and brushed over in conversation.

Bitcoin, Ether, Ripple, and Monero are just four of the most popular cryptocurrencies according to To describe them simply, they’re secure digital currencies that operate freely of central banks operated by governments all around the world. While they have their problems, cryptocurrencies also offer tons of benefits that traditional, paper currencies don’t.

Understanding Cryptocurrencies Can Seem Impossible

Unarguably, the only way to understand cryptocurrencies is to immerse one’s self in the world of digital currencies, done by reading what’s new in the field, and understanding underlying technologies that they rely on are all equally important for making sense of the current state of cryptocurrency.

Fortunately, there are hundreds of cryptocurrencies experts that consistently keep up with the newest happenings in the field. One of them is Ian King.

Someone Has To Be An Expert

Ian King is a popular trader of cryptocurrencies, a contributor on several sites related to financial happenings and cryptocurrencies, and accomplished entrepreneur.

Mr. King started out his career as nothing more than a clerk for the mortgage bond trading department at Salomon Brothers, a popular real estate and finance business. After spending just a few months there, he became a credit derivatives specialist at Citigroup according to

Following Mr. Ian King’s spending of several years at Citigroup, he moved to Peahi Capital as the head trader of options, a firm located in the heart of New York specializing in hedge fund operations.

Just last year, in 2017, Banyan Hill Publishing was – and still is – glad to bring Ian King aboard as a weekly contributor to the recurring segment Sovereign Investor Daily, a news article that is published on the World Wide Web.

To make sense of all the nonsense the Internet has to offer regarding the trading of cryptocurrencies, Banyan Hill is commissioning the building of a cryptocurrency trading course, as well as ongoing investment advising that will touch on the generally unknown topic of cryptocurrency markets and trading.

Cryptocurrencies Aren’t Simple

The world of finance is full of resources, showing themselves to individuals and businesses as crpyocurrency help.

Thanks to the help of Ian King and other cryptocurrency researchers and experts, consumers will soon understand the basics of cryptocurrencies more easily than before.

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