Fallout From Sony’s Data Breach Continues

In the face of its looming “Christmas Gift, another data leak promised by the hackers to be particularly ugly, Sony must now prepare itself for a class action suit brought by two former Sony Pictures employees. Filed against Culver City Studio in Las Angeles, the plaintiffs allege that Sony’s protection of their sensitive information was inadequate. At […]

Uber is Over in France

A new French law that will go into effect on January 1st, 2015, bans UberPop from offering services within France. Uber has also been banned of late in Spain, Thailand, and New Delhi, India. Uber uses a smart phone app to communicate with customers. It allows them to reserve cabs and to track the progress […]

Google Develops New CAPTCHA System

Google has announced that it has developed a new system to detect the multitude of differences between robots and humans, to avoid the botting of successful websites. Similar to the CAPTCHA system, this system will allow humans to access websites, and keep software robots out. Called the “No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA”, it requires humans to tick […]

Think Free! Think FreedomPop!

What do people look for when they buy a phone? They want good service and most of the time they prefer having wireless internet. But if funds are low, it’s hard to find a provider that carries what you want or need. Now there is. Introducing FreedomPop: which has received numerous press from tech industry […]

Mark Ahn Talks About Better Startup Success

Launching a startup is never, ever easy. The sad truth is the bulk of the startups launched only last a few years before meeting a painful end. To help entrepreneurs avoid such a disaster, Mark Ahn has some good advice. Per Ahn, startups and growing companies should look towards helpful consultants and advisors in order […]

Google to Close Google News in Spain

Google will close Google News in Spain on December 16 and will stop displaying contents of Spanish publishers in other editions of Google News, as a result of the reform of the Copyright Act.  This reform, adopted in late October 2013, and will be implemented January 1, provides that publishers receive compensation waived by aggregators and […]

The Skout App, An Overview for Skeptics

Skout is a mobile app and one of the largest social networks in the world. The app and site is primarily dedicated to meeting new people and dating, though one can just use it too keep in touch with friends and acquaintances if that is all they wish to use it for. The site states […]