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Misunderstanding The Philanthropy Of George Soros

In the last months of 2017, the U.S.-based hedge fund manager George Soros made headlines around the world by announcing he had donated $18 billion of his $26 billion fortune to his own Open Society Foundations network of charitable groups. For right leaning media groups and commentators the news of the donation was met with almost universal horror with many mentioning the various conspiracy theories Soros has been named as part of over the course of the 21st-century; The Atlantic reports the main reason for the disdain many on the right maintain for the important work of George Soros is a basic misunderstanding of his aims and beliefs.

Soros himself is a former refugee who survived the Holocaust of World War II by hiding his identity for the years of hostilities; following peace being achieved, Soros found his home nation of Hungary part of the Soviet Union and by 1947 had embarked on a refugee journey t London. It was during his time working as a waiter and porter as he studied at the London School of Economics that George Soros began to understand the open society philosophical theory made famous by his college tutor, Karl Popper. The theory had been developed as a response to fascism in the 1930s but in a recent article in The Atlantic, George Soros reveals the need for political ideologies to be challenged by rival group remains important; Soros stands by the theory popularized by Popper that any political ideology which has become so dominant it is seen as the only viable option has already begun to fail.

One of the major misunderstandings about the philanthropic work of George Soros is the belief he has been working to undermine the traditional fabric of society in the U.S. and Eastern Europe. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has been a particularly outspoken critic of George Soros largely on the grounds Soros does not share the same beliefs as the politician; one of the major concerns of George Soros has always been the ability of all to gain an education which has led to his development of college campuses across Hungary and other nations. Educating individuals about the power of democracy and their own human rights has placed Soros at odds with Prime Minister Orban and many right wing commentators in the U.S. who see his work as a threat.

Forbes now rates the personal fortune of George Soros at $8 billion, a figure the investment specialist feels can still allow him to assist others in creating brighter future for those living in a less than free manner. George Soros has always stated his own belief that his career has given him the chance to help others who he feels are not given a voice in society. Many of the groups backed by George Soros are not universally loved by right wing commentators and conspiracy theorists who believe his aims are not as valid as the programs and donations made by conservative donors such as the Koch Brothers who rarely see the outlandish claims made about their goals within society as Soros.

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Fabletics Offer Comfort and Style

When you are thinking about the exercise clothing you are getting, you probably don’t look much beyond the style or comfort. You may think you can only get one or the other, but with a little effort and with Fabletics, you can get both.


How Fabletics Works

The way Fabletics works is that you choose a style when you are signing up and then you will get a new outfit every month. This way you will not forget to get great new clothing as well as having something that is stylish and that is comfortable without breaking the bank. You can change your style as you change and want something different, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to.


Quality and Comfort

Fabletics has some of the highest quality items you are going to find. You can get these great quality items through your subscription as well as having the comfort that you want with exercise clothing. Every outfit is made to give you a comfortable feeling as well as looking great. The fabric feels nice against your skin as well as moving with you when you are wearing them. You only need to make sure you have the right fit.



After Fabletics had such success online, they moved to some stores in larger cities. these stores offer you a chance to see the clothing in person before you get it or to purchase other options you may have wanted, but weren’t sure you would like. Seeing colors in person and styles in person is going to help you to know what ones are going to look best on you and it gives you a chance to touch the fabric. This way you will know they are soft and comfortable for you.


When you are looking at Fabletics, you will want to take into consideration the colors you like and the styles you Loews. This way you will be happy with what you are getting and you will love the clothing you are getting every month. Take your time and try many styles before you settle on the one that you will be wearing for a long time to come.

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Talk Fusion’s Latest Technology.

Recently, Talk Fusion has introduced an amended version of live meetings. It is a virtual program that allows users to have refined transmission of information and thus be able to communicate. It presents the most recent communication panel and makes use of the WebRTC system. This system is widespread because of its competence and reliability. The announcement was made by Bob Reina, the founding father of Talk Fusion.


Bob Reina is the man who started Talk Fusion. He also stands as its chief executive officer. He studied at South Florida University, USA. He later entered the Tampa Police Academy where he graduated top of his class and earned the most sought after Award of Merit. He worked solely on his police work until he was introduced to network marketing in 1990 and decided to pursue the venture on a part-time basis.


After identifying his skillfulness in marketing, Bob Reina resigned from his work as a police officer and focused entirely on network marketing. He launched Talk Fusion in 2004. Together with his associate Jonathan Chen, Bob came up with Talk Fusion’s first product, a program called Video Email. The company has continued to come up with new software and new marketing strategies over the years. Furthermore, Talk Fusion has also ventured into many humanitarian undertakings under Bob Reina’s leadership.


