Let’s Talk About Lime Crime

Lime Crime’s founder Doe Deere has always been innovative, her products giving women the chance to change up their looks with the application of lipstick or a bit of hair dye. But she just added something new to Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair Collection: four new dyes that will make it easier for darker-haired women to get the hair color of their dreams.

Now brunettes and women with black hair can easily lighten their hair to receive fresh pops of color. Each of these shades are dark and pair well with Lime Crime’s eye-popping eyeshadows and lip glosses.


Charcoal is a chalky, dark grey. It is as its name implies – the color of charcoal.

The Beet It lipstick from the Matte Velvetines is the shade of beets. It would stand out against a dark grey head of hair.


Squid is a phenomenal purple. It is the color of dark ink like that from the largest squid, the Kraken.

Squid would match all five supershadows in the Sugar Plum Pocket Candy Palette.

Sea Witch

Sea Witch is a dazzling teal. It resembles a sparkling mermaid’s tail.

Pair the glimmery Sea Witch with the Gemini lip topper for a colorful way to express yourself.


Unlike Charcoal, Chestnut is not literally the color of the item that bears its name. While real chestnuts are brown, the Chestnut hair dye is a deep maroon.

Its dark red color would work well with the pink Cheap Thrill from Lime Crime’s Diamond Crushers collection.