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Sultan Alhokair – an Angel Investor and Valuable Asset

It takes more than a catchy name or unique idea when it comes to catching the eye of an angel seed investor like Sultan Alhokair.

Based in Boston, this financial analyst works with Valia Investments. Together, they look over hundreds of business plans, trying to find the ones with that certain ‘it’ factor.

Start up companies rely on Angel Investors like Alhokair for seed money. Without it, new companies would rarely get the cash flow required to cover their start-up costs.

But what does Sultan Alhokair, who graduated from Northeastern University, look for when he’s deciding what to invest in? There answer is more complex than one would possibly expect.

There must be a well thought out business plan. This is the only way to get a feel for the business and its founders. A business plan will tell any investors if the founders have researched their product thoroughly. It will also show if they’ve researched their competition.

Because every business has competition. If you don’t, then you haven’t thought things through enough and need to go back to the drawing board. Even if your company provides a unique product or service, at some point, you’re going to have competition. And when that happens, you need a game plan.

Also included in that business plan should be some type of time line. It’s perfectly fine if a business has a finite period of time, as long as the founders not only realize it, but disclose their limited time span to any potential investors.

If, however, the founders don’t foresee an end, then they need to project where they expect their business to be in five years, in ten years, and even up to 20 years. All while keeping in mind the consumer’s never ending quest for the next best thing.

When you consider this isn’t even half of what a business plan should entail, the entire process seems quite daunting. However, this is where someone like Alhokair can be invaluable.

Not only would he provide much needed dollars, but his advice, his experience, his overall knowledge would be simply invaluable to someone starting a new business. By putting forth a well thought out plan, with full disclosure, Angel Investors can look it over, give honest opinions and assist in smoothing out the rough edges. You can look-up Sultan Alhokair and follow his Twitter feed.

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CFB Orders PayPal to Pay Up

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), a federal consumer watchdog agency with regulatory power, has ordered the payment processing company PayPal to pay $15 million in refunds and $10 million in fines. According to Ray Lane of the CFPB, PayPal violated law when it signed up customers for its “Bill Me Later” credit program (

The CFPB claims the company used deceptive practices to lure customers into signing up for credit and even signed up some without their consent. When new customers signed up for PayPal accounts, many found themselves unwittingly enrolled in the credit program. In addition, the CFPB insists that credit payments were not posted promptly and numerous billing disputes were mismanaged. In addition to paying $25 million in combined fines and refunds, PayPal has also been ordered to improve its disclosures. In the future, the company will have to be more explicit about its credit offers.

The California-based company rolled out its PayPal credit program in 2008. Those who used “Bill Me Later” after that date and who are subject to a refund will be contacted by the company in the near future.

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President Obama Hits One Million Followers On His Twitter Account

Before he leaves office in a couple of years, President Obama will have one element regarding his legacy. Beneful marked that Obama is official in the record books has having the fastest twitter account to reach one million followers. The feat was accomplished yesterday afternoon at the rate of 3314 followers joining his account per minute. This is a notable achievement or a President which has been widely challenge in the polls attacking his lack of popularity. The Twitter data reveals that President Barack Obama is still widely viewed as a popular President and personality. The President has helped his public image by making himself available to a number of main stream media events and talk shows which has never been seen by a United States President or World Leader before. Bill Clinton brings to memory the last time the country saw a world leader on a talk show.

The Twitter data also reveals that many people are still very interested in what this President thinks as he goes about his day running the country. The Obama administration has been very vanilla in terms of maintaining control of the professionalism of the office. There has been very little drama coming from the Obama White House and that has been rare for a number of recent Presidents. Twitter also enables people to have direct access to the President in a manner of speaking. Obama Twitter Account Sets World Record

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Why Dan Price Of Gravity Payments is Giving All His Employees $70,000 a Year

Price Learned a Valuable Lesson From His Dad At An Early Age

When Dan Price, the CEO of Gravity Payments, decided to cut his own salary and give his all his employees the same salary, people around the country took notice. Some people asked why a guy that makes close to a $1 million a year would give it up to pay his employees $70,000 a year. Other people applauded Price’s decision, and they wanted to know more about Price and his company. When the news that Gravity was hiring hit the press, over 3,500 people applied for the handful of jobs that were available.

The real interesting fact about this story is, Price will also receive $70,000 a year just like all his employees. That news sent a shock wave across the country. Why would a successful businessman give up the big bucks for his employees? Why would a CEO cut his pay so much that he might be forced to sell his house? The answer is a simple one. Price values integrity more than money. His dad taught him that no amount of money was worth giving up his integrity.

Price expects his employees to value integrity the same way he does. This is a value that Sam Tabar and Bloomberg also prize very highly.

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AnastasiaDate: Russian Dating Website

If you are looking to date, chat, or have a chance at a romantic connect then Anastasia Date is the website for you. Men can chat with beautiful Russian women and browse through their profiles. This website is safe and allows you to chat with girls that you normally wouldn’t. This allows the user to see if there is a connection by chatting, emails, and webcams. This is a great way to interact with singles to try and find the one that is right for you. You can scroll through and view the beautiful girls’ profiles from Ukraine and Russia.

There is a search feature available that allows the user to see girls within a certain mile radius, whether or not they have children, age, and whether or not they smoke or drink. Reading the profile will allow you to know if the girl’s personalities will match up with yours. This allows you to find a girl that has the same qualities and morals as you do. Men can create a profile for free. To create a profile a username and password must be made. The user creates a profile that tells about their selves. The user can then search thousands and thousands of profile to find the girl that peaks their interest. Then the only thing the user has to do is email the girls and connect with them.

