Dan Newlin – The Powerhouse Personal Injury Attorney

Many people experience injuries due to none of their faults. Dealing with an injury resulting from another party’s negligence can be sometimes stressful. The good news, however, is that an individual does not have to live simply with the harm that was inflicted on them. One individual who can be of great help is an […]

Dan Newlin: A Florida-based Injury Attorney

My zeal has always leaned on serving the public. At 18 years, I was employed as an Emergency Medical Technician in Indiana, Chicago City. I had only been in this post for six months when I delivered a baby at the back of an ambulance. I later became a police official in New Chicago where […]

Understanding the Pillars of Profitable Business Startups

In business, any new undertaking can be a risk. Even though the understanding of business has grown more than ever, many times businesses fail because of a lack of understanding the fundamentals. Without a firm understanding of the various aspects of what makes a business run, and the understanding on how to execute and articulate […]

Yeon-mi Park Fights For North Korean Freedom

In 1993, a young girl was born into moderate privilege in Hyesan, North Korea. As the daughter of mid-level civil servants, her parents were able to still maintain a lifestyle for her that fewer and fewer parents in her country were able to provide for their children. But even governmental service can only protect individuals […]

First Priorities for New Dog Owners

When I first experienced the joy of dog ownership, I immediately rushed to learn everything I could about how to best take care of my dog. I borrowed books from the library about dog health and nutrition, obedience, training, and housing my new pup, Buddy. Buddy was full of personality, but also full of energy, […]

Kyle Bass: The Story of An Excessive Gambler

Kyle Bass founded his hedge fund, Hayman Capital Management in 2006. Bass rose to prominence by correctly predicting the subprime mortgage in 2008. However, in recent years, Bass’s star has faded, as he has made one bad call after another bad call. Bass has been routinely criticized for going on television while providing bad analysis. […]

Guidelines for the Best Experience While Dating Online

Finding a partner is fun with the introduction of online dating. The internet has opened up doors for many things and among them online dating has been facilitated heavily. More websites and applications have been developed to offer users a better experience while searching for love online. Getting the right partner, especially for shy individuals, […]

Why You Need Lime Crime in Your Life

Trying out a new brand and company of makeup can sometimes be scary, especially if it’s a makeup brand that is completely different from any other that you have tried in the past. One of the major reasons to give a new company a try is because of the fact that they might offer a […]