Pixar Offering RenderMan for Free

One of the biggest challenges in finding a way to effectively get hands on experience with any type of special effects, computer animated films, or 3D mapping is the price barrier for efficient software. Budding developers and hobbyists are constantly looking for cost effective ways of getting more people involved with the development of CGI, […]

Law Enforcement Can Find You Anywhere with StingRay

Apparently, law enforcement can legally monitor conversations that take place through cell phones, according to an investigation by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) . Through a device called StingRay, law enforcement can utilize cell phone towers to identify and locate a suspect’s cell phone. This software can also capture information from any surrounding mobile […]

Facebook Allows Money Transfer With App

Facebook announced users in the US will soon be able to send money to friends via the Facebook instant messages app. The new tool joins an already crowded industry of pay services for a generation that increasingly utilizes mobile devices and carry little to no cash. This new functionality will allow family and friends to […]

Goodyear Creates Friction-Powered Tires

Driving your electric car or hybrid to a remote location where there is no possibility of plugging in for a recharge will not be a problem if left up to Goodyear. Introduced at the International Geneva Motor Show was an innovative prototype : a futuristic Gooddyear tire, capable of generating electricity by itself. Alexei Beltyukov […]

Twitter is Trying To Kill Meerkat

Over the past few weeks, a new video startup has started to grab people’s attention: Meerkat. The San Francisco startup allows individuals to livestream video over Twitter and its own social network. Since its launch, the app has been used to share everything from event video at conferences to short snippets of people’s cats playing […]