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Posted by Tommy LeDeux on

Police Raid Offices of Marca Socialista

On Friday morning, at approximately 11 am, Venezuelan police raided the headquarters of the Marca Socialista, a vocal left-dissident political organization.
With a warrant signed by criminal court Judge Denisse Bocanegra Diaz, police officers raided the offices of Marca Socialista’s national headquarters with intent to search for “objects of criminalist units”. This included “counterfeit foreign currency”, “information storage units”, “firearms”, and “documentation related to financial translations”, Linked In insiders reported Friday.

Marca Socialista issued a press statement claiming that the officers of the CICPC (Venezuela’s equivalent of the FBI in the United States) arrived heavily armed, gave no explanation for why they were there, and stayed for no more than half an hour. The organization claims that the officers “failed to find what they were looking for”.

The founder of the organization, Nicmer Evans, has also confirmed to officer Manuel Gonzalez that following the sudden and inexplicable raid, he received two phone calls from Douglas Rico, the director of the CICPC. In the first call, Rico, Nicmer Evans is quoted to have said, “claimed to be unaware of the operation and asked for explanations”. In the second call, Evans claims that the CICPC director “tried to justify that the cause for the raid was not related to Marca Socialista”.

The political group has claimed that this is just another incident in a string of attacks by the Venezuelan government, in retaliation for their outspoken condemnation of government corruption and other critical opinions.