QNet Finds Direct Selling Success in India

There are many moves in business that have brought success to a number of different companies, but the chance to enjoy a business move that takes off beyond all expectations is something QNet has been able to do in recent months. A move into the multi level marketing industry of India has seen the Malaysian […]

Makeup Tips You Need To Know

Makeup is one of the things a woman uses that can help enhance her appearance, but if it isn’t properly applied, it won’t come out as well. One of the best ways to help make sure that you look your best is to follow a couple key guidelines when applying your makeup. Makeup Tips You […]

Help Support Early Childhood Development with Jon Urbana

Jon Urbana is a former professional lacrosse player who was born in Colorado. He returned after playing professionally to share his love and passion for the game through instructional camps. Urbana co-founded Next Level Lacrosse camps where he helps prepare the next generation’s superstars. Urbana’s unrivaled talent on the field and highly competitive spirit is […]

Attorney Dan Newlin Seeks To Help As Many People As Possible

Personal injury attorney Dan Newlin understands the need for speedy representation for all those who are faced with the common problems of personal injury, worker’s compensation or other legal problems. Newlin has recently unveiled his own personal hashtag that allows any potential client to get in contact with the simple dialing of #Dan from their […]