Lime Crime: Every Color, Every Mood, Every Girl

Why wear the same make up as everyone else when we’re all so beautifully different? In the past there were strict rules about what a girl must look like on a day to day basis. There was no room for individuality. Celebrate your uniqueness by trying out an array of Lime Crime color pallets that […]

CipherCloud: A Leader in Cloud Security

Cloud computing and usage of cloud services are booming, with the total market for public cloud services expected to reach $210 billion by 2016. However, as more and more companies turn to cloud computing for their data operations, there becomes a question of security, namely how these companies are going to protect their sensitive information […]

YouTube Famous Wengie Sets the Stage for Beauty

YouTube has exploded since it launched in 2005, becoming a platform for a new generation of celebrities. Although YouTube started out with music videos as its main attraction, it has drastically changed since it first debuted. Today one can find videos on anything from beauty tutorials to video game reviews and that is how YouTube […]

His Brand is Crisis

Reputation is everything. Businesses and individuals work hard to create a favorable reputation through their deeds and words. But no one is perfect and, in the age of the Google search, one false move can change a good reputation to a bad one in an instant. When that happens, Darius Fisher is the person that […]

Under the George Soros Watch.

A lot of information has been published and said about the life and times of George Soros. He is a man of stature and clout in societies around the globe. The first things that come to mind when Soros is mentioned on Bloomberg include hedge funds, philanthropy, politics, human rights, education and, of course, the […]