New Nanotechnology Mimics Natural Sunlight Indoors

  One of the biggest limits of building design according to an article from  is the accessibility of natural light. Until recently, the only solution has been to reflect some form of natural light from outside, but no suggestions have been implemented that would actually make our minds think we are seeing sunlight via […]

Teen Fired From Job She Just Got Because of Twitter

  A teen learned a valuable lesson about what and what not to put on Twitter. The young adult apparently landed a job at a local pizzeria, but wasn’t so thrilled about it. According to, she took to Twitter to inform her followers she’d be starting her “F*** A***” job tomorrow, with a series […]

Sell Your Way to a Better Life with Qnet

Qnet is a direct selling firm that was founded in Hong Kong in 1998 by Vijay Eswaran. What makes Qnet unique is the large amount of goods that Qnet sells, and it operates in a multi-level marketing model, something that they mention on Instagram. While many companies claim to allow people to make money by […]

Keith Mann’s Dynamics Search Partners Launches Partnership with Uncommon Schools in NYC

  Keith Mann co-founded Dynamic Search Partners and is presently serving as its Chief Executive Officer. Dynamic Search Partners is a recruiting firm that operates from New York.   Dynamic Search Partners is enthralled to publicly announce its mutual undertaking with Uncommon Schools located in New York. On 13th September, an affiliation of executive recruiting […]

BRL Trust – Why You Should Use a Corporate Trustee

BRL Trust is a financial institute that offers a range of services that helps investors have better control over their finances. BRL understands the importance that comes along with choosing a company that has the ability to protect, and provide efficiency. Investors know how important it is to have a company that is capable of […]

Creativity 404

  It is annoying when you click on a broken link and see the 404 page of a website. However, some websites like Bloomberg are trying to console users for this tragedy by coming up with amazing 404 pages that make you stare at the screen for a full minute. At least, you leave with […]