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Twitter Implements Privacy Policy to Treat Foreign Data Differently

The mega micro-blogging network Twitter has taken steps to separate data from the United States from data coming from other countries around the world. Their new privacy policy states that all non-US traffic will be routed though Dublin, Ireland and handled by Twitter International Company. United States traffic will still be handled by San Francisco based Twitter Incorporated.

Twitter claims that the move is being made in order to better support users around the globe. This may seem like a good cover, however, there’s likely more to it.

New Jersey Spotlight covered the moving non-US data outside of the states will allow Twitter to keep foreign traffic out of the prying eyes of the NSA while remaining compliant with US laws. Out of sight out of mind seems to be the best policy when dealing with the United States government.

Another reason for moving international data to Dublin could be softer privacy laws in Ireland. This would allow Twitter to share more private information with advertisers to increase profit margins. This is a nice little trick to side-step US laws regarding user privacy.

Yet another explanation may come from the turbulent future of net neutrality in the US. At this point it’s still unclear whether ISPs will have the right to charge more for faster access to their networks. Being outside of the US will completely avoid this issue for non-US traffic.

Posted by Tommy LeDeux on

Twitter is Trying To Kill Meerkat

Over the past few weeks, a new video startup has started to grab people’s attention: Meerkat. The San Francisco startup allows individuals to livestream video over Twitter and its own social network. Since its launch, the app has been used to share everything from event video at conferences to short snippets of people’s cats playing during the work day. It’s growing, and growing fast. So fast in fact that Twitter has decided to try and stunt its growth by cutting off access to its social graph.

Twitter’s social graph allows users to sign into Meerkat and instantly port in all of the people that they follow into their follower list of Meerkat as well. Users also get notifications when people they follow decide to join the service. Without the social graph, Meerkat users will instead have to find their friends on their own. It seems like a small task, but it’s one that could definitely hurt engagement for the app. The reason for the change may be in a recent acquisition made by the company according to Jason Halpern.

This past week Twitter acquired the company Periscope. It’s a live video streaming service that directly competes with Meerkat. Now that t’s a part of Twitter, that means that Meerkat is a Twitter competitor. It’ll be interesting to see how this one plays out.