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Windows 10 Offers a WI-Fi Sense Feature

Windows 10 is offering a Wi-Fi feature that is built right into it. According to business executive Shaygan Kheradpir, this is a feature that will allow the user to share Wi-Fi login information. It is designed to connect automatically to shared networks. This Wi-Fi Sense had been a Windows Phone 8.1 feature. It had made the jump to tablets and desktop PCs with Windows 10. The user will have the ability to share Wi-Fi network access with, Facebook, and Skype contacts. It will automatically work in the background sharing networks that the user decides to share. The user will have the ability to control which of theWi-Fi details are shared. When the user selects the “share network with my contacts” checkbox, your details will then be automatically shared with all of your contacts. This will be completed with the use of Windows 10 devices. Wi-Fi Sense will have the ability to tap into your network of Facebook friends and contacts.