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Andrew Rolfe Efforts to Educate More Children in South Africa

The Ubuntu Education Fund, together with Andrew Rolfe, recently held a gala in London. The purpose of this event was to raise money to help impoverished kids in Africa. Those in attendance raised over 10 million South African Rand, which was higher than the organizers’ target. The money will be used to enhance the quality of education at Port Elizabeth Campus.

The gala included an auction. Some of the items on sale were a portrait from Nelson Makamo, a trip to South Africa and a couple of Dom Pattison paintings. The auctioneer was Charlie Ross who did an incredible job. Ubuntu Education Fund collected a total of $38,667. The foundation’s chief executive officer, Jacob Lief, closed the evening with a heartwarming speech. Throughout his speech, he talked about the importance of investing in children. Mr. Lief expressed his gratitude towards the generous donors who help him sponsor more than 2,000 kids in Port Elizabeth.

The organization offers quality education and healthcare to the children. It supports them throughout their school life to ensure that the reach their greatest potential. Thanks to the initiative, HIV-positive mothers in Port Elizabeth are giving birth to HIV-negative babies.

About Andrew Rolfe

Currently, Mr. Rolfe heads the Ubuntu Education found. He has served as the foundation’s chairperson for more than ten years. His work at the organization is to oversee the provision of basic needs to the less fortunate kids of South Africa’s Port Elizabeth. Through his Andrew’s leadership, Ubuntu is getting closer to achieving its goal of sending more children to school and eradicating poverty from the area.

Andrew Rolfe attended St Andrews College and Eton College. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Oxford. In 1992, Rolfe graduated from Harvard Business School with an MBA. Before joining Ubuntu, Rolfe worked with some high-profile companies. He was the vice president of PepsiCo between 1992 and 1997.

After leaving PepsiCo, Andrew Rolfe joined Pret A Manger and served as the CEO and chairman of the company. He later left Pret A Manger to join Gap Inc., where he worked for two years before joining Ubuntu in 2007. Rolfe is also a managing director at TowerBrook Capital Partners.


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Reliable Lending Solution from Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings has been in business for more than a decade, and it has office buildings on a few continents. The large corporation has offices in the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States in America. Recently a few more agencies have popped up around the countries. The corporation of Equities First Holdings works in the fields of equities and investment. It has established itself as a leader on an international scale. Equities First Holdings provides lending methods that are of a lot of benefit to both parties. The company has designed a number of approaches and procedures with a few important factors in mind. The experts have worked with factors such as flexibility and transparency in mind. The company is relying on providing its clients with easy ways of receiving a loan while avoiding the general uncertainty of conventional banks’ lending methods. That has been greatly appreciated by the business summit as the company has been expanding steadily over the past couple of years.

There are a number of other advantages that Equities First Holdings has provided for their clients. The lending methods have been organized in a few easy steps to follow. After stepping in initial contact with a representative of the Equities First Holdings, the client is asked to announce the collateral. A board of experts of the Equities First Holdings Company reviews the case the customer and evaluates the collateral, the amount of the desired loan, and what the client will be using the money for. If the deal is accepted, a representative of the Equities First Holdings has the client sign a contract, and after that, the loan can be provided.

The Equities First Holdings has been widely utilized by people from the business community, especially for startups and acquisitions. The company is expected to expand in the next few years.

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The Greatness of Ricardo Tosto

In Brazil is a man by the name, Ricardo Tosto, who has for many years been practicing law. Although Tosto started out small, he is now one of the most revered lawyers in his country due to his unequaled intelligence. Also, Ricardo Tosto owns one of the largest law firms in Brazil, offering legal support to individuals and companies across the globe. For 26 years, Mr. Tosto has been part and parcel of the Leite, Tosto e Barros AdvogadosAssociados a corporation where he made Partner. With a Bachelor’s degree in Law from the Mackenzie Presbiterian University; and qualifications in Extension, Business Administration from the Armando AlvaresPenteado Foundation, Ricardo has what it takes to run a law firm successfully and learn more about Ricardo.

