George Soros democratic contributions through his Open Society Foundations

Among the few self-made billionaires recognized globally, George Soros is one of them. He is known for his vast savvy investments and philanthropic work. Through these engagements, he has become to be known as the most prominent international supporter of democracy a role he has played for more than 30 years now. To facilitate this, he has founded the open society foundations that he has used in support of human rights and democracy in more than 100 countries worldwide.


His early years since his birth on August 12, 1930 is said to have shaped him a lot to make him who he is today. During his teenage, he is said to have survived the Nazi occupation in the 1940s that came along with the Communist rule in Hungary. This contributed to their immigration together with his family to London where they resettled.It is here that he initiated his tertiary education where he studied a degree in economics. The degree course played a vital role in his life as it helped him move to New York in 1956 where he started a life of finance. His first job was at the Wall Street brokerage firm where he worked for a few years before he initiated his hedge fund worth over $12 million.


After the realization of the hedge firm, it never took Soros long before he started his philanthropic activity in 1979. More to these activities, he established the Open Society foundations in 1984 a group that has since then seen unwavering success.Far from his towering figure in the philanthropic world, Soros is still known as a proactive figure in the society. Part of the controversial positions that he has been key in is fighting against drugs and controlling criminalization. More to this, he has published many books on the looming collapse of the financial markets as well as showing how the policies of both Israel and the United States have been giving rise to global anti-Semitism.Through his open society foundations, many have found him controversial and beloved. This is through his advocation for policies that both undertake humanitarian projects as well as change humanitarian projects. Being a financial empire and the 12 books he has written, Soros has proved to be a giant in finance, an influential figure and a dominion of philanthropy.

Donations to the open societies

More to his influence, Soros has always been ready to offer donations with the aim of supporting democracy. Since the founding of the foundations, he has given away more than $18 billion of his fortune. This is an act that is said to have developed in him right after he survived the Nazi occupation. His giving is said to have even reached far beyond his foundations. He has also always been key to funding independent organizations globally.


While still at his 80s, Soros has remained committed to taking an active personal interest in the open society foundations. He has since then been traveling globally to support their work as well as advocate for positive policy changes with world leaders.