Radiology – The Smart Approach to Cure

Radiology is a branch of medicine that lets a physician/therapist inspect the inside of a human body for illness diagnosis purpose. This involves X-rays and other procedures that produce still pictures of organs and bones. Radiology uses ionizing and non-ionizing radiation to detect the presence of tumor, organ anomalies or other health conditions. The imaging […]

Corinthian Colleges Shuts Down

Corinthian Colleges is a company that owns, among others, Everest and Heald College. These are chain colleges that are set up to make a profit, unlike standard colleges, which sometimes claim to be focused on things other than profit, despite the money they bring in. However, it appears that the for-profit model is not going […]

German Publishers Try to Make Ad Blocking Software a Crime

Surfing the internet used to mean having to see dozens of pop-up ads on nearly every website you visited. Now, most people use the handy and free ad blocking software, which tells you how many ads are blocked each you visit a web-page, which is a strangely satisfying experience. However, businesses don’t seem to feel […]

Google Changes Mobile Algorithm

In the world of Internet searches, what Google says often goes. On Tuesday, the tech company announced it was changing its search algorithm in order to improve the search results of websites that offer a mobile-friendly website to users. The boost is going to make the mobile version of websites appear higher on search results […]

Twitter Implements Privacy Policy to Treat Foreign Data Differently

The mega micro-blogging network Twitter has taken steps to separate data from the United States from data coming from other countries around the world. Their new privacy policy states that all non-US traffic will be routed though Dublin, Ireland and handled by Twitter International Company. United States traffic will still be handled by San Francisco […]

Verizon’s Argument Unsound

On Friday, April 10, a technology industry analyst firm founder and president, Jack E. Gold, provided Verizon with a semi-incoherent guest blog post about why unlimited wireless mobile plans are not necessary. Yesterday, Karl Bode forTechdirt noted the many flaws to Gold’s way of thinking and why the blog post seems like nothing more than […]

Court Says Facebook Can Be Used for Legal Notification

In an unprecedented move, Facebook has been deemed acceptable to send a divorce subpoena, so its really become impossible to hide from the law. Ellanora Biadoo sent her divorce petition via a private message on Facebook, and its all legal. Biadoo’s husband, Victor Sena Blood-Dzraku, avoided being notified by other means. The couple only maintained […]