The newly introduced product enables individuals to submit one-way videos and hold video based conferences via live meetings. It supports a maximum of 15 hosts and 500 participants. The new software has significant features like exploiting recording technology that does not require a separate download which is substantially going to benefit the average computer users as well as marketing procedures and is also easy for beginners. This version also provides sharp video and strikingly clear audio. Live Meeting has come to be the subsequent Talk Fusion Video Suite invention that reaps benefits from the advanced technology of the Web Real-Time Communications.


Talk Fusion’s applications are known for permitting consumer users to increase their proceeds and at the same time maintain loyal customers. Marketers and entrepreneurs who work solely, vend off Video Suite all over the world. Not so long ago, the firm was able to bring up a program called Talk Fusion University that provides the companies’ associates with on-net training, that will improve and boost sales. Learn more:


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Cass Dojo the Teachers Pet

What is Class Dojo?

Class Dojo is one of the most innovative ed-tech apps available. Its the perfect platform that provides the needs of teachers, students, and parents. The Class Dojo app teaches children with a gaming base. The teacher has full control of the app. She assigns each student an avatar and an assignment for each day. It provides parents a report on what the child accomplished today.

Benefits of Class Dojo?

The teacher is able to take attendance and track each student’s progress. The students enjoy learning by playing a video game. It looks and sounds just like a game with educational content. The Class Dojo creates a positive community. The teachers reward the students after they complete an assignment, show good behavior or help others. The students love to showcase their awards to each other. This encourages them to do their best and be kind to others to get more rewards.

Class Dojo’s impact in the classroom?

This app has successfully created a community right in the classroom. Its an easy app for Parents to receive daily progress reports that measure their child’s success. They are able to see if the child received any badges or need improvement. The app makes communication between parents, teachers, and students easy. Parents no longer have to wait until report card time to know how the student is doing in class.

Class Dojo Effects on Kids

This innovative app sharpens the children’s computer skills and makes them accountable. They are given an assignment that’s fun to do. Once they complete the task they get rewarded for a job well done. By the same token, if the work is not completed they get told to finish it. Every student strives for those positive remarks from the teacher to show off to their friends and family. A badge from the teacher gives them a great sense of accomplishment.

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Banyan Hill Hired Ian King For This

Cryptocurrencies are difficult to understand. Besides, most of us have never heard of them, outside of news headlines on television, online publishing hubs, and brushed over in conversation.

Bitcoin, Ether, Ripple, and Monero are just four of the most popular cryptocurrencies according to To describe them simply, they’re secure digital currencies that operate freely of central banks operated by governments all around the world. While they have their problems, cryptocurrencies also offer tons of benefits that traditional, paper currencies don’t.

Understanding Cryptocurrencies Can Seem Impossible

Unarguably, the only way to understand cryptocurrencies is to immerse one’s self in the world of digital currencies, done by reading what’s new in the field, and understanding underlying technologies that they rely on are all equally important for making sense of the current state of cryptocurrency.

Fortunately, there are hundreds of cryptocurrencies experts that consistently keep up with the newest happenings in the field. One of them is Ian King.

Someone Has To Be An Expert

Ian King is a popular trader of cryptocurrencies, a contributor on several sites related to financial happenings and cryptocurrencies, and accomplished entrepreneur.

Mr. King started out his career as nothing more than a clerk for the mortgage bond trading department at Salomon Brothers, a popular real estate and finance business. After spending just a few months there, he became a credit derivatives specialist at Citigroup according to

Following Mr. Ian King’s spending of several years at Citigroup, he moved to Peahi Capital as the head trader of options, a firm located in the heart of New York specializing in hedge fund operations.

Just last year, in 2017, Banyan Hill Publishing was – and still is – glad to bring Ian King aboard as a weekly contributor to the recurring segment Sovereign Investor Daily, a news article that is published on the World Wide Web.

To make sense of all the nonsense the Internet has to offer regarding the trading of cryptocurrencies, Banyan Hill is commissioning the building of a cryptocurrency trading course, as well as ongoing investment advising that will touch on the generally unknown topic of cryptocurrency markets and trading.

Cryptocurrencies Aren’t Simple

The world of finance is full of resources, showing themselves to individuals and businesses as crpyocurrency help.

Thanks to the help of Ian King and other cryptocurrency researchers and experts, consumers will soon understand the basics of cryptocurrencies more easily than before.

