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Posted by Tommy LeDeux on

Looking At The Most Fun Maps in Call of Duty Zombies

Call of Duty is a wildly popular first-person shooter wear players can take other players from around the world through multiplayer game modes or battle through rounds with friends on all zombie maps. Here are some of the most popular ones:

1) Mob of the Dead
2) Origins
3) Der Eisendrache
4) Der Riese
5) Kino der Toten
6) Ascension
7) Gorod Krovi
8) Buried

Just remember that these are going to take some work to master.  Nobody gets great at Call of Duty in just a day, and oftentimes your expertise is determined by how well you know a particular map.  That’s the fun too, getting to explore something new for the first time.

Just don’t get frustrated, and put on your headset!  Usually everybody is willing to help out new players, but you have to make sure that you’re open to learning, and talking with them to form a strategy.  It’s an online game after all, and half the fun is making new friends and going on the journey together.