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Penn West Energy Trust Changes Its Name to Obsidian Energy Limited

Obsidian Energy Limited is a mid-sized Canadian natural gas and oil manufacturing company located in Calgary, Alberta. Previously, it was known as Penn West Exploration Ltd, Penn West Energy Trust, and Penn West Petroleum. Its shareholders voted 92% for a name change to Obsidian Energy Ltd. In the past 2-4 years, the company had survived an accounting scandal and high debts, which resulted in the selling of assets to settle the debts. New York Stock Exchange and Toronto Stock Exchange thus had to change the company’s stock symbol to OBE. Before changing its name, it was one of the companies in the Toronto Stock Exchange, and since 2005-2011 it was known to be a Canadian Royalty Trust. In 2008, it reached the highest market capitalization of around 9.5 billion dollars.


David French, the CEO of Obsidian Energy Ltd said currently the company is small whereby it produces 28,000 barrels of oil each day and has 407 employees. He also stated that the shareholders took a good step to change the company’s name for them to start a new beginning. He believes they can run the Obsidian with disciplined commercial and technical decision making, transparent, and accountable efforts with communities, partners, and shareholders and being strict in pursuing innovation and progress of the company.


The company has better plans for lower price environments. Currently, it has the best balance sheet and the required assets. Also, they have made better strategies that will enable Obsidian Energy to grow for at least the next three years whereby spending budgets will be controlled by the gas and oil prices. The team members of the organization are also willing and ready to provide better bottom-line results and to have business minds that will enable them to succeed in the competitive industry.


After changing the company name on June 26th, 2017, more changes were done in the company that affected its operations. On the other hand, the changes will enable Obsidian Energy to learn from them and grow steadily. Obsidian Energy’s new beginning has allowed each employee and shareholder to come out stronger than before to ensure the company becomes one of the leading companies in the industry.


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Views Of Felipe Montoro Jens On Public-Private Partnerships

It was in June that the first projects under the current mayor of Porto Alegre, Nelson Marchezan Júnior, were discussed by the Management Council of the Municipal Program of Partnerships. All these projects were on Public-Private Partnerships and Concessions.

Felipe Montoro Jens is considered to be an expert on Infrastructure Projects. Hence he was asked to present his views on subjects that included public lighting, besides the Guaíba Water Park, as well as Public Market. Other issues included bidding for the concession to be given on public clocks, various sanitation projects as well as the construction of the Hospital Materno Infantil Presidente Vargas.

As per the mayor of Rio Grande do Sul, the purpose of this meeting was to define all the areas as well as services where the government will have to seek partnerships with private initiative in order to work faster.

These Public-Private Partnerships are a way for Nelson Marchezan to overcome the financial crisis being faced by Brazil today. He wants these to be implemented in as many areas of the municipal administration as possible.

In order to modernize public administration, the mayor had signed the Decree 19736 on 2nd May. This established the Municipal Program Partnerships (PROPAR / POA) as well as the Program Management Board Partnerships (CGP). All this was detailed by Felipe Montoro Jens.

The CGP can be considered as a tool of governance. It provides active transparency for all those projects that are structured on the modalities of PPPs as well as Concessions. This would guarantee the proper public supervision on all these projects. Further, Felipe Montoro Jens has reported that the Council will be a superior body that would have a normative nature. It will look after the planning and execution, of Public-Private Partnerships.

The responsibility of the Partnership Program Management Council will be to define conditions that would include these projects.

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Highland Capital

Highland Capital Management of Dallas, Texas is highly acknowledged as a leader in global alternative investment strategies and has embarked on a new initiative in Asia, teaming up with the South Korean Pension Fund. The two investment entities will be capitalizing the South Korean healthcare industry. Highland Capital Management will partner with Stonebridge Capital of South Korea to implement their Asian investment initiative. Highland Capital Management has historically been a significant investor in the United States healthcare industry, but now has decided to take an alternative investment path.

