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When Should A Person Start Investing

Investing is something that should be done early in life. So many people are in their 40’s and 50’s and still don’t have a solid investment plan. This can be avoided by teaching children from an early age how to invest. My sister-in-law’s family did something very smart with their children. As a family of 9, they wanted to teach their children the value of a dollar. The family bought a vending machine for a starter business. The children were to run the business with, one responsible for inventory, one for ordering, another for counting the money, one for depositing and so on. The vending machine was put in a very busy location, and they made quite a bit of money. They conducted the vending business for over 10 years. When each of the children turned 16 years of age, they had enough money in their accounts to buy a nice used car.

What this family did was ingenious. They taught them how to work hard, run a business and bank their money. Some of the children gambled with the stock market, others bought CD’s, but mostly they put their money in an interest bearing savings account. These children learned valuable lessons that hopefully allowed them to make wise decisions for their futures. They learned that they had to work hard and save, but if they did that they would reap the rewards. Why can’t the average worker learn that? There are more and more people depending on the Social Security System these days and it’s in threat of ruin.

There are many different ways to invest. There are the financial markets, stock market, commodities, CDs, Investment accounts and the list goes on. The average person should be putting away about 10-20% of their paychecks into investments for their retirement. If you cannot afford to do 10%, put away 5%. Anything that goes into investments will only help in the future. When you do invest a great deal of money into different accounts, it helps to have someone to help out. Igor Cornelsen is an investment banker that is based from Brazil. For those who want to get involved in investments in the foreign markets, they should consider using someone like him.

Cornelsen is an expert at the new Brazilian economy. Many people are looking in this direction for their investments, especially since it has over 200 million inhabitants. It is quickly becoming a key player in the world economics. He is helping people cut through the red tape; connect with the natives and to know foreign-currency restrictions. Wherever you choose to invest, find someone that can help guide you along the way.

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How To Invest

Getting started in investing can be intimidating and tough. Most people are unaware of where to begin and that’s because investing can be tricky. It is essential to treat all investments like a business because potential it is. Investing in something efficient will let your money work for you. This is the key point to an investment. If an investment is not going to make your money work for you then it is not an investment that you want. You want to take the minimal risks possibly in order to receive higher pay outs. Investing your money properly is one way to begin to create wealth.

Even if an investor only invests small amount but continuously does it then it could potential turn into something grand and have a snow ball effect. This is wonderful news for the investor. An investor should know that they should never invest all of there money into something. Investors also need to know that any money invested can potentially be lost. Remember that even stocks that sore considered safe can dramatically change over time. Check into your investment needs because this will allow you to know what account that you want to have.

It is ideal to invest frequently especially if you invest money in a stock. This is because particular shared can be purchased for a certain price. If you are putting a certain amount of money into it each month it can lower the costs theta you pay on your shares. Thus meaning that in the end you generate more money then you would have if you invested infrequently. Investing frequently allows you to keep you with the market, too. You don’t have to be rich to be an investor. You can invest small amounts frequently to generate wealth. If you’re ever unsure about an opportunity, check out Igor Cornelsen’s Twitter feed for some helpful tips. Good luck investing.

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How The Smart Phone Can Become Even Smarter

As technology advances, so do the ways in which we must grow accustom to using it. Image Recognition is the process by which a computer’s eye sees and recognizes On the fore front of new age technology for consumers is image recognition. There are a few different algorithms used for image recognition, here are a few:

  • Face Recognition
  • Face Recognition came along as a form of security measure, the image of the face is scanned and stored by a computer and becomes the only way that the device in which it is used for can be opened, the face becomes the password.
  • Pattern and Gradient matching
  • Involves using the outline shape of an object and the gradient shades inside of a pattern as a way for the computer to recognize the image.
  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Optical Character Recognition is one of the ways in which the computer can see. By using data entry on printed paper data records, passport documents, bank statements, invoices, computerized receipts, business cards, mail, or any type of written documentation, OCR can transcribe messages and information.
  • License Plate matching
  • Through video license plates can be detected by computers
    using computerized license plate character recognition, this is used by various state and local agencies to observe and manage traffic rules.

Image Recognition is also one of the most efficient ways to protect your home, property, and valuables. It is used in various types of factory automation systems, surveillance, and for monitoring unattended toll booths across the country.

Image recognition is no longer just about the face, it has branched out into the world of retail, and through a company called Slyce. Slyce is the next level of where the roads are crossing between the virtual world of shopping and actual physical products. Slyce is an application for your smart phone that allows the user to take a picture of any merchandise, whether on someone’s shoulder (like a purse), in a magazine, or in someone’s home, and the app will search the internet to find the product, when the product appears the user can purchase it with the click of a button and have it delivered to their home. It is the next step, or the elimination of the physical act of walking into a department store, or other type of retailer as well as the elimination of the having to visit the website of the retailer. Slyce is simply an imaging search platform that integrates with digital content providers and retail brands giving instant buying satisfaction to smart phone users.

Image technology has spread through almost all of the major industries and communication networks, with the use of the telephone as an instant shopping device as its latest venture is truly revolutionary. The smart phone has just become smarter and there are lots of seasoned retailers climbing on board to strive and keep up with the way the world is changing and becoming more and more virtual. No longer is there a need to visit the mall, just take a picture and click buy now.

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Verizon Acquires AOL For $4.4 Billion in Cash

Verizon has bought and paid for AOL, a monstrous 4.4 billion dollars paid in cash. AOL owned a few other media companies, including the Huffington Post, Tech Crunch, and Engadget, which will be included in the transfer.

This isn’t the first time Verizon has dabbled with media companies either; just last year Verizon upstarted Sugar String, a tech blog which received news coverage after taking away it’s users freedom to write about certain topics. Among the topics banned from Sugar String, net neutrality & government surveillance are given priority.

It is unclear at this time whether Verizon will try to impose coverage restrictions on their newly acquired media outlet. The last time they tried such a thing, it ultimately wound up falling apart, ending with the closing of Sugar String.

Hopefully by now, Verizon has realized that today’s society does not take lightly to censorship of any kind.

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Seeing All the Colors

There has been a lot of discussion about a dress all over the internet. This dress seems to be something ordinary, but there has been a lot of debate over the color of the dress. News stations have displayed the picture, and there have been a lot of posts on Facebook. This dress is seen as either white and gold or blue and black. Your vision will affect the way that you see the colors of the dress, but if you tilt your computer screen, you can see the other colors of the dress. Evidently, there are more people who are seeing the white and gold, making it a popular topic as to whether people are color blind or near sighted. This seems like a trick of light, but there are tests like this that can determine if someone is color blind. Facebook users said the dress is really black and blue, so those that see white and gold might want to get their vision checked just in case.