Specializing in litigation, Ricardo Tosto has become a central masterpiece in the practice of law in Brazil. Hiring him for services is a sure way to a win. Ricardo happens to be the most valued lawyer at Tosto e Barros AdvogadosAssociados. When it comes to matters law, Ricardo Tosto is remarkably composed and organized hence his success. Working with a team of competent lawyers, Ricardo has been able to drive Tosto e Barros AdvogadosAssociados in the right direction. From time to time Ricardo does drives meant to educate the public on pressing matters that would protect them from prosecution due to plain ignorance. Recently, Ricardo Tosto warned the public that failure to deliver CBEs within the set timeframes would attract a hefty fine of close to R $250,000. However, Ricardo insisted that there are better and many efficient ways of declaring the CBEs without defaulting. For instance, Tosto said that people could make use of the Central Bank of Brazil website to fill in a CBE declaration form which would then get submitted for analysis and Ricardo’s lacrosse camp.

On the website are two types of forms: The Annual CBE and the Quarterly CBE all of which advocate for different items. Based on Ricardo’s insight, it made more Brazilians aware of what was going on with their financial systems such that they were in a position to submit their declarations within the stipulated times. Hence, Ricardo Tosto has proven to be a man of the people.

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How Brazil Plans on Tackling Its Waste Problems

Excess human waste and pollution levels have grown to become a major problem worldwide. There are a handful of different countries around the world that are struggling to contain all the human waste that builds up year after year.


The Brazilian government has come up with a way to crack down on excess human waste. Members of the government have decided to team up with BNDES (National Bank for Economic and Social Development) to improve sanitation ratings and resource areas.


There is a hope that there will be a decrease in waste levels after concessions are built to contribute to improving local sanitation scores. A majority of sanitation services in Brazil are run by public power. About three-fourths of those services are provided by state-level organizations. If government agencies could work well with other private companies, so much more can be accomplished.


BNDES will continue to collaborate with the states that need help financially. The drop in water levels in Brazil can be directly related to the movement of financial resources at the state companies of the water sector.


Private enterprises have more resources than government-run companies. It is important that the government is willing to work with private enterprises to prevent water from going to waste. There should be more investments in sewage systems.


Mr. Felipe Montoro Jen has worked as a CEO (chief executive officer) for several different companies. His job is to make financial decisions and direct his staff to complete his to-do list. Felipe Montoro Jen earned an undergraduate degree from Getulio Vargas Foundation and a graduate degree from the Thunderbird School of Global Management.


He has worked as a director at Foz do Brasil SA, San Antonio Energia SA, Concessionaria do Centro Administrativo, and Fonte Nova Negocios e Participaçoes SA. Mr. Felipe Montoro Jen specializes in renewable technology and energy efficiency. He is brilliant when it comes to running a business. He has several years of experience.

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Meet John Goullet: Principal Executive of America’s Fastest Risen IT Staffing Company, Diversant LLC

Diversant LLC is an American company which strives to be the premier equal rights employer in the USA. This behemoth IT staffing outlet is the brainchild of John Gullet and here’s their story.


John’s Background

In the early nineties, Goullet worked as a computer consultant. Later on, he skipped boats and ventured onward to become a staffing manager for IT professionals. His consultancy gig exposed John to the gaping discrepancies facing the IT staffing realm. The problem was that there was no one to act as a bridge linking the skilled IT workers with the companies seeking to hire such quality talent. That was until John Goullet finally decided to set up Diversant LLC in 1994.


Clients Come First


Mr. Goullet has always had fighting spirits. Regardless of the challenges, John still manages to get out on top. The visionary leader is very keen to listen to the particular needs and demands of the clients. Today, the man has worked with an extensive list of corporate and private clients. All his customers have beautiful and encouraging things to say about the experience dealing with the IT staffer, John Goullet.