The middle markets in America are clearly changing, as the Affordable Healthcare Act could be repealed in the relatively near future. Just because Congress could not get new legislation passed in this session does not mean there will not be changes in future. The healthcare debacle in the U.S. means that hedge funds managers are now looking at alternative investment strategies in the healthcare sector, with Highland Capital seeing an excellent opportunity for investment returns in Asia.

This is the company’s first healthcare industry private equity fund in Asia, but Highland Capital is clearly no stranger to the healthcare investment market. They have been in private equity funds in the healthcare sector in the U.S. throughout their 15-year history of private equities, consisting of nearly half of their volume trading in that time span. Company representatives indicated that the demographic shift in the U.S. healthcare industry sparked the consideration for investing in foreign healthcare markets by establishing working relationships with organizations that were already operating in the region. The general consensus is that they will their share individual market expertise when making investment decisions.

Highland Capital Management of Dallas was co-founded in 1993 by Chief Executive Officer James Dondero and Chief Financial Officer Mark Okada. They currently manage over $15 billion in investment funds across a wide variety of markets. In addition to focusing on healthcare, the company is also a national and global leader in alternative credit strategies, including credit hedge funds, emerging markets, long/short funds, and natural resources. Highland Capital Management also maintains a philanthropic presence in their Dallas area headquarters and partner with several charitable organizations in North Texas.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Cancer Treatment Centers of America(CTCA)are one of the first of its kind type of hospital that treats only cancer. They have hospitals in five major cities: Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Tulsa.

In February 2017, it was announced that Cancer Treatment Centers of America, working with Allscripts and NantHealth has incorporated a computerized system that links all patients to all physicians and data within the system. This data program integration allows oncologists and researchers to obtain the latest treatment options and plans for all of their patients.

With simple user friendly computer technology, the physicians can learn about the newest and most successful options for individualized treatments for their cancer patients. The data updates in real time with immediate access availability. Physicians can connect with other physicians to discuss treatment protocols and how to determine treatment plans depending on patients’ specific type of cancer, stage and
medical history.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America prides themselves on having the latest technological advances in treatment and care for cancer patients. Researchers in all five locations are working to better advance treatments and care for all patients undergoing treatment for this life altering diagnosis. They involve the patient in their decision making and discuss all options with them and their families to enable them to understand their disease and potential treatment options.

The treatment for cancer has come a long way in a short time with increased rates of survival and cure. There are therapies that leave the patient less vulnerable and feeling better than they have in the past. With its ever changing life saving capabilities, CTCA can help more people than ever life a normal healthy long life. That is their number one goal.

The integration of their new system will allow access to more efficient and effective data while decreasing the guesswork.

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White Shark Media Makes Small Businesses Profitable

In the fifteen years since Google introduced their AdWords program, it has become the best way online for small businesses to promote themselves and grow their businesses in a profitable way.

But AdWords is not simple and easy. It’s not like the traditional Yellow Pages where you paid an ad salesperson once a year, and they designed your ad whether you wanted a 1/8 page slot or a full spread of 2 pages. Then you forgot about it for a year. What’s worse, you didn’t really know if the ad was profitable or not. If you remained in business, you just kept paying.

Radio, newspaper and late-night television ads weren’t much better. If you promoted a sale and lots of people showed up, you figured they came from the radio and TV ads. If you used coupons, you get some sense of how well your ads were working, but chances are you didn’t count them up consistently.

With AdWords, you can tell exactly who came to your website from your online ads, and how much they cost you. You can test ad copy. You can test whether certain websites send you customers or not.

The trouble is, AdWords is time-consuming. Not many small business owners have the time to spend watching it every day. Nor do they have the expertise to write their ads or have graphics made. They don’t know how to do A/B testing. They don’t know or keep up with what AdWords requires their landing pages to be like. Just as they do with their free search results, Google keeps changing the rules about what’s allowed and what is not. Formats change. The cost goes up with competition. Good ads get “tired” so their Click Through Rates go down.