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Sheldon Lavin And The Growth Of The OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is the chairman, president and CEO of the global food processing and distribution giant the OSI Group. Lavin first started working with the company in the 1970s. Then called Otto & Sons, the Chicago area company was seeking financing to build a facility which would allow them to become the Midwest supplier of meat for the growing McDonald’s franchise. Lavin’s financial services and consulting company was able to help Otto & Sons get the financing they needed. The bank wanted Sheldon Lavin to become a partner in Otto & Sons. He declined then, but later became one of the owners of the company.

The educational background of Sheldon Lavin is in accounting, banking and finance. But over the past 40 plus years he has spent with the OSI Group, he has proven to have a great understanding of the international food services industry. Lavin has put policies and procedures in place that have helped the OSI Group to grow into a major player in the global commercial food distribution industry. Under Lavin’s leadership the OSI Group has expanded into Australia, China, India, Japan, the Philippines and South Africa. He has also been given numerous awards and accolades for his work.

One of the prestigious awards Sheldon Lavin won was the 2016 Global Visionary Award given by Vision World Academy in India. The award honors people that have turned their major visions into reality. Lavin was chosen because he demonstrated persistence and perseverance in attaining his business goals. After enjoying success in the financial services industry, Sheldon Lavin transformed the domestic food company into a global food processor with over 65 facilities located in 17 countries that generates billions of dollars annually in revenue.

Under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin the OSI Group has been able to provide culturally sensitive food to markets all over the world. The company was also awarded the Globe of Honor by the British Safety Council in 2013, 2015 and 2016 for environmental management. The OSI Group’s policies earned five stars, the council’s highest rating. Lavin has also led the company to expand their presence in Europe. The company recently acquired Flagship Europe and Baho Food, a Dutch food manufacturer.

The OSI Group is now one of the largest food supply companies in the United States. A father of three, the 81-year-old Sheldon Lavin considers the company’s 20,000 employees part of his extended family.

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Jeff Yastine Gives Attention to Positive Investment Strategies

Jeff Yastine is an investor who not only likes to invest his own money but also likes to help other people invest their money. He knows there is value in investing and he tries to make sure he is doing that in every capacity possible. For Jeff Yastine, this is part of his dedication to the community he is a big part of. It is also his way of making sure people realize he is doing his best. It is how he has done business for years and how he will continue to do business while he is helping other people. For Jeff Yastine, this is part of how he works and part of how he will continue to operate to help other people. He is a dedicated investor and that shows in the success he has had with others. It is also his way of making sure he can help people through different opportunities with the things he knows how to do.

The investment world isn’t always as simple as picking one thing and sticking to it. Instead, Jeff Yastine has to come up with ideas for many different things. From there, he can figure out which investments offer the best payouts and what is going to work for the people who he represents. As long as Jeff Yastine knows what he is doing, he can feel good about the things he has to offer and the opportunities he can use to make things better for each of his clients. There have been so many times where Jeff Yastine invests in something that might be a little risky. When he makes a lot of money from that investment, though, the risk is usually worth it. He wants to pass that information on to the people who he is teaching about investments.

Read more about Jeff Yastine at to know more.

As long as Jeff Yastine is doing the best job possible, he wants to come up with new strategies. In fact, one of the things he is going to continue doing is providing people with the opportunities they need to be successful. The idea that he could do this comes back to how he is working on these opportunities. He wants people to realize they don’t have to go with the most popular investment opportunity if they want to take risks and see an even larger payout. Doing this helps him make sure he is giving good advice.

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George Soros Philanthropy Has Helped Millions And Earned Him Enemies

At the end of 2017, George Soros fell way down on the list of richest people in the world with an estimated net worth of “just” $8 billion. But that was because he had just given away $18 billion to charity.

This gigantic gift follows a lifetime of pouring billions of dollars into his many philanthropic goals. In 1993, Soros established the Open Society Foundations which has expended some $11 billion to date.

The $18 billion will also go to Open Society. It’s a kind of umbrella organization that consists of dozens of different entities that do charitable work and strive to promote “civil society” around the world.

That might mean fighting political dictatorships and autocratic oppression in some countries. It might be giving money to poverty programs, or providing aid for refugees of war. Sometimes it involves helping a city our country recover from a massive natural disaster.

Open Society Foundations focuses assistance on groups that many other nonprofits aid organizations ignore. For example, Soros has stepped in the help the Roma people of Europe, members of the LGBQ community and little-known tribes in Africa.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Soros-funded projects have earned him a number of political enemies, almost all on the political right, and most often the far right or so-called alt-right.

