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Merits in the Operations of the OSI Group

The OSI Group is a privately held company, founded in 1909, that deals in food processing. The company conducts global operations that involve supplying pork, beef, fish, vegetable products, poultry and fish. Additionally, they provide a number of sauces to the customers who seek services from the food processing industry. The company has set up numerous facilities all over the world but still operates like a small scale doing tasks such as benefits assistant, shipping, receiving supervisors, quality assurance manager and account clerk. The OSI Group is well structured as it has local management teams that are very helpful in understanding the local tastes and cultures so that the company can reach out to a wider market.

The headquarters of the Group is in Aurora where the President, David McDonald, oversees all the 50 facilities in 17 countries. Recently, they have been working on expanding presence in many countries such as China where they have been having operations in the last 20 years. They have so far done very well having eight factories and two more are in the process of being constructed. By the end of 2016, they had launched the start a mega factory in Henan province as well as Zhoukou. In China, The OSI group is a supplier to many international companies such as Subway, McDonald’s, Burger King, Yum, Papa John’s, Starbucks and Saizeriya.

The global company is always working with equipment manufacturers so that they can improve their processes that will make the food safety and quality better. They as well work together with their customers so that they can discuss on ways that can help them achieve more and produce better goods.

The subsidiary of the OSI Group in the United Kingdom has been honored with the highly coveted Globe of Honor Award for 2016 by the British Safety Council. This was recognition for its management of environmental risks. It was nominated in a group of 18 organizations as a result of attaining a maximum five stars in the country. They were also vetted by an independent panel of experts that were looking at many aspects of the environmental management. The production location of the OSI Group in the United Kingdom in Scunthorpe has been running since 1989. They produce beef and pork products for many restaurants in the country. They have won the Globe of Honor in 2015 and 2013.

OSI Group Facebook Page:

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Financial Institutions Efforts to Reaching the Communities

Creating a good rapport is an essential part of any business or any organization. This is thus an encouraging factor for firms to join and support community programs. It is in this light that NexBank declared to help the Dallas Women’s Annual Luncheon. NexBank donated $100,000 to support this cause.

This year’s luncheon was to be held at the Hilton Anatole Hotel on 20th October. The different speakers during the luncheon included, Dr. Hope Jahren and another person from Time’s Magazine 100 most influential people. The event received live coverage where it would be aired in 20 schools reaching an approximated 10,000 students.

Every year, the Dallas Women Foundation luncheon is attended by over 1300 people in different positions in the society. This foundation is a world leader where girls and women advancement is concerned.

NexBank SSB is a financial institution that is Dallas based and was founded in 1934. In Texas, NexBank is the 12th largest bank and consequently the 179th largest financial institution in the United States of America. The total assets of NexBank are a total of $6.4 million. It has three different branches. The primary one NexBank SSB is located on McKinney Avenue suite 1100. The other Branch is NexBank McKinney also on McKinney Avenue suite 1700. The third branch is NexBank Preston Center on Luther Lane. It currently has 87 staff members spread across their three offices.

The services offered in NexBank include Institutional Services, Mortgage Banking, and Commercial Banking. The services provided under Institutional services are treasury management, investment banking, and real estate advisory. In mortgage banking, one can become a client. Other products in Mortgage Banking are warehouse lending and wholesale and correspondent lending. Commercial Banking products are lending, agency services, credit services and treasury management.

NexBank has different types of clientele that include Financial Institutions, Individuals, and Corporations. NexBank prides itself on providing solutions that are made for a specific purpose. Having been around for a long time, you can only expect the best.

If you are wondering where to bank or which bank will serve your financial interest the best way possible, then NexBank should be your choice. Imagine getting three times the average exchange rates. This does not have to be in your imagination because NexBank makes it a reality.

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George Soros democratic contributions through his Open Society Foundations

Among the few self-made billionaires recognized globally, George Soros is one of them. He is known for his vast savvy investments and philanthropic work. Through these engagements, he has become to be known as the most prominent international supporter of democracy a role he has played for more than 30 years now. To facilitate this, he has founded the open society foundations that he has used in support of human rights and democracy in more than 100 countries worldwide.


His early years since his birth on August 12, 1930 is said to have shaped him a lot to make him who he is today. During his teenage, he is said to have survived the Nazi occupation in the 1940s that came along with the Communist rule in Hungary. This contributed to their immigration together with his family to London where they resettled.It is here that he initiated his tertiary education where he studied a degree in economics. The degree course played a vital role in his life as it helped him move to New York in 1956 where he started a life of finance. His first job was at the Wall Street brokerage firm where he worked for a few years before he initiated his hedge fund worth over $12 million.