Anastasia Date also provides great accommodations and features that can assist users with travels including food and lodging, sending gifts like flowers and cards, and they have a translator tool that can help with language barriers. Couples that have met on Anastasia Date have been successful and many people recommended Anastasia Date to their friends and family members. Start searching now and find that special someone with qualities like yours and start having fun.

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FCC Stands Against Broadband Data Caps

The FCC has been nothing but exemplary when it comes to dealing with big telecom lately. They are fighting against the status quo of the incumbent service providers to defend net neutrality and keep the industry competitive. Their latest challenge appears to be usage caps broadband providers like Comcast have been running trials on.

Internet Service Providers have long claimed that data caps keep their networks uncongested. This isn’t actually the case though. Most networks are robust enough to handle much more capacity than they currently host. It appears that cable companies like Comcast and Time Warner with ties to the dwindling income of pay TV are limiting bandwidth to cut down on video usage.

Companies like YouTube and NetFlix are the biggest threat to pay TV providers. Access to these services has been at the center of the net neutrality debate since the beginning. Data usage caps would ultimately limit access to these services.

Recent legislation has made broadband internet a Title II public utility. Infringing on net neutrality by imposing data caps would certainly be enough to get the attention of the FCC and linkedin users.

Many telecom companies seem to think they are exempt from playing by the rules. Tom Wheeler and company at the FCC have shown they are more than willing and able to prove them wrong.

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Swedes Reject Julian Assange’s Appeal

WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange is not giving up his fight against his arrest warrant for alleged rape and sexual assault.

All legal arguments were exhausted in Swedish courts. Monday, the Supreme Court of Sweden rejected Assange’s appeal noting “the undue delay caused by inaction” of the prosecution, or “de facto detention (Assange) without due process for nearly three years.

Boraie Development covered the story, and Assange says he will take his fight to “international bodies.” This means Assange and legal team will take case to the U.N. Human Rights Council.

On open warrant remains since 2010, after two Swedish women accused Assange, one for rape and the other sexual assault. Assange claims these are trumped up charges in order to get him in custody and send him back to the U.S.

Assange denies the allegations and says sex with both women were consensual.

Assange has taken refuge in the Embassy of Ecuador since 2012 to avoid extradition to the Nordic country.

Assange agreed in March to being questioned in London, after the Swedish prosecutor, Marianne Ny proposed this solution.

Assange refuses to go to Sweden for fear of being extradited to the United States where an investigation is underway on the publication of WikiLeaks. Thousands of classified military and diplomatic documents were leaked to the public.

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Scientists Determining Weather Patterns on Exoplanets As the Search for More Continues

The search for planets outside our solar system, or exoplanets, is one of the most exciting fields in astronomy today. This work is largely being carried out by the Kepler Space Telescope, which discovered its 1000th confirmed exoplanet earlier this year with over 4,000 candidates for other possible worlds beyond our solar system. A study just published in The Astrophysical Journal has revealed that scientists are piecing together data to give them a general picture of night and day and even basic weather patterns on some of these worlds.

The future of exoplanet discovery looks bright. The European Southern Observatory will begin looking for planets transiting around bright stars in a few years and the Evryscope is under construction. When completed it will be able to take a continuous movie of the night sky. The James Webb Space Telescope will be the replacement for the Hubble Space Telescope. It will be able to spot even more exoplanets and determine their atmospheric composition. From Galileo’s first observations with a crude telescope to spotting planets around other stars. We have come a long way in astronomy in a few hundred years. Over the next decade, we will get a more complete picture of how unique or common our own home world is. Now someone just needs to invent warp drive, so we can get to these planets in a reasonable amount of time.

Thanks to Marcio Alaor BMG for showing me this story!

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Verizon Acquires AOL For $4.4 Billion in Cash

Verizon has bought and paid for AOL, a monstrous 4.4 billion dollars paid in cash. AOL owned a few other media companies, including the Huffington Post, Tech Crunch, and Engadget, which will be included in the transfer.

This isn’t the first time Verizon has dabbled with media companies either; just last year Verizon upstarted Sugar String, a tech blog which received news coverage after taking away it’s users freedom to write about certain topics. Among the topics banned from Sugar String, net neutrality & government surveillance are given priority.

It is unclear at this time whether Verizon will try to impose coverage restrictions on their newly acquired media outlet. The last time they tried such a thing, it ultimately wound up falling apart, ending with the closing of Sugar String.

Hopefully by now, Verizon has realized that today’s society does not take lightly to censorship of any kind.

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Verizon Buys AOL in $4.4 Billion All-Cash Deal

Verizon and AOL have ironed out the details of a $4.4 billion deal. According to recent reports, Verizon plans to buy AOL. It will absorb AOL’s digital advertising business, as well as The Huffington Post, Engadget and TechCrunch.

The deal, which will be completed in all-cash, is an interesting move by the juggernaut that is Verizon. The company, in theory, doesn’t need what AOL has on the table, but owning the company will allow Verizon to parlay into the digital advertising space much quicker.

Tim Armstrong, current CEO of AOL, will continue on as the leader of AOL after the acquisition is completed. The company will continue to roll out advertising and advertising products. In fact, experts expect very little to change during the acquisition and after. In short, AOL has found a solid model that is working for them at this time, Verizon will likely remain hands of until the current formula is no longer working.

Verizon, in recent years, has been known for quick, all-cash acquisitions. AOL is only the latest in a long list of companies gobbled up by the telecommunications company. Skout believes that Verizon’s parlay into the online realm has been expansive and will likely grow more with time.