John is known for his inspirational talks to aspiring entrepreneurs. In his speeches, you’ll hear John reiterating on the need by the investors to give priority to certain values and attributes. These include:-


  • Teamwork
  • Ethics and Integrity
  • Creativity
  • Professionalism
  • Research and Strategy


John Goullete’s fan base continues to grow, worldwide. The masses can’t seem to get enough of his profound wisdom. The visionary CEO is always giving interviews to business websites, magazines, and television shows. listed the top five favorable traits, we the masses, can learn from the successful investor. These include:-


  • Without being passionate, your business is doomed
  • Surround yourself with innovative and brilliant people
  • Take a firm stance on core issues surrounding your business
  • Remain unbowed even in the face of adversity
  • Be dynamic and versatile with your strategy


About John Goullet


Over the past three decades, John Goullet, the principal executive at Diversant LLC has done a phenomenal job in creating a five-star rated IT staffing company from scratch. His first business transformed from a little-known outlet into a titan establishment valued more than $30M. That impressive growth took less than five years to reach. The success of his company would later see him merge forces with another firm in 2010.

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The ABCs Of Lime Crime

With the cosmetics industry rapidly growing and changing all the time, both artists and designers have good reason to wonder which options are really the best for their faces. As an increasing amount of research on ethical cosmetics usage is emerging every year, consumers are beginning to care more about what goes into their products. If you’re looking for a certified vegan and cruelty free product, Lime Crime is an excellent place to start.


Founder, CEO, and owner, Doe Deere, wanted to bring vibrant, exciting colors that complemented her bright and eccentric wardrobe. Realizing that there were so many other people in the world who also love to express themselves through cosmetics, Deere created the Lime Crime brand in 2008. Perhaps most importantly, all products are certified vegan and cruelty free by PETA and The Leaping Bunny Program.


Women and men can choose from a wide variety of lipsticks, eyeshadows, hair colors, highlighters, nails, and makeup brushes. The sleek online catalog is easy to navigate and answers to questions about any product can be easily found in the FAQ section. And with affordable pricing and product bundles always available, there is something for everyone.


For you are interested in lipstick, selection includes Diamond Crushers, Perlees, Velve-Tins, and the signature Unicorn Lipstick. If you’re looking for a new vibrant hair color, try the neon peach, chocolate cherry, strawberry jam. More into nail art? You can browse fun choices such as lizard, black magic, or baby baby.


When it’s time to choose a long lasting, beautiful highlighter, you can pick between mermaids, opals, or blossoms; each pallet comes with three colors to mix and blend to your heart’s content. Speaking of pallets, don’t forget to check out the eyeshadow options; select venus or venus 2, or simplify your decision with a bundle.


An artist would not be complete without the perfect brush, so be sure to take a look at the aquarium brush set. With seven different brush sizes, it won’t be hard to keep your face masterpieces looking on point.


Any questions or comments? Don’t hesitate to check out the website.

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Talk Fusion: A Great Product for Great People

Bob Reina has been the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion since 2007, so he knows everything there is to know about the company, inside and out. He keeps track of everything and he likes to make sure that things run smoothly at all times. He knows how many people rely on the company and how many people use it to run their own company. Because of Talk Fusion, a lot of people have been able to quit their regular jobs and start up their business, which is the ultimate dream. There is no greater feeling for someone when it comes to work than having the ability to live life on their terms. They feel as though they have taken their life back once again.

That is possible because of Talk Fusion and their video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. These are the tools that people need to branch out and get their brand out there for the public to try out and use. A lot of great people have great ideas, but they don’t know how to get started and they don’t what the first move is or what the next move is, which is why Talk Fusion is the right product for them. They answer any and all questions, and they are more than happy to help customers get things right. Talk Fusion on Facebook.

Talk Fusion is also a company that wins award and they are known as being the very best in voice, data, and chat. They are the best of the best for video. They don’t win two awards from the Technology Marketing Corporation ( because they are run of the mill or average. They won those awards because they made great strides and improvements in the product. They have many brainstorming sessions where they all get together and pitch in ideas on how to make the product the best product it can be for the public.

When they win awards, it just solidifies that they are doing things in a way that is getting the proper attention from those that know a good product from a great product.

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OSI Group Under The Leadership of David G McDonald

OSI Group is a leading company in the supply of value-added proteins like sausages and beef patties. It is a mogul company with branches in over 17 countries in China, Europe and the United States. In total, the company has over 50 facilities and has won themselves contracts to supply reputable brands like Starbucks, Burger King, Subway, McDonald’s, Papa John’s and Saizeriya.