After the realization of the hedge firm, it never took Soros long before he started his philanthropic activity in 1979. More to these activities, he established the Open Society foundations in 1984 a group that has since then seen unwavering success.Far from his towering figure in the philanthropic world, Soros is still known as a proactive figure in the society. Part of the controversial positions that he has been key in is fighting against drugs and controlling criminalization. More to this, he has published many books on the looming collapse of the financial markets as well as showing how the policies of both Israel and the United States have been giving rise to global anti-Semitism.Through his open society foundations, many have found him controversial and beloved. This is through his advocation for policies that both undertake humanitarian projects as well as change humanitarian projects. Being a financial empire and the 12 books he has written, Soros has proved to be a giant in finance, an influential figure and a dominion of philanthropy.

Donations to the open societies

More to his influence, Soros has always been ready to offer donations with the aim of supporting democracy. Since the founding of the foundations, he has given away more than $18 billion of his fortune. This is an act that is said to have developed in him right after he survived the Nazi occupation. His giving is said to have even reached far beyond his foundations. He has also always been key to funding independent organizations globally.


While still at his 80s, Soros has remained committed to taking an active personal interest in the open society foundations. He has since then been traveling globally to support their work as well as advocate for positive policy changes with world leaders.

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Talkspace Changed App Culture

There are more than a thousand therapists that are working for Talkspace. This is a New York City based app company that is helping people get the counseling that they need. It is a fairly easy process to engage in. All the people have to do is get the assessment so that they can get matched up with the therapist that is going to be able to help with the specific problems that they are enduring. Once this happens there are a lot of people that are looking for help with problems because they may have never faced some of the issues that they are going through.

The average person has something of an issue in their life, but many people are simply not choosing to address the issues that they are having. This can be something that hinders them in their workplace. Not addressing issues can also hinder relationships with family members and friends. In order to relieve a lot of stress people may just need to talk things out with the therapist that can provide them with sound advice. This is how the Talkspace app manages to thrive. It has become the company that has allowed people to look at technology in a completely different way.

There is no longer a need to wait for someone to consider going to a therapist. People do not have to wait and save money for a therapy session in person. They will find that this app is a much cheaper pathway to a certified therapist that can help with certain issues. People that may have never felt that they could get their lives in order may check what Talkspace is doing. This could be the app that helps people make the turn around that they need to make in healing themselves.

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Madison Street Capital wins another M&A Advisor 2017 Award

November 2017 will remain one of the most memorable months for Madison Street Capital Family. This is after the company was named by M&A Advisor as the overall winner of the Debt financing Deal Category. During the M&A’s gala awards held at the famous Metropolitan Club on November 13th 2017, Madison Street Capital emerged the winners, in a highly competitive industry, following their fruitful advice on WLR Automotive transaction.



According to David Fergusson, the president and co-CEO of M&A Advisor, Madison Street Capital distinguished itself from several other impressive organizations. He explains that the company stood out from the 650 firms listed for the award. David further pointed out that M&A Advisor has been honoring leading dealmakers, transactions and companies over the last 16 years. He affirmed that Madison represents best industry leaders in 2017.



Madison Street Capital leadership has also expressed their joy following the award. Charles Botchway, the company’s CEO, has reportedly thanked not only M&A Advisor but also other key contributors for the award. Apart from lifting the debt financing category award, Madison Street Capital was also rated highly in the Boutique Investment Banking and Financial Deals of the year categories. The Gala event had about 500 attendees comprising industry leaders, the media, academicians, and professionals. At the function, various individuals and other companies also received awards from several other categories. Other victors included the Director of ACG New York, and Ceasar Anquillare: the chairperson and CEO of Winchester Capital just to mention a few.



Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital is undoubtedly one of the most reputable Investment Banking organizations globally. Since its inception, the organization has continued to sustain its great commitment to quality financial advisory services, integrity, leadership, and excellence. The organization has supported a huge number of their clients in achieving their financial and investment deals. Madison Street Capital currently has offices in various parts of the world including Asia, Africa and North America. This is due to the company’s continued focus on supporting businesses and networks.



The organization has recently, due to its dedication to quality customer care in various sectors of the economy, received a significant number of notable awards in the 2015, 2016 and 2017. In the year 2015, Madison Street Capital won both NACVA’s 40 under forty industry mavericks award and 10th annual M&A Advisor turnaround awards ( The firm has gone further to scoop several other awards in 2016 and 2017. Under its current innovative leadership, the firm is projected to experience further growth in the near future.


