Highland Capital

Highland Capital Management of Dallas, Texas is highly acknowledged as a leader in global alternative investment strategies and has embarked on a new initiative in Asia, teaming up with the South Korean Pension Fund. The two investment entities will be capitalizing the South Korean healthcare industry. Highland Capital Management will partner with Stonebridge Capital of South Korea to implement their Asian investment initiative. Highland Capital Management has historically been a significant investor in the United States healthcare industry, but now has decided to take an alternative investment path.

The middle markets in America are clearly changing, as the Affordable Healthcare Act could be repealed in the relatively near future. Just because Congress could not get new legislation passed in this session does not mean there will not be changes in future. The healthcare debacle in the U.S. means that hedge funds managers are now looking at alternative investment strategies in the healthcare sector, with Highland Capital seeing an excellent opportunity for investment returns in Asia.

This is the company’s first healthcare industry private equity fund in Asia, but Highland Capital is clearly no stranger to the healthcare investment market. They have been in private equity funds in the healthcare sector in the U.S. throughout their 15-year history of private equities, consisting of nearly half of their volume trading in that time span. Company representatives indicated that the demographic shift in the U.S. healthcare industry sparked the consideration for investing in foreign healthcare markets by establishing working relationships with organizations that were already operating in the region. The general consensus is that they will their share individual market expertise when making investment decisions.

Highland Capital Management of Dallas was co-founded in 1993 by Chief Executive Officer James Dondero and Chief Financial Officer Mark Okada. They currently manage over $15 billion in investment funds across a wide variety of markets. In addition to focusing on healthcare, the company is also a national and global leader in alternative credit strategies, including credit hedge funds, emerging markets, long/short funds, and natural resources. Highland Capital Management also maintains a philanthropic presence in their Dallas area headquarters and partner with several charitable organizations in North Texas.