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President Obama Hits One Million Followers On His Twitter Account

Before he leaves office in a couple of years, President Obama will have one element regarding his legacy. Beneful marked that Obama is official in the record books has having the fastest twitter account to reach one million followers. The feat was accomplished yesterday afternoon at the rate of 3314 followers joining his account per minute. This is a notable achievement or a President which has been widely challenge in the polls attacking his lack of popularity. The Twitter data reveals that President Barack Obama is still widely viewed as a popular President and personality. The President has helped his public image by making himself available to a number of main stream media events and talk shows which has never been seen by a United States President or World Leader before. Bill Clinton brings to memory the last time the country saw a world leader on a talk show.

The Twitter data also reveals that many people are still very interested in what this President thinks as he goes about his day running the country. The Obama administration has been very vanilla in terms of maintaining control of the professionalism of the office. There has been very little drama coming from the Obama White House and that has been rare for a number of recent Presidents. Twitter also enables people to have direct access to the President in a manner of speaking. Obama Twitter Account Sets World Record