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Advice and Insights from Jason Hope and His Passion on Technology

Jason Hope’s relentless efforts at the Arizona State University earned him a bachelors degree in Finance. He went ahead to earne an MBA from W.P. Carey College’s School of Business. He is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, futurist and an investor based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Jason Hope started his career through creating a mobile communications company since it reaches and benefits many people. That was triggered by his passion and a clear understanding of technology and enjoys giving back to the community. Jason Hope uses his knowledge in technology to look at the industry and predict future tech trends.

Jason Hope’s advice to entrepreneurs is to focus on each task at a time. The strategy of keeping contact with all the market contacts and referrals he comes across has helped him grow his business. Jason Hope has great belief in the philanthropic and entrepreneurial projects that he puts forward. Some of the investments from, which he earns a living, include companies that provide marketing services, digital media solutions, computer and business information systems and interactive software. In all his ideas, he sees and has the focus on a more significant long-term meaning.

For the aspiring entrepreneurs who want the most outstanding ways to capitalize on technology in the future, the insights and advice that Jason Hope gives will be very helpful. With the latest technological trends, he firmly believes that the Internet of Things will be significant to the modern society’s future. That is because many devices will become connected devices and that it will enable elimination of a lot of waste and our daily life will be a lot safer. Jason Hope works on his projects one step at a time and before implementing an idea he always communicates them to his close friends to get feedback.

Jason Hope believes that ageing can be reversed through drugs working at the cellular level. That was one of the reasons why he pledged half a million dollars to SENS Foundation in support of its research of Rejuvenation Biotechnologies and also for its mission against age-related Diseases. Hope believes in marketing strategies that enhance the connection between people. Therefore, Jason supports the use of social media for marketing, which he believes it works if used correctly. He states that social media is a successful method to generate new business and get business connections. His current goal is to help his local community and also inspire the next generation of technologists and futurists, and Jason Hope on Facebook.

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Let’s Talk About Lime Crime

Lime Crime’s founder Doe Deere has always been innovative, her products giving women the chance to change up their looks with the application of lipstick or a bit of hair dye. But she just added something new to Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair Collection: four new dyes that will make it easier for darker-haired women to get the hair color of their dreams.

Now brunettes and women with black hair can easily lighten their hair to receive fresh pops of color. Each of these shades are dark and pair well with Lime Crime’s eye-popping eyeshadows and lip glosses.


Charcoal is a chalky, dark grey. It is as its name implies – the color of charcoal.

The Beet It lipstick from the Matte Velvetines is the shade of beets. It would stand out against a dark grey head of hair.


Squid is a phenomenal purple. It is the color of dark ink like that from the largest squid, the Kraken.

Squid would match all five supershadows in the Sugar Plum Pocket Candy Palette.

Sea Witch

Sea Witch is a dazzling teal. It resembles a sparkling mermaid’s tail.

Pair the glimmery Sea Witch with the Gemini lip topper for a colorful way to express yourself.


Unlike Charcoal, Chestnut is not literally the color of the item that bears its name. While real chestnuts are brown, the Chestnut hair dye is a deep maroon.

Its dark red color would work well with the pink Cheap Thrill from Lime Crime’s Diamond Crushers collection.

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Sussex Healthcare, Senior Living Home

Compassionate, kind and caring. These are the first words that come to the mind of the family members that have an adult, senior living at the Sussex Healthcare, Senior Living Home. Sussex Healthcare, Senior Living Home’s takes their healthcare for seniors very seriously. Sussex Healthcare is committed to providing the highest quality service to the seniors in their care. At Sussex, we fully realize that selecting a senior living home is a very tough decision. We would like family members to know that we supply a safe, comfortable, and supportive environment for their senior family member.

Different Levels Of Care

Certainly, there are some seniors at our facility that are able to live a very independent life in our facility. They are able to carry on normally and do a lot of simple tasks themselves. For example, getting dressed, cooking, cleaning. Therefore, they require minimal supportive assistance. However, others require more supportive care. We would like family members to know that we supply 24 hours around the clock nursing staff for their special requirements and care.

Special Activites

It is important to realize that senior living homes vary in the type of activities that they offer to their residents. After 25 years in the health industry, Sussex Healthcare, Senior Living Home is the first to realize that the seniors need a group of activities to stimulate their minds and keep them truly mentally happy. This is a way to maximize their physical, emotional, mental, and social health. Therefore, we provide the seniors with a wide range of mentally stimulating activities. Some of the activities include fun quizzes, music, moving, crafts, and art therapy. Contact us for more information about our special activities for seniors.

