Republican Tax Bill Reveals End Citizens United’s “Big Money 20”

The first few weeks of December 2017 saw the revealing of the so-called “Big Money 20”, a group of Republican politicians who have marked their time in Washington D.C. by furthering the interests of wealthy donors. End Citizens United President Tiffany Muller revealed her PAC’s targets for the 2018 midterm elections under the name, “Big Money 20” to represent the fact these conservative politicians were more interested in holding on to wealthy donors than improving the lives of the working-class and middle-class in their own states; the revealing of the list of politicians sent shockwaves through U.S. politics as House Speaker, Paul Ryan, and former Presidential candidate, Ted Cruz were both revealed as potential targets for the PAC.

The passing of the Tax Reform Bill has been shown to be the latest in a long line of measures introduced by Congress and President Trump which have placed the interests of Wall Street companies and wealthy political donors at the top of priorities. A good example of the use of big money by Republican politicians was revealed by End Citizens United as the 17 Republicans who have so far voted on the Tax Reform Bill have taken more than $11 million from special interest groups seeking to provide tax breaks for the top one percent who are also the main donors for Republican politicians.

End Citizens United has been fighting to bring an end to the issues surrounding the inequality seen across the democratic process in the years following the 2010 Supreme Court decision known as Citizens United. Established as a traditional Political Action Committee, End Citizens United only accepts donations from grassroots individuals who have the ability to donate up to $5,000; End Citizens United has not suffered from the decision to work as a traditional PAC and raised an impressive $25 million during the 2016 Presidential election cycle. The PAC is now expecting to raise more than $35 million by the time of the 2018 elections from grassroots donors who have been providing funding at an average of $14 per donation.

After the 2017 Tax Reform Bill was passed, End Citizens United made clear its determination to back Democratic candidates in some key states where the message of campaign financing reform has become a major part of the coming election campaigning season. Among the Democrats already being endorsed and supported by the End Citizens United PAC is leading figures Elizabeth Warren and those taking on the “Big Money 20” including Texan Democrat Jay Hulings.

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