That’s why you need White Shark Media. Managing Google AdWords campaigns is a professional skill.


Find out more about White Shark Media:

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Agora Financial Publications Brings the Investors Into an Inner Circle of Greater Returns

There is a lot of pressure on investors when it come to making better investment choices. So many people will look at the stock market and feel that they are overwhelmed by the number of possibilities that exist. What Agora Financial has been able to do is help these investors that are feeling overwhelmed. The analysts that work for Agora or able to help people see that there is a whole new dimension of investing that people can take interest in.

So many people look at the market and analyze the stocks that are already passed the rapid growth stage. This is a problem because people spend more money on stocks that are actually on a downward spiral when it comes to returns. The investors that invest in these companies may have a stable return on investment, but they won’t make a lot of money from this because these stocked have already peaked.

what the analysts for Agora Financial are able to do is help people find these stocks that are going to maximize returns rapidly. Investors can invest cheaply on these companies in the early stages as part of an inner circle. This is the only way that investors can really make money when it comes to the stock market. A lot of new investors may not know this, but the analyst for Agora Financial have a plethora of publications where this type of information is published.

It’s going to change the total structure of the investment process for any investor that has never had an inside track. That is why many people subscribe to the publications. They want to have access to a level of investment knowledge that is not commonplace. This is the only way that they can maximize returns without losing a considerable amount of money.

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Meet John Goullet: Principal Executive of America’s Fastest Risen IT Staffing Company, Diversant LLC

Diversant LLC is an American company which strives to be the premier equal rights employer in the USA. This behemoth IT staffing outlet is the brainchild of John Gullet and here’s their story.


John’s Background

In the early nineties, Goullet worked as a computer consultant. Later on, he skipped boats and ventured onward to become a staffing manager for IT professionals. His consultancy gig exposed John to the gaping discrepancies facing the IT staffing realm. The problem was that there was no one to act as a bridge linking the skilled IT workers with the companies seeking to hire such quality talent. That was until John Goullet finally decided to set up Diversant LLC in 1994.


Clients Come First


Mr. Goullet has always had fighting spirits. Regardless of the challenges, John still manages to get out on top. The visionary leader is very keen to listen to the particular needs and demands of the clients. Today, the man has worked with an extensive list of corporate and private clients. All his customers have beautiful and encouraging things to say about the experience dealing with the IT staffer, John Goullet.


John is known for his inspirational talks to aspiring entrepreneurs. In his speeches, you’ll hear John reiterating on the need by the investors to give priority to certain values and attributes. These include:-


  • Teamwork
  • Ethics and Integrity
  • Creativity
  • Professionalism
  • Research and Strategy


John Goullete’s fan base continues to grow, worldwide. The masses can’t seem to get enough of his profound wisdom. The visionary CEO is always giving interviews to business websites, magazines, and television shows. listed the top five favorable traits, we the masses, can learn from the successful investor. These include:-


  • Without being passionate, your business is doomed
  • Surround yourself with innovative and brilliant people
  • Take a firm stance on core issues surrounding your business
  • Remain unbowed even in the face of adversity
  • Be dynamic and versatile with your strategy


About John Goullet


Over the past three decades, John Goullet, the principal executive at Diversant LLC has done a phenomenal job in creating a five-star rated IT staffing company from scratch. His first business transformed from a little-known outlet into a titan establishment valued more than $30M. That impressive growth took less than five years to reach. The success of his company would later see him merge forces with another firm in 2010.

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NuoDB – Innovating the Cloud-Based Database Management Technology

In this world of high-end technology, it is important to keep database safe and well-managed. One of the companies that have been making rapid advancement in the field of database management technology is NuoDB, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. NuoDB was founded in the year of 2008, and in just a short period has managed to mark in the world of database technology and is recognized by Gartner Magic Quadrant. Some of the leading companies and organizations using the NuoDB technology are Alfa Systems, UAE Exchange, Dassault Systemes, and Kodiak.