For example, conservatives in America bristle when Soros provides financial support to groups such as Black Lives Matter, orprograms that bring aid, comfort and support to undocumented migrant workers. Radicals on the right also don’t like Soros’ penchant for promoting environmental causes, especially the ultimate taboo for the right – climate change and global warming.

Industrialists such as the Koch Brothers make much or their money in fossil fuels and they feel threatened by Soros-promoted efforts to bolster clean, green alternative forms of energy. Conservatives in America dislike it when Soros “picks on” the right-leaning governments of other countries.

But clearly, the image of George Soros as a “radical lefty” has been largely manufactured by conspiracy theorists. He’s also a favorite target of nutty right-wing a.m. talk radio hosts in America. The Internet is also fertile grounds for far right conspiracy theorists who tirelessly paint George Soros as a threat to global civilization.

A simple look at the record of what George Soros has accomplished through his philanthropy paints a much different picture. His programs have uplifted the poor, educated those who could not afford to pay for college, sheltered the homeless, provided refuge for those fleeing wars – and the list goes on.

George Soros has never viewed his charitable giving as political, even though he clearly gets involved in supporting the political candidates of his choice – who tend to be democrats in the U.S. But those politicians get his help because they support those deeper causes close to Soros’ heart.

Soros’ recent gift of $18 billion to Open Society will certainly provide a legacy for the 87-year old financial magnate who conquered he world of capitalism, but who now wants to soften the cruel edge that can sometimes result from an unfettered free market system.

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Adam Milstein: Successful Real Estate Investor And Generous Philanthropist

Israeli-American Adam Milstein is a real estate investor living in Southern California. Milstein, a Hager Pacific Properties managing partner, is also a generous philanthropist. Born in Haifa, Israel, Milstein is the son of real estate developer Hillel Milshtein and his wife Eva. Adam Milstein did his mandatory time in the Israeli Defense Forces beginning in 1971. After completing his military service, he studied business and economics at the Israeli Institute of Technology. Adam Milstein graduated Cum Laude in 1978 with a bachelor’s degree.

While attending the Israeli Institute of Technology, Milstein began working in his father’s real estate development and construction company. Adam Milstein also married Gila Elgrably in 1974. Milstein moved to the U.S. with his wife and two children in 1981 and enrolled at the University of Southern California. He graduated with his MBA in 1983 and began working as a commercial real estate sales agent. Milstein had a natural aptitude for the work and was soon a Hager Pacific Properties’ managing partner overseeing accounting, financing and disposition of multi-family, retail, office and industrial properties.

Adam Milstein went on to co-found the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation in 2000. The three guiding principles of the Milstein Family Foundation are Active Philanthropy, Life Path Impact and Philanthropic Synergy. Through the foundation, Milstein provides several organizations with charitable and philanthropic services. Milstein’s philanthropic work includes partnership development, consulting and fundraising to support education advocacy and cultural continuity. The foundation’s staff invests their time and expertise to finding, funding and developing organizations working to create effective programs for children, adolescents and adults.

Milstein also provides guidance, funding and other assistance to philanthropic organizations in order to increase the impact of their efforts. He also develops programmatic synergies and partnerships with other non-profit entities that are working toward goals the Milstein Family Foundation shares. Adam Milstein was voted among ‘The Top 100 People Positively Influencing Jewish Life,’ in 2016. Milstein currently lives in Encino, California with Gila, his wife. The Milsteins growing family now includes three daughters, one granddaughter and two grandsons. The family continues to give generously to charity.

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White Shark Media Reviews

As the need for online advertising and marketing becomes more of a ness city instead of a choice in every industry, you need to make sure that your business has the best chance to gain new customers through this new rush of online advertising, especially in social media. making sure that you have a solid plan, budget, and goals for marketing can really ensure that you have the best chance for your business to succeed. There are thousands of companies that can help you with your online advertising but which ones can you trust to make sure that you are receiving quality for a great price? This is where White Shark Media comes in. They are a great company that is becoming the leader in online marketing for many industries, ranging from tech companies to jewelry stores. They have a solid team of marketing experts that know exactly how to appeal to a wide audience through the internet and social media.

White Shark Media has a great track record of gaining loyal clients and providing great work. They have testimonials from many clients, each one having a very great experience. They are known around the marketing blindstory as the best and they are well known for the results. When it comes to business, you need to ensure that you use a great company like White Shark Media that has a great team and track record. This is especially true when it comes to your business.

Marketing can really help or crash your business because you need to make sure that your advertising dollars a4re being put to good use. White Shark Media is the best choice to gain a team of expert marketers that know exactly how to advertise your business, especially through PPC advertisements on websites and social media. Choose them for your advertising needs.