Experienced Staff

We have an experienced staff that is kind, compassionate, and very caring. They treat the seniors as individuals and with dignity. The environment is very safe and comfortable for all the seniors. In addition, the seniors have 24 hour nursing staff to watch over the residents. We believe that Sussex Healthcare, Senior Living Home will enhance the senior’s life by providing the highest quality care, providing a safe environment, along with opportunities to stimulate their mind and socialize with other seniors.

Sussex Healthcare, Senior Living Home is here to take the stress off the family’s shoulders by providing a safe comfortable environment with full support for the senor. Now, is the time to make your choice. Contact Sussex Healthcare, Senior Living Home today for more information.

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Penn West Energy Trust Changes Its Name to Obsidian Energy Limited

Obsidian Energy Limited is a mid-sized Canadian natural gas and oil manufacturing company located in Calgary, Alberta. Previously, it was known as Penn West Exploration Ltd, Penn West Energy Trust, and Penn West Petroleum. Its shareholders voted 92% for a name change to Obsidian Energy Ltd. In the past 2-4 years, the company had survived an accounting scandal and high debts, which resulted in the selling of assets to settle the debts. New York Stock Exchange and Toronto Stock Exchange thus had to change the company’s stock symbol to OBE. Before changing its name, it was one of the companies in the Toronto Stock Exchange, and since 2005-2011 it was known to be a Canadian Royalty Trust. In 2008, it reached the highest market capitalization of around 9.5 billion dollars.


David French, the CEO of Obsidian Energy Ltd said currently the company is small whereby it produces 28,000 barrels of oil each day and has 407 employees. He also stated that the shareholders took a good step to change the company’s name for them to start a new beginning. He believes they can run the Obsidian with disciplined commercial and technical decision making, transparent, and accountable efforts with communities, partners, and shareholders and being strict in pursuing innovation and progress of the company.


The company has better plans for lower price environments. Currently, it has the best balance sheet and the required assets. Also, they have made better strategies that will enable Obsidian Energy to grow for at least the next three years whereby spending budgets will be controlled by the gas and oil prices. The team members of the organization are also willing and ready to provide better bottom-line results and to have business minds that will enable them to succeed in the competitive industry.


After changing the company name on June 26th, 2017, more changes were done in the company that affected its operations. On the other hand, the changes will enable Obsidian Energy to learn from them and grow steadily. Obsidian Energy’s new beginning has allowed each employee and shareholder to come out stronger than before to ensure the company becomes one of the leading companies in the industry.


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Gregory Aziz Implements Proper Strategies To Achieve Positive Results

Having a strategy is essential when engaging in corporate matters. The right plan helps to ensure that one can foresee the opportunities that exist in within the economy, and come up with the best techniques that can be employed in the process of taking advantage of such chances to reap maximally from financial investments. Gregory Aziz is an entrepreneur who is always keen in identifying the different opportunities that exist in the corporate market, and as a result, he is currently the leader of the most successful railroad and car manufacturing company in the world.

The National Steel Car enjoys dominance in North America since no other entrepreneur has been bold enough to invest in the sector. Aziz has great skill when it comes to matters of industry management. He borrows the art of company leadership from the Affiliated Foods Company that he was managing once he completed his studies. The food business was started by his father, and Greg J Aziz’s desire to be part of the managerial team saw him take over the full leadership of the organization before leaving to manage his own company.


Born in 1949, Gregory Aziz has lived in Ontario for the better part of his life. Affiliated Foods is located also located in Canada, and in 1971, Gregory Aziz joined the company as he wanted to improve his skills after he graduated from the University of West Ontario. Affiliated Foods specializes in the delivery of fresh food products, and Gregory Aziz led the organization to success for about 18 years. Most of the company supplies are shipped to Europe, South America, and Central America. Click Here For More Info.

Leading Affiliated Foods to success was one of the most significant achievements that was made by Greg Aziz before deciding to go solo in the entrepreneurial sector. The success of Gregory J Aziz at the National Steel Company has seen the company rise higher the ladder of success every year. When he acquired the organization 1994, only 3,700 cars were being manufactured on an annual basis. However, five years later, the firm was able to quadruple the number of cars that it produced to 13,000.


The organization has also helped to provide employment chances to many residents within North America, and most people are making a living out of engaging themselves in the manufacturing process. The National Steel Car has approximately 3000 personnel who have been permanently employed, and this number has risen from an initial 600 individuals.