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YouTube Famous Wengie Sets the Stage for Beauty

YouTube has exploded since it launched in 2005, becoming a platform for a new generation of celebrities. Although YouTube started out with music videos as its main attraction, it has drastically changed since it first debuted. Today one can find videos on anything from beauty tutorials to video game reviews and that is how YouTube celebrities come about. Commonly referred to as YouTubers, these celebrities can range from comedy to life hacks and provide YouTube with a truly diverse feel.

YouTube celebrity Wengie is currently the most subscribed beauty channel in Australia. She mostly focuses on makeup tutorials and the latest fashion trends. She also maintains her blog, The Wonderful World of Wengie. Since starting her page over 5 years ago, she has been fully committed to her work in beauty and fashion, and consistently puts out new videos for her subscribers. She draws her inspiration for her work from everyday things and people and has been interested in beauty since her time primary school. Despite her mother having no interest in beauty and fashion to teach her to ropes, she was obsessed all the same.

As a beauty guru, Wengie believes that natural beauty starts from the inside out. She begins her days with ginseng tea and soy coffee to fill up on antioxidants, as well as eating as much skin healthy foods as she can to keep her skin clear and glowing. Wengie is also an avid YouTube viewer herself, often looking to videos when she wants to find something out. Whether she is looking for professional makeup artists or everyday inspiration, it can all be found on YouTube.

Though she started it all as a way to vent and keep herself occupied, her dedicated work on YouTube has taken off and branded her as a YouTube Celebrity. YouTube stars are just like everyone else and in Wengie’s case, she takes pride in providing tips and advice and loves to get feedback from her loyal following. She is as down to earth as it comes and it shows in her videos.