Can you Afford a $170 Hamburger?

Motion pictures and popcorn or a shake and a hamburger are luxuries now that Venezuelans cannot afford anymore. According to Open Corporates, the stores are empty, no one is buying anything but food and necessities, even if they can afford it. A 21-year-old man named Jose Figueroa, who makes a salary of approximately $35 a […]

The Great Bernardo Chua

Bernardo Chua was one of the most influential CEO’s in MLM history by a lot of people’s standards. He set a new pace for growth in the coffee and tea industry by combining network marketing with one of the world’s largest channels, products that changed the lives of hundreds of millions every day. OrganoGold was […]

Purchase Gifts On Skout For Charity

  Being A Superhero In Real Life Means Helping Others It would be great to have actual super powers. You could fly over the clouds and over your city instead of sitting in traffic. You could have the strength of a thousand men, or maybe you could have the power of immortality. All of the […]

Yeonmi’s Harrowing March To Freedom

No-one could doubt the sincerity of Yeonmi Park or the harrowing experiences she had. Details are unimportant because the truth of her story is the way she portrays it. The fact that her father died only months after finding freedom, and the price her mother paid, using her body to protect her daughter are self-evident […]

Qnet Meets My Standards

As a long-time vegetarian, and a person who cares about the things that lie behind products I buy, I have been searching for quite some time for a source of nutritional products. I also wanted them to be available online. I have grown tired of the conventional marketplace, with the frustrations inherent in finding what […]

How Class Dojo is Revolutionizing Education

Class Dojo is a revolutionary platform for connecting teachers, students and their parents. It allows for empowering students to showcase their best qualities and do their best work. Teachers love using Class Dojo because it allows for a proactive approach in establishing a positive environment and culture both in the classroom and the school as […]