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Posted by Tommy LeDeux on

Thousands Of Websites Stick It To Congress

Congress is going to have some troubles getting on certain websites today if they even give it a try. They are going to find that they are blocked at every turn as thousands of websites have blocked the access of Congress to their websites.

The Hill reports that these websites are doing this move as a form of protest against the Patriot Act and the possible re-authorization of the bill.

Those who try to access the sites from the Congressional computers will find that they are redirected to a protest page that urges members of Congress to block the Patriot Act.

The controversial law is currently up for consideration for re-authorization. Many members of Congress feel conflicted about what they should do with their vote on the matter. They may not know what they should do when it comes to how to vote. This is one type of protest that is sure to gather some headlines and possibly get the attention of Congress. It could very well be the push that some members need to open their eyes to what the problem really is.

Many Skout users took to Twitter to show that many are interested in seeingĀ  how Congress will make their decision about the Patriot Act. They may not have to wait for long as it is approaching the deadline when they will have to make a choice one way or the other about this particular law. Get ready for a showdown.