NuoDB was earlier named NimbusDB and was founded by Jim Starkey ad Barry S. Morris, who later went on to become the company’s Chief Executive Officer. Its initial funding was $12 million that it received from venture capital investments. The company is known for its patented technology named elastically scalable database, a patent that was registered in July 2012, with Jim Starkey being named as its inventor.

The company was named in the 2014 Innovation All Stars by Boston Business Journal and Mass High Tech. The company focuses on research and development that has helped NuoDB become one of the leaders in the Magic Quadrant technology and operational database management systems. The company offers technology as SEQL database used to manage cloud applications.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Cancer is a type of disease in which the cells divide abnormally and uncontrollably. this causes the body tissues to be destroyed. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America was founded by Richard J Stephenson in the year 1988. He came up with the hospital after her mother died of the cancer. He was not satisfied of the service and attention that her mother was given. The Hospital has five branches located in Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Tulsa. The head quarters of the hospital is located in Boca Raton, Florida. The hospitals take cares of the adult patients with Cancer both physically and emotionally.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America uses advanced technology in testing cancer, treatment, surgery, performing radiation, immunotherapy and chemotherapy. They also have programs that involves processes that do not interrupt the physicians know how. In the hospitals, they have trained experts that deals only with Cancer treatment, they spend most of there times knowing each an every stage of Cancer through a collaborative approach. The expertise also take there time to diagnose and assign multidisciplinary care to the Cancer patients. Lastly, they help the patient to cope up with the side effects, maintain their energy, stay strong and healthy during the entire treatment processes.
The Cancer Treatment Center is also in collaboration with NantHealth and AllScript. The collaboration aim is to develop a clinical pathways that will help in developing solutions that will help in cancer treatment, eliminate guess work in clinicians, application of the latest Cancer researches and lastly to enhance and improve chemotherapy.
In conclusion, this organization has been able to serve a lot of Cancer patients including those from the international countries that have poor levels of cancer hospital. This has been of importance in saving peoples for dying faster yet prevention is better than cure.

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How Goettl Air Conditioning Helps Veterans Transition To Civilian Lives

Goettl Air Conditioning is a company in Las Vegas that is dedicated to helping veterans find a new career after leaving service. A recent article by 13 Action News highlights the company’s efforts to teach veterans all about HVAC, air conditioning, and heating systems and then hires them to install and service units throughout the Las Vegas valley.

Dennis Soukup is an instructor at the College of Southern Nevada. He left the military over 40 years ago and still vividly recalls what it was like to leave behind the steady paycheck and security that exists when serving in the armed forces. He enjoys helping young people find careers in the trades like the positions Goettl Air Conditioning hires for. He said that Ken Goodrich, the owner of Goettl Air Conditioning, has created a world of difference for veterans today in a number of ways including donating $1000 worth of tools to every veteran who graduates from his program. The two students who recently graduated didn’t know about this charitable gift until they were presented with their tools upon graduation and it was a huge relief for them to earn such a gift. One of them, Lawrence Malm, said that it totally blew his mind that he didn’t have to pay for these tools himself.

It’s common in the air conditioning industry that employees have to either buy their own tools before starting work or have the cost of them deducted from their initial paychecks. Many veterans can’t afford them due to other obligations such as family and student loans.

Goettl Air Conditioning is a company that was founded many years ago, in 1939. It was founded by brothers who wanted to help people find relief from the intense heat in the Southwestern part of the United States. The company has passed through the hands of a number of owners. It had fallen on hard times until Ken Goodrich bought the company a few years ago and completely turned the company around. It is now rapidly expanding and the employees are filled with a newfound hope and determination to truly help customers.

The highly-trained technicians at Goettl Air Conditioning are committed to providing their customers the best experience and equipment in the industry. Everything the do is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee in the unlikely event something isn’t up to par. As pioneers in the industry the company now keeps its eyes on the present and the future in order to help its customers.