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Looking For New Friends? Skout Is Here To Help With Their Travel Feature

Taking a vacation has become easier to accomplish with the help of the new app from Skout called Skout Travel. This new platform for meeting people from different areas or even countries has become very popular among the tech savvy of the population wishing to connect with a larger number of people in different areas of the world according to the article reported on PR Newswire.

Many people plan their travel accommodations, hotels, entertainment, and meetings using their mobile devices. Skout is introducing these travelers to a new way of connecting with the other members of the Skout community that live in that area. This allows the traveler to essentially meet and communicate with people who are from the area that the traveler is interested in visiting. Often this type of communication culminates with long-term friendships and communication.

The way that this app is designed to work is to connect virtual travelers with other Skout users who are located in the traveler’s destination plans. Once the traveler is connected to the desired city, they are instantly connected with people from that area. Through communication with the inhabitants of the desired city, users are able to get information about the city, entertainment, restaurants, or any other information that the traveler is seeking.

These communications often result in a face-to-face meeting during the traveler’s trip. This offers tremendous benefits to the traveler. Not only will they have an idea of what the city is like and has to offer, they will have an acquaintance to look forward to meeting and interacting with. Seeing the sites and experiencing a new city is much less intimidating if the traveler has a companion to spend the time with who knows the area and what it has to offer.

Skout has developed the largest global platform for meeting new people on social networking. The Skout community is available in over 180 countries and can be utilized in 14 different languages. This app by the San Francisco based company founded in 2007 has been utilized over ten million times since it’s first release 15 months ago.

When it comes to the ultimate experience in virtual mobile communication, Skout has come up with the perfect bridge between travelers and social networking. Virtual travelers are sure to fall in love with this app that will take them all over the world with just the click of their mouse


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Facebook has practically dominated the entire. Everywhere you go, Facebook has its place in it, and it will even more encompassing when it will launch Facebook at Work. 

It’s a known fact that a lot of work places ban the access of Facebook due to productivity issues and company confidentiality. The disadvantages of Facebook might be causing the companies to restrict their employees from accessing it but the social network’s features present some very useful elements in the field of work. It has been said on that Slow Ventures is in agreement with Facebook at work launch.

The chat feature and the real-time News Feed is a very efficient way of communicating with other workers and releasing announcements. Of course, Facebook is aware of this and thus have been working for quite some time in creating Facebook fit for work. They will be offering Facebook applications that can be used for work. 

It will be registered for a specific company and all employees would be able to open Facebook through the application. The important features of Facebook would be retained but the newsfeed and the chat will only concern the work operations. Users who already have Facebook accounts don’t have to create new accounts to use the app, it’s just that the content will be limited.

Other companies have already ventured into company communication systems like Google, and Microsoft. They’ve all released products for a lot of companies and have gained a lot of revenue in that area.

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Google Domains for Sale

Google Domains have been available for quite some time now. The only problem was that it was not open to the public. You only get to have a registered Google Domain if you have an invitation. 

Now, the registration service for Google Domains is finally open as beta in the United States. GoDaddy is currently the top provider of domain registration services. The regular price for the domain registration starts at only $12 per year, which is said to be a reasonable price based on Lee G. Lovett research. The service also comes with additional features such as email forwarding to Gmail, domain forwarding, and having support for sub domains.

For an additional price, extra services can be availed such as support and integration for Squarespace, Wix, and Weebly. For Blogger users, the domain registration also includes linking a new domain to an existing blog.

Since it is still on its beta state, Google is taking in valuable feedback and suggestions regarding on how to improve the services that they provide and ideas on other features to integrate. 

The dashboard is constantly being improved and support for domain name endings is still expanding. Web developers who are more comfortable with using templates from other web developing services are providing important suggestions in how to streamline the whole process. 

This is great news for web developers who are always on the lookout for reliable and trusted domain registration services. Announcement is yet to be released regarding international domains registered under Google Domains.

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MySpace Still Drawing Serious Traffic Numbers

Back before Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus were fighting for users in the social media arena, a web site called MySpace was all the rage. Now the site sits as a mostly forgotten part of internet lore, where people tell stories about how much they loved using it and sharing various things. Of course, the site also serves as a case study for social media by illustrating just how fast things can change and underscoring just how quickly users can shift to other sites.

One problem with the line of thinking that comes into play with MySpace, and that is the fact the site draws 50 million people every month, according to That’s a whole lot of users for a web site that was supposed to be a thing of the past. In fact, MySpace generated more than 300 million video views in November of 2014, and that is a serious statistic for any website. So the old social media could become a new thing again, thanks to the one billion registered users that still have accounts.

