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Keith Mann’s Dynamics Search Partners Launches Partnership with Uncommon Schools in NYC


Keith Mann co-founded Dynamic Search Partners and is presently serving as its Chief Executive Officer. Dynamic Search Partners is a recruiting firm that operates from New York.


Dynamic Search Partners is enthralled to publicly announce its mutual undertaking with Uncommon Schools located in New York. On 13th September, an affiliation of executive recruiting officers from Dynamic Search Partners, together with their CEO, Keith Mann, had a get-together with the senior students for a whole day purposely meant for resume development in Crown Heights Charter high school. The group of 5 associates from Dynamic Search Partners held two workshops that mainly talked about resume development. They had a one-on-one conversation with the students where they personally taught and advised them about reviewing and editing resumes, which would help them so much in securing university admissions at the start of this fall.


Keith Mann confirmed that they were amused to be undertaking something valuable in Uncommon School. He proceeded to state that they had experienced a great day walking around the school premises, participating in classes plus having meetings with senior students. It was enthusing to realize the manner those students were encouraged to join college. They asked significant questions and were also prepared to discover how best to set themselves for tertiary education, internships and future occupations.


Mann stated that they viewed tMhat as a beginning of an amazing association with Uncommon Schools and its students. They highly praised the innovation and determination to academic supremacy in the institution and anticipated to have close effective relationship with the students this year and positively for many years to come.


In rejoinder for the kind and innovative initiative of DSP, the counselor and also collegiate prep tutor of Uncommon High School, Carolyn Laurenza stated that the entire school fraternity of the school had cherished having the Dynamic Search Partners with them and would like to have more meetings with them if possible other times in future. She went on saying that DSP gave knowledge and advice to their senior students which made them effervescent with zest during the workshops and afterwards as well. Two seniors actually said that that initiative was the best thing they had experienced in the entire year. Most of them were astonished once they were informed that they could send their resumes to DSP to be assessed in the course of that year so as to receive more feedback. The students had super excitement!

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BRL Trust Helps You Manage Investments

When you need investment management assistance, BRL Trust is the only bank to use in Brazil. You may have investments that sit in stock markets all over the world, or you may have monies that you have inherited that you need to manage. BRL Trust is a full-service conglomerate that is going to help you at every point of the investment process. You can ask them to aid you in any part of the process, and you can ask them to hold your money for you like a bank.

The Brokers

BRL Trust has brokers that will help you manage your investments in markets all over the planet. You may be invested in the commodities markets in Europe, or you may be invested in the stock markets in America. Any combination of these investment options is easier for BRL Trust to handle because they have the reach to do all these things at once.

The Money Management

When you need to find a place to hold your money with a good yield, you can use the savings options through BRL Trust. As noted on WebNode, BRL Trust works like a bank in that it can use your money as an investment tool and give you a yield every month that you can use as income. This is a very safe way to invest, and it is a very simple way to invest your money.

At the end of the day, BRL Trust is a company that you will be able to use to handle all your investments. You can park your money with the company to get small dividends, or you can use their brokers to get help with investing in other markets around the world. The company is a full-service firm that does anything you need it to do to make your money work for you.

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BRL Trust – Why You Should Use a Corporate Trustee

BRL Trust is a financial institute that offers a range of services that helps investors have better control over their finances. BRL understands the importance that comes along with choosing a company that has the ability to protect, and provide efficiency.

Investors know how important it is to have a company that is capable of offering quality control, monitoring and collection of it’s operations. That is why BRL Trust continues to strive to deliver these qualities, and will continue to do so for the sake of the investor.

Trustee Services

BRL offers trustee services that aim at distributing income and principal to beneficiaries. We are responsible for following the terms specified by the grantor. Even though it is optional to name yourself, choosing a trusted financial institution like BRL can help intrust that future generations benefit from the prudence,continuity and professionalism that BRL can provide.