This multi-national company is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. But even then, the company does not use a one size fits all strategy. Rather, the company tries to use a localized strategy, in order to fit in every community that they set up a facility in. In the year 2012 alone, the company expanded by opening over 7 branches globally. And this is not the first of the big growths recorded by OSI Group. The company has exponentially grown by using winner strategies.

One of the strategies that OSI utilizes is localization. The company does extensive research on rules and regulations of a certain country before they can establish a facility. This way, they are able to always be on the right side of the law. Also, they ensure that their products are in line with the culture and beliefs of the various communities where they have established themselves. Additionally, the company tweaks its products so that they are a perfect fit for the palates of the varying communities in which they operate.

Another strategy that is used by OSI group, to get ahead of their competitors, is great leadership. OSI Group is led by David McDonald OSI Group. This was the first company that he worked for, after completion of his studies in Iowa University, where he graduated with a degree in Animal Science.

When he first joined the company, McDonald did not immediately get a top position; rather he had to prove himself worthy of a promotion. And it came to happen, one promotion after another. Today he serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the company as well as the Chief Operations Officer.

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The Internet of Things and its Impact on the Airline Industry According to Jason Hope

What do you think the next great tech innovation is going to be? This is a question that technology entrepreneurs base their entire careers out of trying to answer. Jason Hope has become one of those entrepreneurs who has managed to more accurately than not guess the answer to that question. Hope is a futurist, technologist, entrepreneur, and venture capitalist. His work with the SENS Foundation is garnering national attention and his focus on the Internet of Things is going to be fundamental in the growth of the tech industry. Hope has put his weight behind the growing tech phenomenon that is the Internet of Things and we couldn’t be more excited.

The Internet of Things, at its core, is the way by which we are going to be spending our lives interacting and interfacing with digital technology on the internet. In no small fashion has humanity gone on to embrace the internet. We’ve seen how smart phones and laptops and other mobile devices have fundamentally changed the way that we are living our lives. The Internet of Things is a natural, albeit large, progression from that point. The Internet of Things, according to Jason hope, is going to be one of the most important steps in the evolution of our tech field.

Of course, there have to be practical ways to look at the Internet of Things in order to get people on board. That is why Hope often pushes people toward the airline industry as a prime example. We can see that Virgin Atlantic has already embraced the Internet of Things in order to create their Boeing 787 jets. Their Boeing 787s are hooked up to the internet from head to toe and that makes them safer and more effective as a result — really. Having the internet connected to these planes keeps them connected and safe for passengers, pilots, and people on the ground. Airline industries are also going to pursue Internet of Things technology in order to improve the way their customer service operates. We’ll see improved customer service relations and that’ll make the industry boom even more.

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How To Work With The Realization of Having To Work More Like Flavio Maluf

When people become entrepreneurs, they take on a new world of responsibilities. Therefore, they have to learn to pace themselves. In many cases, people are met with conflicting feelings when it comes to being an entrepreneur. While it is an exciting idea to be able to make a bit of money while working the type of job where one sets hours, there can be points when one burns out on what he is doing. This is why it is important to look up information from people such as Flavio Maluf who has succeeded as an entrepreneur. One thing that he has learned that is important is the need to set a pace.


One thing that is not a good idea is to try and overwork everything. One thing that entrepreneurs learn is that their limits are going to catch up to them when they don’t mind them. Another thing that entrepreneurs are going to realize is that they are going to have days and times when they are just not able to be productive. As frustrating as it is, one of the lessons that entrepreneurs learn is how to make the most of their productive times and find a resolution during their less productive times.


One thing that Flavio Maluf reveals about the life of an entrepreneur is that there are no set working hours at the beginning. The entrepreneur has to take care of the whole business in most cases. Also, dedication is not always going to win. The one thing that does win is self knowledge. When one knows his limits, then he can find something that is more in line with what he wants and what he is capable of doing. Self knowledge is a very important part of entrepreneurial success. People who are not aware of what they need and what they can do are going to experience many different kinds of failure.