With information being the new way to make a company successful, Fersen Lambranho, a social media researcher says, having access to that many users and the email addresses that come with them makes MySpace something of a potential major player on the internet according to GP Advisors. Could the site see a resurgence in popularity? With that many monthly viewers, it already has, and nobody even seemed to notice. It is hard to say what the future might hold, but it could be big. Again.

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Vijay Eswaran Goes From Driving a London Taxi to CEO of the Year

In 2013, when Vijay Eswaran picked up his award as the CEO of the Year at the Malaysian Business Awards a remarkable journey from traveling across Europe to one of Malaysia’s top businessmen was completed. Eswaran has seen the company he founded, the QI Group go from strength to strength over recent years as he negotiated and thrived in the competitive world of multi level marketing. The journey Eswaran has undertaken is made all the more remarkable when the full story of his days traveling across Europe working odd jobs to make ends meet was revealed.

Eswaran was not one of the elite when he was born, with his childhood often described as difficult because of the need for his father to move around Malaysia working for the Ministry of Labor. By the time Vijay Eswaran had completed school he had lived in many different areas of the country and departed for the London School of Economics, which began what appears to be a period of a nomadic lifestyle that he enjoyed for some time in his youth. Eswaran then moved around Europe, his many positions included picking fruit in France, construction work in Belgium and cab driving in London.

Eswaran claims it was in the UK that he was first introduced to the many different types of marketing systems that he has now developed into his successful QI Group. Not wanting to simply enter the marketing World without any qualifications or training, Eswaran studied marketing in both the UK and US to make sure he had all the available information to found and make a success of the QI Group. Founding the company in 1998, Eswaran has led a growing team until he now heads a company employing over 1,000 people and with a presence in a number of countries around the World. Upon accepting his award, Eswaran made sure he thanked all his employees and claimed the award was as much a sign of their success as his own.

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Life Sciences Students Can Look to Mark Ahn for Career Guidance

In colleges and universities around the globe, many college students are working hard to earn an undergraduate or graduate degree in the areas of life sciences, biotechnology or other related fields. Some know without a doubt that they want to enter into a field of research or to pursue other efforts. Others, however, may be wondering what efforts they can make to be most successful in their careers. Success may be described by some based on the amount of income earned, but others measure success by the impact the individual has had on society or their industry. Those students who want to achieve great things with their own careers may consider taking a closer look at professor Mark Ahn for career guidance.

Who Is Mark Ahn?

Mark Ahn is a well-respected biotechnology and life sciences professional who has been working in the field for more than two decades. While he is well known and respected in both the public and private sector, students who have not yet ventured outside of the academic world may not be aware of his many contributions. By learning more about his efforts in both public and private sectors, you may be inspired to move forward with your career in a number of ways after you graduate. Keep in mind, however, that Ahn has a doctorate in his field and has studied at some of the most notable schools in the world.

A Closer Look at the Career of Mark Ahn

With his lengthy and successful career, Mark Ahn is an excellent professional to look to for career guidance. In the private sector, he has served in executive and leadership roles, offering guidance and seeking financing and grants for a wide range of projects, including those focused on breast cancer research. His positions have included those with companies like Amgen, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, Genentech, Galena Biopharma and several others. In the academic world, he has served as a professor in several schools, and he has peer-reviewed more than 50 books and articles. In addition, he has penned several of his academic papers, including those related to the state of the biopharma industry, AIDS and other topics.

Mark Ahn is just one of several highly accomplished professionals in the field. With his vast and diverse experience, he is a great role model for students who are currently enrolled in school and who are looking for insight about career options after graduation.

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Recession-Proof Andrew Heiberger: Still Going Strong

The real estate market in New York is once again healthy, if not robust, especially in high end dwellings. This is due, in part, to the migration of professionals to downtown offices and residences. Experts in real estate also say that the very wealthy, the people who can afford $500,000 plus homes, were able to reallocate their assets during the recent recession. Whatever the reason, brokers like Andrew Heiberger have weathered the bad times quite well.

Heiberger has been in real estate since he was 16 and helped his mother and father trade and sell properties in Long Island. Andrew’s mother is still in real estate. He attended the University of Michigan, earning a bachelor’s degree and then went on to obtain a J.D. from the University Of Miami School Of Law. He is licensed to practice law in New York as well as being a licensed real estate broker in the state.

In 1994, Andrew Heiberger founded Citi Habitats, his first real estate firm. In ten years, the company grew from 10 brokers to more than one thousand brokers and staff in twenty Manhattan offices. In 2004, NRT Incorporated acquired Citi Habitats and Heiberger founded Buttonwood Development, a company whose flagship property is Greenwich Club Residences, a 452 unit upscale condo development with 52,000 square feet of commercial space. He named the corporation for the street on which he lived as a child. In 2001, Ernst and Young named Heiberger as the Entrepreneur of the Year. He is a member of the Real Estate Board of New York and serves on its board of governors.

