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Meet Jackson Family Wines’ Julia Jackson

Julia Jackson, middle child and youngest daughter of Barbara Banke and Kendall-Jackson founder Jess Jackson, is quite accomplished for being such a young woman. Not yet 30 years old, she is already an integral part of her family’s wine business. Her business acumen, her commitment to creating a quality product and her dedication to her charitable foundation make her a force to be reckoned with.

Born in San Francisco in 1988, she received her bachelor’s degree from Scripps College before pursuing graduate studies at Stanford School of Business.

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As spokesperson for her family’s wines, which include not just Kendall-Jackson but Arcanum and Verite among others, Ms. Jackson believes that Sonoma is the best place to go for Cabernet despite the fact that Napa has long been known for Cabernet. She likes to point out, as proof, that her family’s Verite has won perfect scores of 100 points from wine critic, Robert Parker, on nine different occasions.

Not content to simply enjoy her family’s success, however, Julia founded Cambria Seeds of Empowerment to give back. Seeds of Empowerment celebrates women who have overcome hardship and are empowering others to do the same. They offer grants to non-profits that embrace equality, community and spirit. Honorees for this grant include Dr. Victoria Kisyombe who has been working to redesign traditional Tanzanian economic models to allow women to participate, and Yin Myo Su who has been putting her efforts into establishing a socially and environmentally responsible model of business in her native Myanmar.

With so many accomplishments under her belt at such a young age, it will be interesting to see what the future holds for Julia Jackson.

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Blind Tastings Can Lead To More Sales For Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides

What is the best way to sell wine? It is a question that wine guides for Traveling Vineyard ask themselves every day. These wine guides may have one of the best jobs on planet earth. Not only do they get to sell the best drink known to man, but they also get to make a living while partying.

Wine guides for Traveling Vineyard host wine tasting parties in their communities. These parties can be hosted at the wine guide’s house, or they can take place remotely at a friend’s or stranger’s house. Once all of the guests have arrived, the wine guide simply takes everybody through a wine tasting from light to dark.

Traveling Vineyard provides all of the online training. The guides are easily capable of guiding the tasting of some of the world’s best wines. The wine guide then leaves ordering information with all of the guests so that they may order some of their favorite wines from the tasting. The wine guide then benefits from commissions taken from all the sales generated from the event.

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So what would you do if you were a wine guide to sell more wine? One of the best ways to get people more intimately connected to the wine is with a blind tasting. This can be done in two ways.

You can simply wrap every single bottle of wine up with tinfoil or wrapping paper. Nobody can see inside the wrapping of the wine bottle. The guests cannot know if the wine is a spicy Zinfandel or a light Pinot Noir. This forces the guests to investigate the wine more thoroughly for a better understanding of the wine.

But I believe the best way to host a blind wine tasting is with blindfolds. Guests must rely on their senses when they cannot see. It forces them to dive into the wine on every level in order to understandThe complexity. This kind of activation of the senses really forces the guest to understand what they like and dislike about wine. This will lead to a greater understanding of their tasteWhich will lead to more sales.

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The Antique Wine Company Fine and Rare Wine

The Antique Wine Company, based in London has been dealing in fine and rare wines and courtesy their brilliance in the taste and quality of their produced wine they enjoy to vendor to more than 20000 customers who are situated in more than 70 countries. The company produces exceptionally fine wine and has currently more than 10000 wine bottles as inventory in their cellar. Not to mention, the company finds itself as record holder for containing the most number of wine bottles as collection.

The company was found back in the year 1982, as mentioned earlier in the city of London. The region is Marylebon in the central London where the ground breaking of the company took place. The company holds the record of having sold the most expensive white wine ever, the wine bottle under discussion is the 1811 Chateau d’Yquem and the price that it was sold on is a steep 75000 pounds. The buyer of the wine intends not to sell it forwards nor does he intend to make an investment out of it, rather he intends to drink it saying that “wine is for drinking” and that he has worked hard to earn this money, rather than having taken the money right out of his packed wallet.

In the year 2013, AWC Global PLC which is a Public Limited Company based in London became the parent company of the Antique Wine Company’s regional trading corporations. Currently, it is engaged in a program expanding years to cater traditional and antique wine markets. Another shining part of their portfolio is that they provided fine antique vintage wines to the former president of the United States, H. W. Bush who turned 70 years. To make things up to the event, the vintage wines were also 70 years old.

The company made a purchase worth 110000 pounds at the auction of Hospices de Beaune in which the purchased lot contained 460 liters of the rare Corton red wine. Apart from simply selling off rare and fine wines, the company also specializes in the provision of classes for mastering wine sciences and in planning the constructions of cellars for the purpose of wine production. Company CEO Stephan Williams said that what he aimed for was to make a wine that people would like to buy time and again after having tasted it once. The staff of the company comprises of just 15 people and the turn out that he expects from the company courtesy his efforts is more than 20 million pounds.