Even Beer Production is on Hold in Venezuela

A recent article for the Panama Post just reported that the largest beer brewing company in Venezuela, Cervecer√≠a Polar, has announced that it is halting production of beer. News spread on twitter, apparently stems from a failure of the brewing company to be able to restock its inventory and necessary ingredients in order to keep […]

Handybook Changes Game for Mobile Crowd

Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua were roommates at the Harvard Business School back in 2012 and it was there that the pair developed the idea that would change their lives. Hanrahan had already found success over in Europe thanks to his real estate business in which he bought old warehouse spaces and converted them to […]

Dogs Love Wet Foods And Dry Foods From Beneful

Healthy Dog Food From A Premium Company Dry dog food, wet dog foods and dog treats are always made with much more care when they come from a premium dog food company. This is a fact. The premium dog food company that you choose to supply your dog’s meals should make their food with real […]

Kendall Jenner Relives Fashion Nightmare

Remember the saying “old habits die hard?” We are wondering in 2016 if the same applies for old fashions. If you have ever considered yourself to be trendsetter I am sure you are guilty of wearing fashion on Youtube that you would not dare come close to now and I am sure you even have […]

Slyce’s End Of The Year Recap

If you haven’t heard of the company Slyce, a top rated visual search platform, you’re bound to soon enough. The company is growing by leaps and bounds and shows no signs of slowing down. On August 12th, 2015, they announced they were partnering with SHOES.COM the leading online footwear retailer. This gives them even more […]

Re/Max to Enter NYC Market

One of the most competitive real estate markets in the world is the New York City real estate market. While some real estate companies may have a lot of success in the suburban areas around the city, some do not find a way to copy that success and translate it into success in Manhattan and […]