Andrew Heiberger lives in New York with his children and continues to acquire property in New York, developing luxury residences throughout the metropolitan area. Town Residential, which he founded in 2010, was included in “The Real Deal” list of top ten Manhattan brokerages within a year of its inception. Crain’s “Best Places to Work” list also numbers Town Residential.

In addition to his professional life, Heiberger is a prodigious donor to charities and foundations. He supports The Fresh Air Fund, the Princess Margaret Hospital, the Max Cure Foundation and Make-A-Wish, among others. He loves traveling and plays golf; he enjoys tennis, basketball and football. Heiberger states, though, that his greatest enjoyment is being a father. Make sure you check out his Facebook to keep learning more.

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Sam Tabar: Qualified Capital Strategist and Attorney

New York City is home to many of the most knowledgable and dedicated individuals of finance and law; Sam Tabar is one of the finest among them. He is a capital strategist and an attorney with not only an impressive education, but a thorough resume with prominent experience. After graduating from Oxford University in 2000, Tabar went to Columbia Law School where he was an Associate Editor of the Columbia Business Law Review. After his graduation from Columbia, he immediately began working hard to build his career as he joined Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP, one of the most prestigious, largest, and highest grossing firms in the world.

In 2004, Sam Tabar would prove his versatility as he eventually left the law firm to join the financial industry with PMA Investment Advisors, a unit of Sparx Group Co. based in Hong Kong. As the Managing Director & Co-Head of Business Development, Tabar managed global marketing for a $2 billion hedge fund, assisted the firm with raising $1.2 billion in assets, and provided a personal rolodex of over 2000 potential qualified investors.
In 2011, Tabar became Director and Head of Capital Strategy in the Asia-Pacific region for Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

He built them a rolodex of over 1,250 institutional investors, and managed the entire capital allocations cycle between fund managers and investors. Like many of his other jobs, this entailed providing counsel to the firm’s hedge fund clients. He left the firm in 2012, and became the Director of Adanac LLC, BVI, investing in properties and start-ups. After a brief hiatus from law, a few years later from 2013 to 2014, he joined Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP as a Senior Associate.

After becoming proficient in his work with hedge fund formation and structure, investment management, collective bargaining, private placement, and issues of employment, regulation, and compliance, Sam Tabar has successfully fused the worlds of law and investments. He once said, “Regulatory scrutiny is increasing. Investors are more sophisticated and therefore more demanding. This leads hedge funds to want the highest quality legal advice.” Perhaps this explains why so many are seeking his experience and counsel.

You can also find Sam Tabar on YouTube where he talks about business as well.

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When Concern Crosses the Line


A British group called Samaritans has recently made available a web app that attempts to predict emotional distress and possible suicidal tendencies on social media. This attempt to diagnose depressive behaviors via cyberspace is rife with risks.

Firstly, social media is not an equal measure of behavior or attitude, as many people like Sergio Andrade Gutierrez will not post if they are having a bad day. For many users, social media posts are skewed to the positive, so the measure is false.

Secondly, the risk of damage by amateur diagnosticians and concerned but misguided friends could increase the risk of isolation felt by a person who may or may not have been depressed.

Finally, and more sinisterly, these diagnostic tools could be used by web-trolls to further victimize and isolate the sufferer. Additionally, should health insurance providers ever choose to dig into the on-line presence of their consumers, sufferers could be penalized or denied access to needed care due to claims of pre-existing conditions.

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5 Tech Trends of 2015

5 Tech Trends of 2015 according to John Textor

1. Cheaper Television Sets

The longer a technology is out, the cheaper it is. While many of us couch potatoes are happy with our 1080 pixel television sets, the new 4K TV sets will be dropping a lot more in price this year. These 4K televisions broadcast 4000 pixels, giving you unbelievable resolution and clarity.

2. Connected Cars

These days, everything connects with everything else. More and more, your car will become as connected as the rest of your digital life. Google already has a prototype car that can drive itself. 

3. Home Connection

Not only your car, but your home is going to be even more connected. Things like garage doors, HVAC and more will all be connected soon. 

4. Energy Management

More appliances like dryers, washers and fridges will be more connected in the future. They will be able to sense how to save more energy by themselves. 

5. Wearable Technology

Some of these nifty products have already hit the shelves. Gadgets like smart watches and Google Glass are already available, but in the coming year there will be even more wearable tech out there. Watch for the high tech diapers, complete with QR code.