We know how important it is to partner with the right financial institution when it comes to handling your trust. It’s all about choosing a company that knows how to handle significant responsibility for the well being of current and future beneficiaries. We handle the investment management of your assets, as well as making investment decisions, weighing requests, monitoring investment managers, and making potentially hard decisions. BRL also has experience in recordkeeping which is highly important when it comes to accounting, preparation of filing annual taxes, and receipt disbursement of income and principal for your assets.

Working with BRL allows for grantors to focus more on the disbursement of their asset, and less on their family. Many people tend to allow a family member to become their trustee, which could create charged emotions. It could also cause the family member to act objectively when it comes to how your trust is handled. Taking on a company such as BRL can cut away from the tension by giving unbiased decisions

BRL provides continuity which can be beneficial in many ways. Allowing an established financial institution such as BRL can help create responsive actions by keeping up with family changes and making appropriate changes to your trust as needed.

Prudence is a top concern when it comes to figuring out who, what, when and how to disperse your assets. Privacy is important and BRL understands that. Grantors are respected and their financial matters are treated with just as much respect.

We understand how difficult it can be to entrust a financial institute with your personal and business assets. Our company has the know how, and proper expertise to not only help you better control your assets, we have the ability to make sure you are comfortable with every decision that you make.


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The Antique Wine Company Fine and Rare Wine

The Antique Wine Company, based in London has been dealing in fine and rare wines and courtesy their brilliance in the taste and quality of their produced wine they enjoy to vendor to more than 20000 customers who are situated in more than 70 countries. The company produces exceptionally fine wine and has currently more than 10000 wine bottles as inventory in their cellar. Not to mention, the company finds itself as record holder for containing the most number of wine bottles as collection.

The company was found back in the year 1982, as mentioned earlier in the city of London. The region is Marylebon in the central London where the ground breaking of the company took place. The company holds the record of having sold the most expensive white wine ever, the wine bottle under discussion is the 1811 Chateau d’Yquem and the price that it was sold on is a steep 75000 pounds. The buyer of the wine intends not to sell it forwards nor does he intend to make an investment out of it, rather he intends to drink it saying that “wine is for drinking” and that he has worked hard to earn this money, rather than having taken the money right out of his packed wallet.

In the year 2013, AWC Global PLC which is a Public Limited Company based in London became the parent company of the Antique Wine Company’s regional trading corporations. Currently, it is engaged in a program expanding years to cater traditional and antique wine markets. Another shining part of their portfolio is that they provided fine antique vintage wines to the former president of the United States, H. W. Bush who turned 70 years. To make things up to the event, the vintage wines were also 70 years old.

The company made a purchase worth 110000 pounds at the auction of Hospices de Beaune in which the purchased lot contained 460 liters of the rare Corton red wine. Apart from simply selling off rare and fine wines, the company also specializes in the provision of classes for mastering wine sciences and in planning the constructions of cellars for the purpose of wine production. Company CEO Stephan Williams said that what he aimed for was to make a wine that people would like to buy time and again after having tasted it once. The staff of the company comprises of just 15 people and the turn out that he expects from the company courtesy his efforts is more than 20 million pounds.

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Creativity 404


It is annoying when you click on a broken link and see the 404 page of a website. However, some websites like Bloomberg are trying to console users for this tragedy by coming up with amazing 404 pages that make you stare at the screen for a full minute. At least, you leave with a smile on your lips. The following are some amazing 404 pages on the internet that Lins Andrade released yesterday

• Hot Dot – The 404 page of Hot Dot has ‘404’ written with the help of tiny dots that respond to the movements of your mouse.

• Bluegg – Bluegg has captured your agony at landing on a 404 page perfectly by offering you a goat screaming like a human. It is usual for humans with humor to watch the goat at least 3 times before silently trudging back to the rest of the internet.

• Magnt – Magnt’s 404 page is actually pretty clever, complete with a Venn diagram showing that the 404 page appeared because ‘you can’t type’ and ‘we broke something’. There is also a call to action there.

• GitHub – GitHub has amazing 404 and 500 pages for its geeky audience base. The 404 page uses parallax effect and Star Wars to get you on board.

