When Concern Crosses the Line

  A British group called Samaritans has recently made available a web app that attempts to predict emotional distress and possible suicidal tendencies on social media. This attempt to diagnose depressive behaviors via cyberspace is rife with risks. Firstly, social media is not an equal measure of behavior or attitude, as many people like Sergio […]

5 Tech Trends of 2015

5 Tech Trends of 2015 according to John Textor 1. Cheaper Television Sets The longer a technology is out, the cheaper it is. While many of us couch potatoes are happy with our 1080 pixel television sets, the new 4K TV sets will be dropping a lot more in price this year. These 4K televisions broadcast 4000 […]

5 More Tips for Faster W

  Earlier, we shared 5 great tips on how to increase your home’s WiFi signal. Since that was such a hit, Keith Mann decided to bring you 5 more great tips to increase your home’s WiFi signal. 1. Watch Where Router is Placed There are several things that can block or absorb your router’s signal. […]

Facebook Year in Review sometimes Painful for Users

Facebook is one of the top social networking sites available. People use the site to stay in contact with family and friends as well as to make new friends. Throughout any given year, people post pictures of their families, share how they feel and share good news with everyone on their friends list. Dr Rod […]

Facebook Review App causes New Year Unhappiness

For the majority of people like Bruce Levenson, the chance to review their year with their friends and family is being enjoyed with the ease and simplicity of the Facebook review of the year app. However, for others the app is causing major problems as this simple review option is causing unexpected memories and reminders […]

The Dire Future Of Internet Privacy

The Pew Research Center has recently conducted some surveys about the future of internet privacy. According to this organization, online life is becoming more transparent with each day. Many internet experts believe that privacy on the web will be something of a taboo in the near future. It’s becoming more difficult for people to maintain […]