Nielson Report Finds Streaming Media Replacing Traditonal Television

For those who have ever envisioned a world with no cable, replaced with endless free streaming TV, that dream may be ever closer to reality. It’s been known for some time that traditional television services are declining rapidly, while streaming services are on the rise. A recent Nielsen fourth-quarter 2014 Total Audience Report further verified […]

Vine Gone Big

Shawn Mendes Films a new Video With Vine Friends It’s no surprise that Vine is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of social media, and certain Viner’s fame stars are quickly grower brighter just by filming, recording and do crazy stunts for some six second videos. Shawn Mendes is one of those new […]

Android Phone Will Get USB-C

Android phones will soon start shipping with USB-C connectors. USB-C was introduced earlier this week by Apple when it showed off its latest MacBook. the connector replaces all the traditional ports on your computer with a single port. So, you’ll use the USB-C port to charge your laptop, but also to connect it to your […]

Time Warner’s App is Now on Xbox One

Time Warner’s app is now available on the Xbox One. The app allows existing customers of the cable company to watch programming on-demand using their gaming console. Time Warner previously offered the app for Xbox 360 owners, but hadn’t launched an app for Microsoft’s new One quite yet. Unlike the Xbox 360 version, the company’s […]

Sony Phasing Our Retail Locations

Sony is phasing out its physical stores. The company announced plans to get rid of eight of its remaining 10 retail locations in favor of replacing them with Sony Experience shops inside stores. The only remaining Sony retail locations will be in Los Angeles and New Work. Instead, the company will put up to 100 […]

Seeing All the Colors

There has been a lot of discussion about a dress all over the internet. This dress seems to be something ordinary, but there has been a lot of debate over the color of the dress. News stations have displayed the picture, and there have been a lot of posts on Facebook. This dress is seen […]

Google to become Cellular Provider

After over a year of rumors, Google has officially stepped into the open and confirms its desire to be a cellular carrier. At a mobile world congress presentation, Sundar Pichai, a senior VP at google, confirmed that Google is working on a wireless service. This service will be on a small scale initially, but is intended […]