• Tumblr – This is the website where art meets sass, and the 404 page mirrors that. The background is Tumblr blue but the message is dripping with sassy subtexts.

If you have a website, use the above examples to create an amazing 404 page for your users to laugh at.

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Mark Ahn Points to Office and Business Tech Trends for 2015

Tech trends come and go, so being on the forefront of these different rends is extremely important. Mark Ahn, Ph.D. has been in the business world for over 20 years now, although he has also served in the armed forces and in academia. With extensive leadership experience, Mark has a very interesting insight onto what the market is going to determine as the most important and valuable tech trends for 2015.

First of all, caring is essential for any sort of modern tech. The designers need to not only care about the product itself but it needs to prove assistance to those who use it. It is easy to see the difference between a tech service designed just to make money and one that the designers truly cared about. When a product is cared for, it is going to develop and become something far more important to users. With the growing of different tech fields, Mark Ahn points out that it is these carefully designed products that are sure to become much more beneficial and influential in the coming year.

Beyond this, while brand new tech is not always likely, new approaches at old problems is. There are all sorts of different problems out there that have been using the same method of solving the issue for years, if not decades. It just takes the right development of technology to save both time and money, which in turn is sure to make it that much more valuable and beneficial for any office or business.

On top of it all, companies need to look towards the little guys. This is because it is the small tech companies that are actually developing the most creative technology. It just doesn’t always become implemented into modern tech until a larger company buys it up.

This article is courtesy of PR Newswire.

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Can Women Make Inroads In The Employment Market?

The good news for women in the working world is that they are completely able to make the inroads that they need to in order to make a big difference in their lives and the lives of their loved ones. Already, nearly half of the workforce is made up of women. This is the highest number in the history of the country. However, since only 14.6% of women are currently holding executive positions, Susan McGalla believes that it is a good idea to go over some ideas that may help put more women in those positions.

Higher Education Is A Must

Higher education used to be something that was generally optional. There was once a point in time when those who graduated from high school could secure a good paying job and make a living for their family. This is not really the case anymore at this point. There are too many jobs that require a higher education in order to work there. With this in mind, women should attain a higher education.

Project Confidence To Succeed

Confidence is a must in the workplace. It is something that helps people gain respect and often helps them to climb up the ranks of their particular profession. It is a good idea for women to project confidence in their work and try to show this to their superiors. It can be the difference between those who advance in their career and those who are not able to do this.

The Glass Ceiling Must Be Ignored

The glass ceiling looms large for a lot of women in the workplace. It is a sad reality that this ceiling does exist. However, some of the most successful women in the workforce are those who are able to ignore this glass ceiling and move forward on their plans to be successful in the workforce regardless of the glass ceiling.

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John Textor’s Business Adventures

John Textor is a Chairman of Pulse Evolution Corporation, and the President Head of Studios. He is essentially accountable for exceptional projects, strategic corporations, venue connections and relationships with important media Companies. During May 2006 to August 2012, Textor was Chairman and CEO of Digital Domain Productions and Chairman of its parent company, Digital Domain Media Group. Digital
Domain was establish again and advertised leader in visual effects. Simultaneously the companies were accountable for the visual effects of a significant amount of feature films. Approximately 25 were finalized during John Textor’s leadership. Such as Transformers, The Island, Flags of our Fathers, Reel Steel, and Pirates of the Caribbean at World’s End.

During 2009 he received an Award for Achievement in Visual Effects, recognized as the “Holy Grail of Animation”. Its digital effects were very high-quality, that during the long show it was voted on, and received an Award for Best Make Up from the Academy voters.

In 2012 another highpoints during Textor’s ownership included the finished primer of a digital Tupac Shakur at the Coachella Valley Music festival. A combined envision for the digital resurrection of Elvis Presley. They had a lot of acquaintances of theirs ask when will there be a concert? This kind of performance is just as exciting as the real thing, especially for those who didn’t see him perform a live concert. They are able to use their Florida based business, north of San Francisco. This is where John Textor”s generated image headquarters is located. It may be time consuming and a lot of work to develop a live concert in digital effects, but it defiantly can be done.

