Thousands Of Websites Stick It To Congress

Congress is going to have some troubles getting on certain websites today if they even give it a try. They are going to find that they are blocked at every turn as thousands of websites have blocked the access of Congress to their websites. The Hill reports that these websites are doing this move as […]

Beyoncé Loves to ChaCha

Although singer Beyoncé Knowles has been more active on social media these days, the star still keeps a relatively low-profile when it comes to her personal life. When she finally shares a glimpse into her private life, fans are able to see her true personality and feel a little more connected to her. It’s always […]

Sultan Alhokair – an Angel Investor and Valuable Asset

It takes more than a catchy name or unique idea when it comes to catching the eye of an angel seed investor like Sultan Alhokair. Based in Boston, this financial analyst works with Valia Investments. Together, they look over hundreds of business plans, trying to find the ones with that certain ‘it’ factor. Start up […]