Susan McGalla Becomes Role Model For Women In Leadership Positions

Today woman are still underrepresented at the highest levels of Fortune 500 companies. However, one woman’s success story provides a role model for future female business leaders. Susan McGalla’s story starts at the very bottom and ended at the very top of not one but two large companies.

In a recent article, it was revealed that Susan McGalla credits her ability to work with both men and women to her relationship with her two bothers. Miss McGalla has always believed in creating a comfortable work environment for both men and women.

Miss McGalla success was not made overnight. She worked for over two decades before achieving her top level positions. This type of persistence can serve as inspiration for women who seek to follow in Miss McGalla’s footsteps.

With so many women executives still finding themselves hitting the “glass ceiling,” Susan McGalla’s success is still a bit of an anomaly. Miss McGalla has been both a President and a Cheif Executive Officer. And her top positions were achieved at two different companies in the clothing industry.

Miss McGalla’s career began at the Joseph Horne Company. After working her way from marketing to managerial positions at the Joseph Horne Company, Miss McGalla accepted a position at American Eagle Outfitters. Her high-level performance at American Eagle Outfitters was rewarded with promotion after promotion until she was named President of the company. Later Miss McGalla was named the Chief Executive Officer of Wet Seal Inc., a teen clothing retailer.

After her stints at the top of two clothing companies, Miss McGalla became a private consultant in both the retail clothing and the financial world. Today Miss McGalla is the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Susan McGalla is considered one of the top executives in the country. With a background in marketing, finance, clothing, and sports, Miss McGalla is showing women in business how to rise to the top.

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