John Textor resigned from working as CEO for Digital Domain, but continued working in the field of digital effects. In and around 2013 John Textor was the Producer and Executive Producer of “Ender’s Game”. A science fiction film. He also produced “Art Story”, an animated feature film that was developed by Disney veteran filmmakers.

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Famed Investor Sam Tabar’s 2015 Investment Recommendations

Famed lawyer, investor and businessman Sam Tabar is out with his 2015 recommendations which have been profiled on a report by CNBC. While he provides some traditional advice, he also gave a few out of the box ideas to make this year the best yet for investors.

Firstly, Tabar recommends that novice or amateur investors stick to what they know best and invest in diversified, stock market or mutual fund investments. Diversification tends to provide more consistent, stable and positive returns over time. A broad swath of the market including cyclical and non-cyclical firms

On the other hand, Tabar advises to keep out of commodity markets if you are not an expert. While oil, gas, gold and other commodities are in the news, they are not to be played by most retail investors. These products are extremely volatile and can quickly erase a sizable investment. While volatile commodities provide the potential for huge gains in a short period of time, odds are that an investor without the appropriate education, market expertise or in-depth knowledge will not be able to capitalize on these potential gains.

Tabar also recommends investing in the growing world of socially conscious enterprises. He personally invested in a socially conscious private company called THINX which is a women’s undergarment manufacturer that also donates sanitary cloth pads to supply needy young women in Africa.

While private enterprise investing may be a little more risky, it can provide alternative psychological and moral benefits to the investor. In addition, social investments continue to grow with more companies taking in more funding, providing a bright future for the industry. Entrepreneurs continue to innovate in the social enterprise space, with more people leverage new technologies and the internet to provide ground breaking solutions.

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Best Diagnostic, Best Treatment, Best Doctors-All That With Existing Insurance

North American Spine, conveniently located on North Central Expressway in Dallas, is a clinic specializing in minimally invasive spine surgery to treat neck and back pain.

Conditions treated at North American Spine are the following.
1. Herniated or Bulging Disc
2. De-generative Disc
3. Facet Joint Syndrome
4. Failed Back Surgery Syndrome
5. Foraminal Stenosis
6. Pinched Nerve
7. Radiculopathy
8. Sciatica
9. Spinal Stenosis
10. Many other neck and back conditions

Patients are given a detailed diagnosis upon careful inspection and have various options available for them to choose from depending on which mode of treatment would be best for their condition. We begin the treatment with diet and exercise and take the treatment to higher more complicated procedure as we see fit. We have MRI and CT scan available but for situations that require more precise tests, various other types of diagnostic tools are used. Among those tools are Provocative Manometric, Discography, Endoscopic Disc Stimulation Diagnosis, Epiduroscopy Diagnosis, Provocative Arthrography Diagnosis, Facet Medial Branch Block Diagnosis, Selective Nerve Root Block Diagnosis. After careful diagnosis, the best mode of treatment is advised by our experts. Some conditions may best be treated by minimally invasive surgery while some may need a neurostimulation.

They are the exclusive provider of the AccuraScope procedure with 82% success rate to treat neck and back pain successfully. There are many benefits of AccuraScope procedure. First of all, only tiny incision is required for treatment thus leading to minimal pain and tiny scarring. There is also very small risk of damaging nerves, muscles, bones or blood vessels with a small incision as compared to other invasive treatments. The original structure of the disc is preserved. Patients with AccuraScope procedure done report fewer recurring problems and faster recovery.

The Philosophy is to treat as many people as they can. This is the reason for the affordable fees and various Insurance plans. They accept most major insurance plans and usually all of the costs are covered by insurance plans with little to no out-of-pocket balance.

To Provide our best services possible, North American Spine only works with the best of doctors who have distinguished themselves in their field of work and education by their hard work and interest in helping others. All our doctors are certified and has had education from country’s top institutions with commendable research and work in the field.